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Tornado defeated New York

The last day of the influence of the former hurricane "Isaac" to the United States took place on the tumultuous events of the Mid-Atlantic coast. Energy potential of ex-hurricane breathed life into the mid-latitude cyclone is active, which is leaving the U.S., so "flicked his tail" of cold front that in Brooklyn and Queens took off the bench. Concentrated in the area of the front energy, enhanced heat wave from the Atlantic, drained by a series of rare for this area tornado.

U.S. media reported that on September 8, on Saturday, the first vortex passed on the peninsula Rokevey relating

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Being late glacial period concerned scientists

Someone will that delay the arrival of the ice age on the Earth — this is great news, but scientists think very differently.

A researcher from Florida Channelview Jim (Jim Channell), who is a professor of geology, said that "a block of ice, like the ones that are in West Antarctica are already destabilized by global warming. When they melt and significantly increase the volume of water in the oceans, it will be have a serious dramatic effect on the level of our oceans. ice will continue to melt until then, until you start a new period of

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December 10, 2012: Weather anomalies around the world — in the U.S. the whole city fills up with snow, Austria storm cut off from the world …

State of emergency declared in located in Alaska Cordova, who is buried under the snow. The thickness of its cover is from 1.5 to 4.6 meters. Roofs of houses can not withstand the weight of snow, yet the city virtually paralyzed. The inhabitants of Cordova say such bad weather did not happen the last 30 + years.

The state authorities have sent 70 National Guard U.S. primarily to assist in clearing the snow from the roofs of houses and roads. It was decided to urgently transfer to Cordova snow removal equipment, as existing facilities are powerless to cope.

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U.S. scientists predict a major earthquake in Istanbul

Earthquake in Turkey in 1999. August 17. Photo:

Leading Specialist U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Tom Parsons and Professor, University of Washington, John Vidal predict strong earthquake in Turkey. According to Turkish media reports, the American scientists do not rule out an earthquake of magnitude 7.5-7.7 points (Richter scale) in Istanbul. According to Tom Parsons, the probability of an earthquake in Istanbul is 40-60%.

"What will be the consequences of the earthquake in Istanbul, will depend on how he prepared the city government and how earthquake-resistant buildings. But Turkish society can be regarded as the company prepared

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On Finland collapsed debris meteorite

9 January 2012. Baltic news, Finland. In the skies over southern Finland and Estonia in the evening on January 3 unidentified object appeared as a fireball. Contrary to the expectations of adherents of the theory of alien spacecraft, it turned out later that it was a meteorite that entered the dense atmospheric layers.

According to the online newspaper Postimees, pieces of the meteorite fell in central Finland. However, most of them turned out too close to the city center Jämsä.

According to specialists, the wreckage of the cosmic body can weigh several hundred grams to one kilogram. Currently

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Paranormal near Krasnoyarsk


12.01.11.V a residential building in a village near Krasnoyarsk Startseva documented paranormal phenomenon. For information about the statement to the police on this fact was confirmed by the press service of the police department on the edge. According to the building's residents — girls 11 years old, her mother and her grandmother, January 1, 2011 in the room hooted pipe. Residents decided to drain the water. After this started happening unexplained phenomena. Began to drop crystal chandeliers, furniture, broken aquarium. Residents put on a stone table, and then the stone began to fly around the house.

After the incident,

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Forest fires in the summer went along with the southern hemisphere — they are now the rage in Chile

In the mountains of Chile reserves raging forest fires. The fire destroyed more than 50 thousand hectares, mainly precious woods. The flames did not spare and small villages. Burned down about 250 houses. Six firefighters were killed and two remain missing.

According to the country's president, Sebastian Pinera, the cause of disaster was arson. The Prosecutor's Office has already offered to Chile to judge criminals as terrorists.

Can not deal with forest fires and New Zealand rescuers. Flame covered mostly tall trees, and the fire spread this 20-meter wall of fire.

Evacuated several localities of the most dangerous

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50-degree frosts extend their range to the north-east of Russia

The trajectory of the tropical cyclone "Thane"

Intense tropical cyclone was first raised in the north of the Indian Ocean on New Years Eve

Heavy rain and strong wind that brought the New Year's Eve tropical cyclone «Thane» in the south-east coast of India, have killed 42 people and destroying hundreds of homes.

Tropical cyclone hit Tamil Nadu late Friday night. According to Indian Meteorological reaching wind speeds of 120-140 km / h The hurricane destroyed houses and tore the transmission line. The greatest damage was reported in four areas of the state. Hardest hit Cuddalore, 120 km south

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Floods in Brazil

For two months in the southeast of Brazil, in the state of Minas Gerais, located to the north of Rio de Janeiro, are heavy rains. At this time, the precipitation — a common occurrence, but now the intensity of rainfall exceeds the norm. Complicating the situation is mountainous terrain and dense river network. On the slopes of the mountains descend sat. Thousands of residents of 66 cities, according to the media, forced to leave their homes. The region declared a state of emergency.

In the south-east of Brazil due to flooding caused by heavy rains, according to preliminary

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Japan last year was shaking like never

Number of aftershocks in Japan in 2011 was more than the norm of 7. These data are presented in the report of the National Meteorological Administration of Japan.

According to estimates meteoupravleniya, in total, in the Japanese archipelago in the past year there were 9723 earthquake. The bulk of them — about 7,000 — were aftershocks after a powerful magnitude 9.0 earthquake that shook the northeast of Japan on March 11.

Seismologists have warned that in the coming years, the north-eastern coast of Honshu island will remain high seismic activity. Experts fear that at the March 11 earthquake last

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