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An explosion at a shipyard in Togliatti. Video


20.02.12.V foundry Shipyard explosion in Togliatti. Injured three people. According to preliminary data, the plant exploded gas cylinder.

Head of the press service of Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Samara region Metelkin Michael said that the scene works MOE staff and lifeguards.

Meanwhile, doctors continue to fight for the life of nine injured in a fire at a private suburban village of the Russian Navy Gorki-25. All the wounded were in serious condition, two — 100 percent of the body burned. The tragedy was on the evening of 19 February 2012, when the workers tried to warm

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Tropical storm Irene in Puerto Rico. Video


22.08.11.Tropichesky storm "Irene", which formed over the weekend in the Atlantic, has become a powerful hurricane, according to CNN. He raced along the coast of Puerto Rico and moved to the west and north-west towards the Dominican Republic, the central Bahamas and the northern coast of Haiti. In Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic have already canceled classes in schools and stopped the work of state institutions and the ferries.

"Work" reports that the typhoon will reach the territory of the U.S. state of Florida by the middle of the week. According to "News of America," it will

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Russian scientists have discovered that Mars has water, 2 years ago




Russian instrument Hand, mounted on the American station "Mars Odyssey", found water ice on Mars in March 2002. This RIA "Novosti" reported manager and developer of the experiment Hand, Head of the Laboratory of Space Research Institute (IKI), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Igor Mitrofanov.


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In Bronnitsy explosion occurred in a 5-storey building


17.10.11.Moschny explosion in suburban Bronnitsy afternoon of October 17. — In at number 42 on the street in Moskvoretskaya 15.26 exploded gas. From the flash fire started — told Life News in the MOE.

— The blast collapsed ceilings between the third and fourth floors and the collapse of the outer walls of the 4th and 5th floors. According to preliminary data, the debris can be people. From the state of emergency in the hospital Bronnitskaya delivered three wounded.

According to witnesses, the windows came the cry of the people, but rescuers still can not find them. At the

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Earthquake intensity 3.2 points in Tuva


26.09.11.Zemletryasenie registered in Tuva on September 25. According to the MOE, tremors were felt in 10 towns across the country, the correspondent

"At 20:36 local time (16:36 MSK) September 25, south of the city Shagonar (18 km) in the village of Aldy-Shynaa Ulug-Khem district registered a seismic event intensity of 3.2 points, which was felt in the town of Kyzyl," — said reported EMERCOM republic.

Also can feel the tremors in settlements Iyi-Tal, Aryg-Bazhi, Torgalyg, Choduraa, Aryskan, Aryg-Uzuu, Alig-Hem Ishti-Hem was Shagonar Ulug-Khem district. According to MOE, disturbances in the life of the population due to the accident

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New Zealand sweeps snow. Video


06.06.12. June 6th region of South Island in New Zealand covered the heavy snowfall. According to local media, closed some schools and roads.

At Christchurch Airport cancel and delay flights, but in general the airport continues to operate. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, by the end of the day in Christchurch fall to 15 cm of snow, and in the Marlborough region — up to one meter.

Source: NTD TV channel

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Israel: Mass death of fish in the Yarkon River



27.09.11.V Monday, September 26, at the station "Sheva Tahanot" ("Seven Mills"), on the banks of the Yarkon River holidaymakers watched as the water surface float hundreds of fish, gulping air.

One of the readers of the newspaper "Maariv" reported to the editor, that a few hundred meters from the park "seven mills," Yarkon was "just white" on the dead fish. According to experts, an environmental disaster led the first autumn rains at the end of last week.

According to ecologist Jonathan Raza, an employee of the Office of the Yarkon River, the first autumn rain, which

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Sales of passenger cars in Russia increased by 20%

Sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCV) in Russia in January of this year, up 20% compared to the same period of the previous year and amounted to 154.4 thousand units, said Wednesday the Committee of Automobile Manufacturers Association of European Businesses (AEB).

According to the committee chairman David Thomas, who presented the report, growth of 20% in January put the successful start of the year, reports RIA "Novosti".

"This is in line with our forecast, according to which in 2012 the Russian Federation will be sold 2.8 million vehicles. However, the January — short month

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Usutu virus kills hundreds of blackbirds in Germany. Video


16.09.11.V Germany hundreds of blackbirds dying in many cities of the road strewn with dead carcasses.

Obviously, in the mass deaths of blackbirds in the Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg blame tropical virus.

In the bodies of several dead birds Usutu virus was detected. Reported by the Institute of Tropical Medicine. Bernhard Nocht in Hamburg.

"The situation alarming as Usutu virus can infect people as well", — says virologist Jonas Schmidt-Hanazit.

According to him, the final wine Usutu virus in the death of blackbirds is not proven. A year ago, this pathogen was detected in mosquitoes in Germany.

The first

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Geologists predict the imminent eruption of a volcano in the sea off Oregon


MOSCOW, June 10 — RIA Novosti. Underwater volcano on the sea-axial ridge of Juan de Fuca Ridge off the coast of North Oregon to begin a new eruption in 2018, say geologists, accurately predicted the recent eruption of the volcano in 2011.

Volcanic eruptions pose a great threat to human civilization and life in general. The explosive eruption of the so-called supervolcanoes could cause the disappearance of entire countries. In recent years, scientists have made significant progress in predicting awakening volcanoes.

Underwater Hell

Thus, a group of geologists led by William Chadwick (William Chadwick) from Oregon State University in

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