In the Bashkir lake appeared marine fish


© Photo: Hans Hillewaert

UFA, July 6 — BBC News, Ramil Salikhova. Marine fish-needle appeared in the Bashkir Asly Kul Lake, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday participant Ufa club professional diving Rustam Sirazetdinov.

According to him, in late June, divers at the bottom of the study, the largest lake in Bashkiria Asly-kul, discovered a large flock of fish spines.

"They are very similar to a flute-fish from the Red Sea, but much smaller. Near the shore of the lake a lot of them, in the same fry holds "- said the agency diver.

The family of the needle

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Locusts survives tourists from Crimea


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19.07.11.Prekrascheniya rains brought vacationers peninsula new attack — the voracious insects. Experts also recommend holiday-not to panic

After a five-year lull in the Crimea again locusts. It occupied Sevastopol, Bakhchisarai, Saki, Lenin, Soviet, May Day and Black Sea regions.

Vacationers complain of flying insects that annoy them on the way to the sea, beaches, summer cottages and hotel rooms. Especially a lot of them in the evening. There were even complaints that the locust bites holidaymakers. Landowners calm: the invasion of green insect stops in early August.

As reported by the site "Krym.Kommentarii" in

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Locust attack in Kazakhstan


9.06.11.Yuzhnye areas of locusts attacked. Landowners immediately took action. In the fight against pests involved ground sprayers, airplanes, gliders.

— Who is doing a great job in identifying insects, recording their number and destroyed with chemicals — said senior specialist of plant protection regional territorial inspection in APC MoA Antonina Gryaznova.

— At present, the Italian locust found in seven districts of the region — Amangeldy, Zhangeldinskom, Auliekolskom, Denisovsky, Kamystinskom, Zhitikara and near Arkalyk. We assume that in the near future pest appears in two other districts of the region.

According to the regional territorial inspection on June 7

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Earthquake in the Fergana region: how it was


On the bed of the city seven Anwar Hamza collapsed part of the wall, the boy miraculously escaped with minor injuries; (c)

22.07.11.Zhiteli Rishtan, Baghdad, Uzbek and other affected areas of the Fergana region has not yet recovered from the incident on July 20 earthquake, telling him the details today.

"I was on that night I could not sleep, went to smoke on the street — says 50-year-old from the town of Hamza Erkin Oltiarykskogo district. — Somewhere in the first half there was a strong buzz. No sooner had I wonder how strong the tremors began.

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In Italy, the twins were born with one heart



23.07.11.V Bologna born Siamese twins — a girl with a heart for two. Now doctors will not accept a simple solution — one of the babies will have to die to live different.

Doctors note that Rebecca and Lucia almost everything in common from the moment they began to develop in the womb: the total heart, liver, and the total of the intestine. At the birth of their total weight 2 kg and height is a little more hands.

It also reported that parents were aware of the anomaly, but did not continue the pregnancy. After

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15 children got heat stroke in the camp


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13.07.11.Vospitanniki military training camps "Yeisk" urgently admitted to a local hospital.

Campers in Kuban children aged 7 to 15 years complained of feeling unwell. Camp director called an ambulance. Medics transported the victims to a local hospital, where all 15 students was diagnosed with heat udar.ChP provoked debilitating heat, hit the Krasnodar region since the beginning of this week.

Several children undergoing paramilitary training camp "Yeisk," complained of headaches, nausea and dizziness.

— We immediately called paramedics — told Life News camp director "Yeisk" Sergei Vyshemirsky. — All the children were hospitalized in the Central

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Egypt archaeologists made a unique discovery




Spanish archaeologists who made a unique discovery — the first time in the history of the manuscript found a portrait of the pharaoh.

Full-face portrait, painted by an unknown artist on a wooden board 50h31 inch size with a sharp object, Egyptologists in a tomb near Luxor

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According to the State of Kentucky was a storm


23.06.11.Bolee 8000 residents of the U.S. state of Kentucky were left without electricity due to the storm, collapsed on Wednesday night. ITAR-TASS news agency reported citing local media.

Catastrophe, damaged the building racetrack "Churchill Downs", home of the one of the biggest races of the country, "Kentucky Derby" and the campus of the University of Louisville.

According to local authorities, victims and victims of the storm there. Two motorists were trapped in their cars because of the elevated levels of water, but they were rescued by firefighters came to the rescue.

Earlier, heavy rain and gale-force winds struck the

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In the South Urals are looking unseen beast


27.05.11.Zagadochnoe incident shocked Kopeysk. At night, at two sites in the private sector were killed, more than 60 rabbits. Since cells disrupted loop torn steel bars. Pet owners claim that wielded unprecedented beast. According to descriptions like Chupacabra. Scientific evidence of its existence there, but the legend of the monster go to America, Ukraine, and now the South Urals. Neighbors and Glukhovo Lobyni wondering what kind of animal made a brutal massacre on their sites. Unknown animal choked about 60 rabbits. In one of the families miraculously survived a couple of young and female with the male, the second

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Cyclone floods triggered gathering in Sakhalin


SOUTH SAKHALINSK, May 10 — RIA Novosti. Cyclone, the ruling on Sakhalin at the weekend, broke the movement of vehicles in the north of the island and triggered landslide, told RIA Novosti the management of roads Sakhalin region.

"Due to heavy precipitation (snow and rain), washed three road section Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk — Okha. Here Tuesday difficult journey. At the present time the road is trying to pour at 725, 739, 745 kilometers of track. In studies involving 12 vehicles, "- said the source.

According to him, the cyclone, the ruling on Sakhalin Island at the weekend, coming off mudslides triggered

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