At a mine explosion in Georgia


22.01.11.Segodnya am about the explosion at Tkibuli mine them. Mindeli one person died, told Trend on Saturday in the administration of the mine.

According to information, the victim of the accident is a 37-year-old Merab Kalandadze.

Seriously injured four other miners. All of them are taken to the Burn Center of Tbilisi and are in the intensive care unit.

In fact commenced. According to preliminary data, the explosion caused by the leakage of methane.

The explosion visited Imereti Governor Lasha Makatsaria and representative of "Georgian Industrial Group" Zaza Sadunishvili.

Tkibuli mine them. Mindeli owned "Gruzugol", which in turn is

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Hardware and software system K2M-101 — the latest development NPF Micran


Scientific and Production Company (NPF) "Micran" at the XI branch scientific-practical conference "State and prospects of development of microelectronics" (Novosibirsk, Russia, September 27-28) presented its latest development — software and hardware K2M-101.

According to the press service of the enterprise, the complex is designed to measure program-receive modules (APMs) and segments of the antenna phased array (AESA).

Currently, AESA is an important component of a new generation of radar used in missile and aerospace, aviation and marine applications. Serial production of AESA today is impossible without technology, providing the necessary measurements, calibration and

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At a military warehouse in Colorado leaked mustard


Storage of chemical weapons in Pueblo. Photo from

3.08.11.Na stock of chemical weapons in southern Colorado leak fixed chemical warfare agent mustard. This was reported by Reuters.

The incident took place on Tuesday, August 2, in the storage of chemicals in the U.S. Army Pueblo. Pair of mustard present in the air, were found during a routine inspection.

Air purification engineers have installed an additional ventilation system. According to the preliminary version, the leakage of poisonous gave artillery shells. Five damaged ammunition is found and isolated.

This is not the first incident in the storage of chemicals

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The death of marine life in the South China Sea


Massive fish kills occurred in the South China Sea. August 2011. Photo from

* 08/28/11 * The maritime zone Inshatan near Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province of southern August 26 was an unusual phenomenon — on the shore littered with thousands of dead sea creatures, including a deep-water fish, shrimp and crabs.

According to the Chinese edition of "Southern City", in the early morning fishermen discovered that the entire coastal zone literally covered with dead fish.

However, they did not panic and started to collect the nets of dead sea creatures in their cages.

Maine fisherman named said

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Scientists wonder, in the cosmos condensed Great Darkness




According to scientists, the universe peaked formation of new stars 5 billion years ago, a few billion earlier than anticipated.

Now the birth of new stars is much slower than dying of old, leading to a gradual thickening of the darkness in space.

This discovery of Dr.

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Residents complain of explosions Kingisepp


02.10.12.Kingisepptsy complain of vibration due to the destruction of ammunition in a nearby landfill. However, the military claim that their calculations do not require seismic events.

Reader "Lenoblinform" Vic asked the question in the blog today Geshele Victor, head of administration Kingisepp district, "Viktor Evaldovich, may I ask that we blow up? What the explosions? We live on the 6th floor — everything is shaking. "

How to tell "Lenoblinform" head of administration of the urban settlement Kingisepp Elena Antonova, Defense is engaged at the site Tuga — near Kingisepp destruction of old ammunition. According to Antonov, from these

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Sinkhole in Tver. Video

Karst holes

14.09.11.Iz due sinkhole blocked traffic on the street Pasha Savelevoj in Tver. The main problem is that the accident happened in the area in the middle of the roadway.

Partially offset by the movement of vehicles and trolleybuses stopped at all — in the "Youth" they temporarily do not go. According to public utilities, work is being done around the clock, but the timing of their completion once again postponed.

This is the third failure in the street Pasha Savelyeva for the last month. Ground sank, gravity sewers seriously damaged. In concrete pipe diameter of 700 millimeters

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In the south of the European part of the Russian high ultraviolet irradiance


05.07.2011, Moscow 15:40:13 According to the forecast, in the south of the European part of Russia and the Volga region July 5-10, 2011. maintained a high level of ultraviolet radiation. According to the report of the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet), from 5 to 10 July seasonal solar altitude and relatively low ozone in combination with the overcast weather in the Middle and Lower Volga Region, Krasnodar, Stavropol, Kalmykia and the Caucasus will help maintain high, and in the mountains — a very high UV exposure.

Roshydromet recommends that people with fair skin to limit stay

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HlopkorAbov rebellion in Turkmenistan


Riot hlopkorAbov

9.11.11.Vpervye over the years in Turkmenistan, in the north of the country on November 8 experienced massive revolt cotton growers.

It happened on the second day of a three-day official celebration of the Muslim holiday of Kurban Bayram.

Buntovshikami workers were union zhilkomhoza Dashoguz velayat. They organized a cotton field left and returned to the city. On this day, the leadership of the utility had nothing to report to the administration of the province, because the single kilogram of cotton were collected.

It is unknown what was the last straw and the reason for the mass

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Gale in Georgia left without electricity 90 thousand people


3.04.11.Silny wind in western Georgia snapped power lines and left thousands without electricity 90 people, said on Sunday the mayor of Poti, the most affected by the disaster, Vakhtang Lemondzhava.

According to him, the city and the surrounding area last night wind brought down trees and tore roofs off houses. "Yesterday, during the night the wind, which was blowing at a speed of 30 meters per second, causing damage roofs 15 multistory buildings and ten private houses" — said Lemondzhava, RIA "Novosti".

According to Energy, damages are the result of elemental power lines, forced them into partial shutdown

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