Due to the floods affected more than three million people in China

May 16, 2013. Showers in conjunction with the spring floods have caused massive floods in China. Currently elements covered 14 provinces and autonomous regions, the number of victims exceeds 3.41 million people, the local agency "Xinhua".

According to the Chinese headquarters of flood control and drought, rainfall that has fallen since the beginning of the year, is significantly elevated in a number of areas that are located south of the Yangtze River, although in most parts of China did not exceed the norm.

According to the available data to date, the floods in China have killed 12 people, emergency

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U.S. Army raped

Have looked tearful American documentary "The Invisible War" (on "Culture" somehow got on the discussion, and here found on YouTube). In fact, a powerful research from director Kirby Dick about the epidemic of sexual violence in the U.S. Army. One and a half hours of nasty, sweaty, slobbering and sticky details morpehotinok raped by soldiers' wives and other armed forces Pindostana. Mixed in with the horrific data of official statistics. I did not even know that everything is running well.

About 20 percent of all former female soldiers during the service had been sexually abused. That is one in

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In the U.S., men and women switch roles

Over the past three and a half decades, the number of women who are the sole source of income in the full American families has increased almost four-fold (from 6% to 23%). Such an unexpected conclusion analysts Census Bureau (United States Census Bureau).

Consequently, almost 12 million households with two adults today are held exclusively by working wives. This figure is made of experts to talk about the "grand revolution and redistribution of roles within the family."

Today's American women who are married and raising children, spouses bypass almost all indicators. In particular, they are much more likely to

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Strange, offensive, unknown foam leaked from cracks on the Chinese street

May 15, 2013. According to the publication whofortedblog, something very strange has seeped out of the cracks in the street in the Chinese city of Nanjing on Saturday (May 11) night. Generally, when strange things begin to erupt from the ground in Asian countries, it is at once reminiscent of a giant monster kinoblokbastera, but this invasion was much more real … and very smelly.

At about 9 pm, began to pay attention to pedestrians on the sidewalk at the intersection of Wende Baiyun Lane, who began to crack and split. And soon there were white foamy substance,

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Competitions car-robots in Russia

Photo participating teams Robokross-2011

A few years ago in Russia there was an educational program "Robotics" . According to the official site, it includes three main areas:

GENERAL ROBOTICS — mechatronics, robotics and high technology in general education and hobbiesPROFESSIONAL ROBOTICS — mechatronics, robotics, technology in vocational education, identification and promotion of promising personnel for high-tech industriesInnovation and entrepreneurship — promoting youth innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives, self-employment of young people in high technology, the creation of businesses in high-tech program participants

Will focus on the professional robotics. Within this framework, conducted two basic types of competitions:• Robofest

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The capital of Romania hurricane

May 25, 2013. On the eve of Bucharest strong tornado swept through. As a result of the disaster 18 people received injuries of various degrees of severity, one of the victims was seriously injured and is now in a coma.

Approximately 17,000 residents remained without electricity. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania, the wind speed reached 80 km / h The hurricane caused the partial collapse of the roof of residential house, tearing the roots of trees and overturned dozens of billboards.

Four planes, which at the moment of the hurricane was in the air

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Cyclone Giovanna continues offensive

Cyclone Giovanna continues offensive Natural Disasters

As of February 13, 2012 Tropical Cyclone Giovanna moving west-south-westerly direction to a. Madagascar at a speed of 24 km / h It is expected that in the coming days the cyclone intensified and finally take the Mozambique Channel.

Giovanna is already assigned to Category 4 of danger due to the fact that the wind speed increased to 232 km / h with gusts to 272 km / h According to data from the satellite, the pressure inside the cyclone rose to 925 mbar. Eye of the cyclone with cold air masses inside took

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Climatic disasters are changing the world

April 15, 2013. In the last decade, natural anomalies, climate change and the dramatic fluctuations in temperature are constant companions of life. Despite the middle of April, in the European part of Russia kept frozen, unprecedented flooding swept large areas of our country. Natural disasters cause significant damage to the population and the state, adversely affect the development of the economy, forcing significantly adjust development plans.

The growth of natural climatic disasters — this is not a random phenomenon. It is estimated that at the present time is the next change of the global historical metric cycle, so humanity is

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Creation of the American spacecraft of new generation is delayed

According to the data, the agency has already suffered its first test flight of a new reusable manned spacecraft 'Orion' in automatic mode from 2013 to 2014, and the testing of the emergency engine stops running at the start was delayed from 2015 to 2019. In addition, "due to budget constraints NASA halted the development of life support systems of the ship's crew and avionics," the article says.

Experts note that the contract to build the ship cost 6.1 billion dollars could not cover all the costs, as the development took more money than originally planned, according

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A new navigation system for T-72 and T-90

NGO "Progress" has developed a new navigation system GALS-D2M for Russian infantry fighting vehicles and troops, as well as main battle tanks T-72 and T-90. According to a press release, Received "Heathcliff" GALS-D2M significantly outperforms both domestic and American counterparts.

According to the NGO "Progress" in the GALS-D2M, among other things, includes a central control unit and navigation, satellite, speed sensor, lightbar driver as well as a color touch-screen display of the crew commander.

Navigation system can work in conjunction with the navigation systems GLONASS and GPS, including the bypass unauthorized access, and a uniform system of tactical

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