3 people poisoned by gas in the well near Moscow


8.06.12.Zhiteli village died after being poisoned by methane in the well, which occurred in spustilis.Tragediya Noginsk, Moscow region at the house on the street of the village green Kudinovo.

— Three men fell into the well, when doing cleaning it — said a source in law enforcement — the father, son and neighbor poisoned by gas, presumably methane.

According to witnesses, the men jumped into the well to save each other. The youngest victims — Andrew Kryvau 18. According to the MOE, his 44-year-old father, Yuri curves and 42-year-old neighbor, Mark Cashin found in the well in order to

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About 150 thousand penguins could die in the South Atlantic


Washington. April 3. INTERFAX.RU — A large-scale operation to save tens of thousands of penguins from spilled fuel from the shipwreck is carried out in the South Atlantic, reports the American television channel CNN CNN. "According to local authorities has killed at least 300 penguins" — says CNN CNN. In a rescue operation involving local authorities and volunteers. The rescue operation began on 16 March, when the vessel is registered in Malta, stranded 1.5 thousand miles to the west of Cape Town near the islands of Tristan da Cunha, after which his body is divided into two parts. The

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Three days to 185 tornadoes hit America


17.04.11.Za three days in America hit a total of 185 tornadoes, according to weather channel The Weather Channel16 April. According to the channel, on Saturday in the United States there were 63 tornadoes, Friday — 100, and on Thursday — 22.

Tornado hit the southern, central and eastern parts of the U.S..

According to Associated Press, the last three days as a result of a tornado killed at least 17 people. Seven people were killed in Alabama. Three more people — in the state of North Carolina.

Disaster victims are also seven residents of Arkansas. Most died from injuries

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In China, the electronic passport. Video


15.05.12.S today in China began issuing passports to the new generation. According to the Ministry of Public Security of China, the documents contain a new type of electronic chip that will store the personal information of the owner, including the name, date of birth, digital photo and fingerprints.

As noted in the department, vysokotehnologiny manufacturing process will protect the passport from forgery. The data on the citizen will be available to read just the special services. According to statistics, in the mid 90's of the last century in China annually issued an average of about one million

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Environmental disaster in the southern Urals. Video


5.06.12.Kadry of Chrysostom on them — a small river Kamenka. Instead of water in it — liquid bright yellow. Video shot by local residents. They comment that it's almost impossible to breathe. The smell — a sharp, like a chemical.

According to one witness, the unknown in the village of leaked liquid from the tank. A certain substance has got into the ground first, and then into the river. A little later, residents watched as the military tried anything available to eliminate the consequences of the spill. They say the place to come and environmentalists, took samples. Presumably,

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Hurricane destroyed hundreds of homes in Southwest China


Guiyang, Nov. 7 / Xinhua / — According to local authorities, in recent days in the province of Guizhou / Southwest China / hurricane wind and hail destroyed 1,500 houses, 300 people quickly evacuated.

The disaster, which began on November 4, affected 33 thousand residents in four counties near the city of Zunyi. According to the provincial administration, the damage caused to 1900 hectares of fields, direct economic loss of power is estimated at 1.4 million yuan / U.S. $ 220,472 /.

Reports of casualties have been reported yet.

At the weather station reported that after the hurricane and

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Work in Russia (Agora Vox, France)

Eurostat report back on the growth of unemployment in Europe — it has exceeded 10%, while the number of unemployed in Russia has returned to the index of just over 5%, this is the pre-crisis level. The number of Europeans summary sent to the Russian recruitment portals is growing.

The number of immigrants from Europe seeking work in Russia is growing. Fellow Russian site headhunter recently told a reporter edition of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", that "the number of foreign candidates CV increased in 2011 compared to 2010 by 10%."

The online recruitment network The Network has published statistics on

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In the Carpathian landslides can cover dozens of homes


The village in the Carpathian coming Yew Mountain

30.07.11.Na Carpathians, Tisova residents get to their homes more than a year in the mud along the mountain, which began to slide.

If landslideunchecked, these homes will be covered mountain, and along with cuts of any message sixty residents of homes where live two hundred villagers, a third of them — children.

The Commission confirmed that these changes — a natural disaster.

During the last, the fourth shift, mountain locomotive to right on the courtyard of Nicholas juggernaut and an excavator who worked nearby. Hooked up the house and the

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In Indonesia volcano Lokon. Video


15.07.11.V Thursday, July 14, in Indonesia Lokon volcano erupted in the north of the island of Sulawesi.

According to the officers of the impacts of natural disasters, for the first time at 19:30 Moscow, the volcano threw the ashes into the air and smoke to a height of one and a half kilometers. They note that after this happened two more output. On the slopes of the volcano lava flow.

In connection with the incident, a mass evacuation of residents in the 3.5 kilometers from the fiery mountain. According to local authorities in the area are about 30 thousand

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In Sicily, the newly revitalized Mount Etna


31.07.11.Sitsiliysky Etna again intensified. From the crater of the largest active volcano in Europe, again raised the flames height of 200-250 meters. Heard an underground buzz.

According to local authorities, the question of closing the Catania airport. No injuries or damage.

This is the seventh burst of activity of Etna from the same crater from the beginning of the year. The interval between them is reduced, which is believed to volcanologists, points to another escalation of seismic situation.

Italian media quoted tour operators report that the eruption of Etna significant changes in tour programs will not. According to the

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