Death of fish in the Gulf


23.06.11.Chitatelnitsa "Fontanka" reports of mass death of fish in the Gulf. According peterburzhenku Kira strolling around Sestroretsk eve, she saw a dead fish, found on the shore. "Unfortunately, we have not made shots, the number of dead fish were difficult to determine, but not less than 20 — 30 pieces exactly" — says Cyrus.

According to them, the remains were scattered in every meter or two. Local residents are alarmed by this case: front beach season, and wonder how can affect bathing in this water on human health.


A passenger plane crashed in Congo


8.07.11.Passazhirsky airliner Boeing 727 crashed to the ground in the Democratic Republic Kongo.V total, according to preliminary data, the crash victims were 53.

40 people managed to get more out of the rubble alive samoleta.Po According to the aviation services of the republic, the plane hit the ground before it reached a few kilometers to the national airport Congo "Kusanagi."

According to some, "Boeing" fell to the ground when the pilot trying to land in low visibility conditions, missed the landing point polosy.V crash on board the Boeing 727 were 112 people. Marina Hudak

Source: Life News Online

Archaeologists discovered during excavations ancient Christian village




A major historical discovery was made by Israeli archaeologists, RBC reports. During the excavations near g.Netanya found a large settlement. According to the preliminary data of this settlement was a Christian village that existed there in about 4-5 century AD Scientists have managed to dig out the

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Fish kill in Kemerovo


8.06.11.V Kemerovo region opened a criminal investigation into the contamination of the pond, which was lost because of the fish.

According to the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Kemerovo region, a criminal case on the grounds of an offense under Part 2 of Art. 250 of the Criminal Code (pollution, contamination of water, if these acts have caused massive death of fish).

According to the investigation, from April to early May 2011 the staff of sewage pumping station, which belongs to one of the municipal enterprises, sewage dumped into the pond in

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In Alchevsk killed fish ponds


7.06.11.V reservoirs Alchevsk (Lugansk region) again massively dying fish. It is reported by "Week". According Alchevsk keeper Oleg Tsarkov, second Orlov Alchevsk pond fish dying en masse.

Fish in the pond began to die as early as the weekend, is now on the surface of the reservoir float dozens of dead carp and krasnoperok. The local population says that the cause of the plague — unauthorized discharge of sewage into the pond nearby colony. However, the huntsman is not willing to confirm or deny this information. According to Oleg Tsar'kova, now they're just trying to figure out what exactly

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Is the repair complete? You can train!

News koneshno small. But when you consider that in Vorkuta for more than 15 years, nothing was built, the news for the residents of polar Vorkuta is very encouraging.

In Vorkuta, completed renovated bath swimming pool at the Palace of Children and Youth. There have changed the "Soviet tile", served for more than 45 years on the professional tile strength.

The first in the new competitive conditions bath pools tested participants' ZAPOLYARNY games ", which took place in Vorkuta from October 30 to November 5.


According to the head of the pool

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Large landslides in Armenia and Azerbaijan


Large landslide on the road Yerevan-Meghri-Kajaran


5.06.11.V result of heavy rains there was a major landslide on the way to Yerevan-Meghri-Kajaran. Collapse occurred on Interstate 365 km road. Currently, the road is closed.

As informed Armenian Press Secretary of the Transport and Communications Minister Susanna Tonoyan, now road workers are trying to open a temporary road along the river Meghri since the collapse continues.

In the meantime, the Ministry advised to use the bypass road Kapan-Tsav-Shvanidzor-Meghri.

Armenian News

In the Azerbaijani village landslide destroyed the cemetery

Photo: APA

6.06.11.Posle heavy rain in the village

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Flooding of the Japanese islands inevitably



17.05.11.Sotrudniki a laboratory of NASA estimated that the recent earthquake in Japan has led to changes in the structure of the tectonic plates. According to them, one of them moved to a distance of 9 meters, and as a result formed a huge failure off the coast of Japan. Experts estimate that the failure has a length of 380 km and a width of 190 km.

Geologists have also reported that the pressure on the next tectonic plates increased. This increases the threat of new tremors in and around the capital of Japan. According to forecasts,

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Grimsvotn volcano eruption captured on video


26.05.11.Vertoletnaya service personnel deployed Iceland volcano Grimsvotn, taken shortly before around the crater was declared a no-fly zone. Operator described the feelings he experienced during filming.

The helicopter flew to the Grimsvotn around 11 am and landed 5 miles (8 kilometers) from the volcano on May 21. According to the operator Jon Gustafsson, the most unpleasant when filming was biting cold wind blowing from the glacier. "We tried to work outside (helicopter — approx. Opinion), but we had only a couple of minutes," — writes in a comment posted videos Jon Gusstavson.

According to him, in the

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One year ago: An unknown disease struck Australian groupers


SYDNEY, April 9, 2010. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Dmitry Reshetilov /. Unknown disease struck Australian groupers, which are also called sea bass. Carcasses of giant fish, reaching a length of 1.7 m, literally strewn northern coast of Queensland from Cairns to the Daintree.

According to the spokesman of the Ministry of Fisheries Queensland Jeremy Thompson, the researchers are not yet able to determine what caused the mass death of fish. According to one of the basic versions, groupers die from sepsis caused by a bacterial infection, the origin of which remains a mystery.

"The infected fish may show bacteriological examination

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