In Australia — flood or crocodiles


Storm "Tash" brought to Australia floods

Tasha 27.12.10.Tropichesky storm caused severe flooding in the north-east of mainland Australia, flooded several towns in Queensland.

Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton in the last 24 hours have been heavy rains, the river, over the banks, flooded roads and bridges, isolating these cities.

According to a representative of the local authorities, town Ingham upstate water element will be cut from the outside world for several days.

Specialists monitor the water level, so that you time to evacuate. No injuries were reported.

Water from the Dawson River has flooded at least eight houses

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Cora is moving. Or subcortex

In Togliatti actively discussing strange sounds, which some tolyattintsy heard recently. More specifically, it is a combination of sounds of varying heights. Heard them, according to those who heard them, as if from the sky. Poured oil on the fire by the fact that such phenomena, it appears, are not uncommon. They occur throughout the world and especially frequent in recent times. Particularly impressionable has been dubbed their "sounds of the apocalypse."

The last incident took place in Komsomolsk region. I must say, "Komsa" generally distinguished from other regions by the number of recorded anomalies. However, according to

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In the driest desert in the world took a shower (video)


In the driest desert in the world — the Atacama — held shower. This phenomenon is very unusual, precipitation is not seen in decades.

According, the rain was so abundant that formed the whole of the river in the middle of the desert. Chileans and tourists are not confused and excitedly took pictures on the background of the rapid flow. It is the only pleasure of an unusual natural phenomenon.


(According to wikipedia)

Empty? AEs attack? Ma(Spanish: Desierto de Atacama) — Desert on the west coast of South America, in Chile.

Peru Current cools the lower

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Unknown beast perfume domestic animals in western Ukraine. Talking about Chupacabra

July 10, 2012 20:51

Ravished Chupacabra rabbits. Photo:

Farm private sector margins Uzhgorod suffer from attacks of unknown animals. Predator kills rabbits, hens, chickens, turkeys …

As a resident of the neighborhood told reporters "Dravtsy" Olga Badida in the yard where an unknown animal killed 20 chickens and about fifty rabbits, animal destroys all living creatures, which he finds out. "In the morning, when she came outside to feed the chickens, got a shock: the yard strewn with carcasses of rabbits, chickens, chicks. Most of them were cut off the head, viscera released, "- she said.


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In Madagascar cyclone hit Giovanna, there are victims

Powerful cyclone "Giovanna" hit the east coast of Madagascar. According to the BBC, citing a spokesperson charity CARE, to date, it is known about the death of five people. However, the death toll is likely to increase. According to him, about 60% of homes in the city Vatomandri damaged or completely destroyed.In turn, adds the UN radio, press secretary UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) Mariksi Mercado said that "due to security reasons we can not yet assess the damage and needs of the affected population.""Humanitarian agencies are planning to start the process today. UNICEF has prepared a soldering and essential

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Earthquake of magnitude 6.9 occurred in Peru


MOSCOW, Aug. 24 — RIA Novosti. Earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred in central Peru, Reuters reported with reference to the U.S. Geological Survey.

According to seismologists, the tremors have been recorded in 12.46 local time (21.46 MSK). The epicenter was located 79 kilometers north of the city of Pucallpa and 570 km north-east of Lima and 210 kilometers west of the Brazilian city of Cruzeiro do Sul, in the state of Acre. Hearth tremors occur at depths 145.1 kilometers.

No casualties have been received. According to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Miami (USA), no threat of

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Scientists named the first countries to die because of their own climate

In the near future North America, Europe and Asia, the expected period of unbearable heat and drought, which will be accompanied by strong hurricanes and floods, says Michael Wehner, a climate scientist Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California. In this case, according to the scientist, the periods of cooling in these regions are not as stringent.

But in other parts of the world will be a more radical change, reports

"In Central America, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean regions of drought will become the norm. And it will have disastrous consequences for agriculture, especially in poor countries, "- said

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Earth's seismic activity increases

Seismogram ordinary earthquake

In the eastern part of the core of Japanese Honshu push force was registered 4.3 on the Richter scale. According to the Japanese seysmotsentra, the epicenter of the earthquake was in Ibaraki Prefecture at a depth of 40 km.

In the province of Moluccas in eastern Indonesia, an earthquake of magnitude 5.5 points. Earthquakes have been recorded to the west of the archipelago Aru at a depth of 10 km.

An earthquake measuring 5.7 points was recorded in Canada near Vancouver Island, which is located north-west of the country. According to the U.S.

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Bangladesh ferry sank, killing 8 people.


07.07.2011, 9:02:11 Dhaka in Bangladesh near the capital g.Dakki ferry sank. In killing eight passengers were on it, reports Associated Press.

According to local police, the incident occurred at night on the river Shitalakya. Who followed the ferry collided with an oil tanker on the river and sank.

Rescuers managed to extract eight bodies himself ferry only in the morning. According to them, some passengers managed to escape by swimming, but dozens still missing. In total on board the ferry were more than 50 people.

Source: RBC

South Greece swept flood

While the north of Greece collapsed abnormal snowfall in the south began to flood. In the administrative area of the Peloponnese, in particular — in the town of Pyrgos and around archaeological sites of Olympia, a state of emergency. In some mountainous areas, there landslides.

[Resident of the town of Pyrgos]"There was a lot of water, people are trying to figure out how to escape, but the water was coming, could only pray for salvation."

According to police, a small village near Piraeus killed 82-year-old woman. She could not get out of the house, in which the water

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