In Minsk metro explosion


Photo: Sergey Kiselev / Kommersant

Evening of April 11 in the Minsk metro station "Oktyabrskaya" explosion. According to witnesses, at least 20 people were injured. At the scene, directed by rescuers. The incident was reported in the Minsk subway, "RIA Novosti", the representative of urban emergency department. "The causes are still unknown, the scene directed rescuers" — he said. Witnesses say that the output of underground black smoke belching, ran frightened people in torn clothes, some without shoes.

According to recent reports, the explosion occurred at 17:56 local time. At the scene are four ambulances and

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5.9 earthquake in Chile


02.04.2011, New York 15:50:06 Chile earthquake with magnitude 5.9. Tremors were recorded at 135 km from the north g.Ikike state. The earthquake was located at a depth of 83 kilometers, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Local officials say that of deaths and destruction caused by oscillations of the earth's crust have been reported yet. Warning about the threat of a tsunami also not yet announced.

Chile is located in a seismically active area and earthquakes are occurring regularly. February 27, 2010. tremors of magnitude 8.8 in the province of Bio Bio led to the tsunami. Disaster victims are

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7.1 Earthquake in Japan


In the north-east of Japan near the island of Honshu on Thursday, April 11, an earthquake of magnitude 7.1. Reports RIA Novosti referring to the U.S. Geological Survey.

According to the Japanese television channel NHK, tremors, which are also felt in the capital, Tokyo, were recorded at 17:16 local time (11:16 on Kiev).

Declared a tsunami threat. According to some, the tidal wave height of about one meter has reached the coast of Ibaraki Prefecture.

Recall, April 7, in the north-east of Japan experienced two major earthquakes of magnitude 7.4, later it had fallen to

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Anomalous snow fell in Central China


Heavy snowfall in Sichuan province. March 20, 2011. Photo from

22.03.11.V central Chinese province of Sichuan dropped a thick layer of snow. From this rare phenomenon in the state reserve in Volun affected over 240,000 bamboo trees. Heavy snowfall began in the evening on March 20. 4 hours 15 inches of rain fell. And according to the 17 hours of March 21, the thickness of the snow cover in some areas has reached 22 cm suffer disproportionately forestry and agriculture, entered the road. In the village of Volun canceled school classes, stopped construction.

Of natural disturbances in

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Georgia again felt tremors from the earthquake in Japan


14.03.11.Gruzinskie seismologists again feel the echoes of aftershocks of the earthquake in Japan. This is reported by the "News-Georgia" with reference to the Institute for the Study of land at Tbilisi University Elijah. Wave of aftershocks in Japan continue to come back to Georgia, they note.

"Seismological equipment Georgia again captures the ongoing flow of the waves of aftershocks in Japan, although less frequent than in the early days," — said the representative of the Institute. According to experts, "echoes earthquake waves from Japan to Georgia will be up in a few months."

As we have previously reported

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The ISS is down oxygen system


5.03.11.Na International Space Station has failed Russian oxygen generation system, there is no threat to life astronauts, said on Saturday the U.S. National Aerospace Agency. According to the agency, the "electronic", set in the module "Zvezda", shut down unexpectedly on Friday, when the ISS crew had already gone to bed.

NASA points out, outside Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC), along with the astronauts try to solve the problem. Considered the option of replacing the liquid with a spare unit, which is available on board.

At MCC confirmed problems in the system of "Electron-VM". In turn, a source in the

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Collective suicide of birds occurred in China


Birds fly up to the building and commit suicide, a raid on the building. Photo:

28.02.11.V Yantai, Shandong Province recently, a strange phenomenon: the birds flew up to the building and committed suicide, a raid on the building. According to eyewitness Wan, February 15, local residents discovered that a number of birds were flying at high speed directly to the building, and died of a stroke on the wall. Previously, this was never seen or heard. Suicide birds occurs every day, most often occurs from 15:00 to 16:00.


Some local residents are trying to guess

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Plane crash in Thailand


BANGKOK, Feb. 14 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. Two F-16 Air Force Thailand crashed during training at the annual joint exercises, the U.S. military and the South-East Asian Cobra Gold, said on Monday the newspaper Bangkok Post website with reference to the Air Force leadership of the country.

According to preliminary reports, the two men managed to eject, the newspaper said.

Both aircraft fell in the same area of the north-eastern province of Thailand Chaiyaphum, which is located between the province of Nakhon Ratchasima, where the base of Air Force Thailand Pakchong and exercise area in the north of

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In New Zealand, the bank jumped 82 dolphin. Photo


4.02.11.V New Zealand coast pilot whale stranded 82 — Large Animals of the family Delphinidae. According to Agence France-Presse, the incident took place on Friday morning, February 4, on the South Island, about 150 kilometers west of the resort town of Nelson. To date, ten of the stranded pilot whales died. Status of survivors grind causes fear, as long as they are not returned to the water and because of this can be lost. According to a Department of Natural Heritage, the pilot whale lies in the sand in the sun and can greatly overheated.

On the

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Loss of livestock and frost in Vietnam


21.01.11.Ot unusual for Vietnam cold for the last three weeks in the country killed more than 20,000 cows and bulls.

As reported by "The Associated Press", on Friday, said the head of department for the breeding of cattle Hoang Kim Giao.

According to him, most of the dead livestock (70%) — calves. Loss of livestock found in 18 provinces of Vietnam.

Also Friday, the Vietnam News edition sobschilo that there frost 7 people died. Most of them — from carbon monoxide poisoning from coal braziers that are used to heat rooms Vietnamese.

In addition, the sharp increase

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