Sinkhole in the village Dezhnevo. Photo

Karst holes

Photo by Dennis Sokolova

10.06.11.Rezhim high alert in the area of residential houses number 13a, 13b, 13 and 15 on the street Dezhnev introduced by the Resolution first deputy head of the administration of Ukhta Tatyana Filippova. The reason — the sinkhole. In the 20 days of May, in the village of Dezhnevo on a slope next to the first entrance of the house № 13b-2 master housing department discovered the failure area of about four square meters, which, according to the head of the Office of Civil Defense and Emergency Nicholas Napalkov, about a week up

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Martians on Earth …




A professor from Chicago, Richard Hoagland believes that the earth pyramids were built or helped build the Martians. By measurements of the Martian pyramids, he came to the conclusion that the ratio of its short and long sides is none other than the famous "golden section", opened

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The cholera epidemic in Haiti. 4.76 thousand people killed


6.04.11.Epidemiya cholera in Haiti, which lasts from October last year, claimed the lives of 4.76 thousand. According to the Ministry of Health of Caribbean countries, the total number of cases since the beginning of the epidemic has exceeded 270 thousand citizens. Writes about it today.

Most of the dead (888) registered in the northern department of Artibonite, where she was awarded one of the first outbreaks of cholera. Victims of infection in the West department, which is located in the capital, Port-au-Prince, were 887.

According to the Haitian Ministry, from the beginning of the epidemic in the country have

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The death of 870,000 birds in Mexico from the flu


30.06.12.Na territory of western Mexican state of Jalisco experts reported outbreak of bird flu. According to local authorities, to date, cases have been identified in 10 of 111 large poultry farms in the state. As a result of infection with H7N3 have died or been destroyed by farmers about 870,000 birds, another 1.7 million are considered to be contaminated. In two municipalities quarantined.

Farms located in the vicinity of topics where identified cases, subjected to sanitary inspection. Soon to Mexico purchased to be delivered in one of the Asian bird flu vaccine, which, according to forecasts, will significantly reduce

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Kazakhstan has suffered from the attack of the wolf 4 people


2.02.11.V the attack in the village of Wolf Zhanabulak West Kazakhstan region seriously injured four people, the newspaper "Express K".

According to Abaya Ibatova, the beast attacked his neighbor who was returning from the store. He chewed her face, arms, legs, body. Hearing cries for help, Abay ran outside, pushed the woman aside and he began to fight with the beast. At this time, the other men ran up and helped to cope with gray bloodthirsty predator, slay him with a pitchfork.

All victims rushed to the district hospital Akzhaikskuyu, their life is out of danger.

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In Brazil, the helicopter crashed


21.01.11.V Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, a military helicopter crashed during a rescue operation in the flood. Five people were injured, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Department of Public Relations of the Brazilian army.

According to authorities, French-made helicopter AS 350 abruptly lost altitude and crashed near Nova Friburgo, where he took part in the rescue operation after devastating floods January 11-12.

On board were three soldiers and two rescue volunteer of the International Red Cross. All of them suffered minor injuries and were able to leave on their own tow truck, said the department.


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In Saudi Arabia, it snowed


19.01.11.Snizhenie temperature in Saudi Arabia led to the loss of snow in parts of the country. So, snow covered roads and mountainous valleys and Alluza Tafha in Tabuk in the north, the first time in decades, the snow had covered mountain Al Lauz. In the newspapers there were photos inhabitants of the kingdom, to entertain playing snowballs.

According to UKRINFORM, Civil Defense in Tabuk translated into high alert and ready for action in case of emergencies. In mountainous areas and Alluz Alkan are three groups of employees of Saudi Red Crescent. Experts measure the density and height

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On the Japanese island of Honshu, there were more than 10 earthquakes


27.02.11.Povyshennaya seismic activity was last night in different parts of the main Japanese island of Honshu, which recorded more than 10 earthquakes of varying strength. The strongest of these magnitude 5.4 occurred today in Gifu prefecture.

At the same time powerful tremors felt residents 19 of the 47 Japanese prefectures, including the area of the capital. Tremors in Gifu Prefecture continued for more than 8 hours at short intervals, but their power is eased, according to ITAR-TASS.

Another earthquake of magnitude 5.2 occurred at the beginning of the current day in the northeast of the island.

In all cases,

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Number of deer on the Kolyma under threat of death due to snowfall


© RIA Novosti. Alexander Liskin

Magadan, April 4 — RIA Novosti, Lyudmila Shcherbakov. Kolyma authorities established an emergency food delivery in North Evensky district region was threatened with starvation death of a herd of deer, which, after heavy snow can not get to their main food — natural moss moss, told RIA Novosti on Monday, Head of the Department of Agriculture of the administration of the North- Evensky district of Magadan region Gennady Novikov.

"The reindeer brigades delivered nearly two tons of feed. Another five tons on the way. We carry food on temporary winter roads by snowmobile.

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Encouragingly under bridge collapsed. Video


19.04.12.V Thursday evening, 80 km of the Samara-Buguruslan between Georgievka and Krotovka, collapsed roadway road bridge 31 meters long

This eyewitnesses incident. According to them, collapsed one lane on the bridge. At the scene staffed task force EMERCOM Russia's Samara region. According to preliminary information, there were no injuries. Temporarily blocked the route. Cars allowed to detour on a dirt road. The scale of the collapse is not reported.


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