In the Philippines, a new tropical storm hit

Tropical storm "Kai Tak" hit the north-east Philippine island of Luzon, causing floods and landslides. This was reported by local authorities.

"On the night we're very heavy rains, our rescuers evacuated some residents after reports of severe floods" — quoted by "Interfax" the head of the civil defense of the northern region Ilocos Melchito Castro.

According to him, the flood has affected four towns and cut traffic on the major highway, reports of casualties have been reported yet. The country's capital Manila and its surroundings were not directly affected by the storm.

Earlier in August, heavy rains

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In Greece, the cold, snow filled up the record Istanbul

In Greece came real winter. Since the beginning of the week in some parts of the country there are freezing. In particular — in the capital, where the temperature in winter is rarely drops below zero. This weather has forced city officials to remember the homeless who used to sleep in the open, without fear of the cold.

Now in Athens 1. In some places you can even see the snow falling.

Employees of the organization to help the homeless out on the streets of the capital, to distribute blankets and vagrants sleeping bags. They also inform them

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We present new evidence for the existence of an ancient ocean on Mars

Com is growing evidence to suggest that Mars once (about 3 billion years ago) was full of water — ground water, lakes, rivers, hot springs — and, according to some models, even boasted its own ocean in the northern hemisphere.

Last hotly disputes. Even scientists who believe in the existence of the ocean, can not decide whether it was warm or cold.

Topographic map of Mars, made apparatus Mars Global Surveyor. The blue color indicates the lowest of which is likely to have been covered ocean. New data MARSIS radar spacecraft Mars Express Orbiter, according to Jeremy Mougins

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Little Ice Age 13-16 Ages was triggered by volcanic eruptions

A series of volcanic eruptions in the middle of the 13th century could be one of the triggers of the "little ice age" — the era of strong climate cooling in the Late Middle Ages and in the New Era, say American Geophysics in an article in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

To date, the exact timing of this cooling period is not defined. According to the official definition of NASA, the Little Ice Age lasted from short warm "breaks" from 1550 to 1850. Most climatologists and geophysicists associate it with the fall of the active phase of

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The flood killed 28 people in central Nigeria

Flooding caused by heavy rains that killed 28 people in central Nigeria, said on Tuesday AFP referring to the representative of the local authorities Kemi Nshe (Kemi Nshe).

Element came to the territory of the district Shandy (Shendam) Plateau State on Sunday.

"According to my information, 28 people were killed and two are still missing," — said Nshe reporters. According to him, the flood also caused serious material damage. Authorities evacuated some 1.5 thousand inhabitants.


4.7 earthquake in the U.S.


28.02.11.Zemletryasenie magnitude 4.7 occurred on Monday night in the U.S. state of Arkansas.

According to the National Geological Service of the U.S., the first tremors were recorded at midnight on the East Coast (08:00 Moscow time).

As reported by geologists, the epicenter of the earthquake was about 60 km from the city of Little Rock. According to the TV channel CNN en, tremors lasted about 10 seconds, waking the residents of neighborhoods.

Information on casualties and injury has been reported, according to ITAR-TASS.


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In Angola, the flood victims were 25 people


06.03.2011, Luanda 18:05:43 In the south-west Angola victims of flooding caused to begin in January rainy season, were 25. About 70 thousand people have fled their homes, reports Associated Press. According to local experts, the main reasons for the large number of victims — poor infrastructure in most cities and illegal construction of buildings in areas not designated for development.

According to the UN last year in southern Africa fell to a record amount of rainfall. The floods have affected about 200 thousand people of Angola.



Ancient people to blame for the disappearance of the African tropics

French scientists have been able to prove the guilt of the ancient people in the disappearance of tropical forests and savannas appears in the central part of Africa 3000 years ago, according to Lenta.Ru. Research article appeared in the journal Science.

According to modern ideas, savannas of Central Africa ousted tropics by regional climate changes. In the new work, scientists estimated these changes on the basis of data on soil erosion, obtained by analysis of clayey marine sediments.

Scientists were able to determine that approximately 3000 years ago, the rate of erosion has increased dramatically. By the

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Consequences of tornadoes in the United States, Alabama

January 24. According to the latest data, the revelry of elements two people were killed and over 100 injured. According to rescuers, the numbers are not final, because under the rubble of collapsed buildings may be people. Disasters can be estimated from these frames. Completely destroyed dozens of buildings. State governor declared a state of emergency.

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Snowfall in the Crimea. Video


17.02.11.Za past two days on the southern coast of the Crimea had the ten-day rainfall. Snowdrifts reach half a meter.

According to the "Details", due to the snow and ice is limited truck traffic on the highway Yalta-Sevastopol. It works hard snow removal equipment.

According to weather forecasts, storm blows over for a few more days.


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