In China, the fuel truck exploded


8.04.11.Benzovoz exploded on the road in the Chinese province of Gansu, there are victims, reports news portal "Sin." The incident occurred Friday at 03.50 local time (23.50 MSK) in the city of Lanzhou in central chetyrehkilometrovogo tunnel.

According to the "Sin", rescuers have recovered some of the dead people in the incident, the number of dead and injured is not specified.

According to reports, the blast severely damaged the tunnel vaults, the number of affected vehicles is unknown. Movement in the area of the accident is blocked. In place of work for more than ten fire engines, RIA "Novosti".

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In Abakan 5.5 earthquake


10.02.11.Segodnya Abakan around 12:30 there was a severe earthquake. According to preliminary data, the force of tremors was 5 — 5.5 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was located about 170 kilometers south of Abakan and 195 kilometers from Kyzyl.

As the "AIS" from our own sources, in some institutions of the city, the evacuation of people. Students of educational institutions displayed on the street. However, an official order to evacuate the children to educational institutions are not reported.

In homes tremors were felt very strongly. According abakantsev, tottered furniture, dishes and rang felt like rock

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10.07.12.V river hung his dying carp. Video


Updated. Video added 12.07.12.Mertvuyu fish wind washes ashore. Local residents are building a variety of assumptions. And note: there is found a lot of diverse fish, but for some reason only killed carp.

On-site specialists have worked Rosselkhoznadzor. According to them, the content of harmful substances in water and micro-organisms is not excessive. Rather, sensitive carp died due to a sharp change in temperature — heat a few days ago changed showers — and a lack of dissolved oxygen.

Source: STRC "Kuban"


10.07.12.V Novotitarovskaya village in one of the ponds at the river hung his dying

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The old man from scratch grown new teeth




Popular manufacturers of toothpaste, brushes, various kinds of bleaching powder and other tools to create a Hollywood smile got an excellent anti-advertising. 128-year-old survivor of Iran, had never brush your teeth, not only boasts excellent health, but also three new teeth, grown in return dropped from old age.

The old man from scratch grown new teeth

Fish in the ruined village Mullovka ammonia. Video


21.10.11.Segodnya became known to cause mass death of fish in the pond of the camp Mullovka. Recall, Ltd. was registered last week. Damage to water resources caused huge — are estimated to have killed more than a ton of fish. Cause established laboratory tests.

Andrei Sidorov — The Chief Veterinary Officer for the city of Dimitrovgrad and Melekesskaya district: — To date, the conclusion arrived regional veterinary laboratory into the death of fish in a working village Mullovka in the pond. According to the results in the water 3 times exceeded the ammonia content.

Will be further investigated.

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Volga shore strewn with dead fish


Volgograd 10.08.11.Kak tell us who came today to relax on the beach at the Panorama, they were spotted carcasses of dead fish, handed down the waves to the shore.

According to people, dead fish was nailed to the bank about 10:00 am. -Personally, I dropped from the coast, where bathing my children are 11 large fish, — said one of the guests.

Cause of death of fish remain unknown. According to witnesses on the fish was not noticeable signs of visible damage. Of Volgograd rumors that mass fish kill was the result of the use of chemicals in the

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In the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan landslide


6,07.11. Murdashev near the village of Alai district of Osh region of Kyrgyzstan landslide. The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to her, it happened on July 5. "In the area of Kyzyl is a crack on the mountain, and the stones came down. According to preliminary data, the weight is 1000 750 cubic meters. There is a risk of re-gathering ground, therefore the inhabitants of the nearby homes were evacuated ", — the press-service.


Source: IA «»

Fish kill in Bashkiria. Video


25.04.12.V newsroom TV BLS asked fishermen Kushnarenkovskogo District. In one of the local lakes experienced massive fish kills. As the locals say, this they have never seen.

The fact is that in this lake are found mainly carp. According to local fishermen, the fish is remarkable for its durability and can even live in polluted water.

The dead fish lay a dense carpet lake. Retired Parvazetdin Abtarimov remembers his entire life never seen anything like it. Two days ago profit carp here could not tackle. Local fear that endangered fish was the most tenacious. The first thought

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A portrait of the Pharaoh — three and a half thousand years




April 13, 2004 | 18:28


Details Based on: News of Science


Spanish archaeologists leading the excavations in the Valley of the Kings at Luxor in southern Egypt discovered portrait, which is thought to have captured

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In the U.S. nuclear laboratory there was a mass exposure



9.11.11.V result of the incident radiation with the container in a nuclear laboratory in the U.S. state of Idaho were at least 17 people, reported the Associated Press on Wednesday, referring to statements by the laboratory.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night at the National Laboratory for the Study of Atomic Energy and Security (INL) in Idaho Falls, when the room to where the containers of radioactive substances, purification of radioactive waste. According to the report, people were exposed after one of the containers opened accidentally, RIA "Novosti".

The affected are under the supervision of physicians,

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