Accounting for waterfowl

The proposed package includes accounting breeding success of waterfowl broods and accounting records before the start of the autumn hunting, which allow you to set and adjust the timing of summer-autumn hunting and waterfowl production standards, as well as keeping bagged game.

ACCOUNTING successful breeding

The main task — to establish the effectiveness of the breeding of selected species groups and all waterfowl, compared with previous years.

Time — the first five days of July. If required, the account can be repeated at the end of July.

The account consists of the sequential inspection of all or most of

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Five safety tips for small businesses

Cybercriminals do not leave any of his attention, even the smaller companies. By the week of the National Small and Medium Business Administration, we have prepared a few tips to help small businesses protect their data from intruders, and its customers — from malicious programs.

Guided by a common false beliefs, many small business owners are hiding their heads in the sand like ostriches. «With me it will not happen» — they convince themselves, when they hear about the targeted attacks, phishing and sophisticated malware. «My business is too small to be of interest to criminals» — they argue in

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On the method of accounting yields

There is a technique for evaluating the overall yield varieties of wood does not fully meet the requirements for varietal plantings in major industrial gardens.

In describing the varieties present data on the average yield of the tree in kilograms, and on this basis to make comparisons and draw conclusions about yield varieties.

Quite often in the normal fruiting between the sizes of trees of one species (the height and width of the crown) and productivity, there is a direct correlation: the more the size of the tree, the more it fruit. If we compare to one another yields

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Take to drink …

Once a year, grows the number of people registered in drug treatment service. However, official statistics covers far not all. It is recognized and reversed three weeks the new head of the Ministry of Health the psychiatrist — Alexei Alexandrov, who spoke to journalists now on prevention of alcoholism in the country.Currently in the country on account of drug treatment costs about 283 thousand people. Compared to last year — an increase of about fifteen hundred. The psychiatrist believe it — the result of an act of State applets to combat alcoholism, 2006-2010. Deputy head doctor of the Minsk City

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Development of Tomsk students will help people Khrushchev save


In Tomsk, in a building set heat meters, developed in Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics. Hardware-software system for monitoring and control of buildings and heat supply facilities created by students of the radio department of the university under the leadership of professor of telecommunications and the basics of radio engineering, director of innovative enterprise JSC "Energy Efficiency" by Alexei Pugovkina. Testing of the device will be held in one of the "Khrushchev" heating system with vertical distributing on the street. Kartashov. The counters are set free. The experiment will continue for a year,

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New to the range KEAZ — multi-tariff meters OptiMer MT1

Modular counters Din-rail will be available to order from July 1.

Since July 1, the market receives new electricity meters Kursk Electrical Equipment Plant, which will join the line OptiMer. Compact-rate and multi-rate counters are implemented using the latest generation of chips, which ensures high reliability and accuracy.

Second-generation multi-tariff meters OptiMer MT designed for mounting on Din-rail mounting, which allows them to combine accounting and control cabinets with equipment line OptiDin.

New devices can be integrated into an automated control system and energy accounting, and information on the consumption of energy can

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Kazan Helicopter Plant moved on 1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8

JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant" adopted a new accounting system on the basis of "1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8."

The project is automated accounting, contract management, settlement, scheduling of shipments and receipts of products and materials. Implemented on-line integration with the PDM-system, established a system of coordination and control of payment transactions. Sophisticated automated accounting processes of production orders for control of warehouse / workshop balances and regulations leave materials in the production of inventories accounting scheme is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the Defense Ministry.

Significantly increased the performance of the automation system. If before

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GLONASS friends with 1C

The company "GLONASS OMNICOMM» and a branch of the company "1C-Rarus" in St. Petersburg implemented a joint project for the integration of satellite-based monitoring and control of fleet fuel consumption Omnicomm in the program "1C: Enterprise 8" in the St. Petersburg Transportation Company "TEK-LOGISTICS".

A joint decision on the basis of "1C: Enterprise 8. Fleet Management Prof "was developed by companies Omnicomm and" 1C Rarus "in the fall of 2011. The purpose of the integration of the two systems — automation control systems using data transport, the exclusion process manual transfer of information and bringing accountability to a single

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Chairman of the Duma Committee on Energy, ID Grachev congratulated the ITF SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY on the anniversary

In the address ITF "SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY", celebrating this year its twentieth anniversary, received a congratulatory letter from the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy ID Grachev.

In his congratulatory message ID Grachev noted the invaluable contribution to the development of the Russian energy sector made by the company for the years of its activity. "The development and production, including in the difficult years of the history of our country, the domestic competitive high-tech products for the needs of the most important sectors of the economy — energy — matter of deep respect and puts the engineering and

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Enterprises have a new incentive to upgrade equipment

The new equipment, machinery, and equipment purchased by Russian companies will be exempt from property taxes.

The decision was taken by the authorities of the Russian Federation. Because of this Russian company will be able to save on taxes up to 80 billion rubles. This was announced by Vladimir Putin, RIA Novosti reported.

"In order to encourage the renewal of fixed assets of enterprises, the decision not to impose a tax on property of organizations new equipment, machinery, equipment, that is all that belongs to the category of personal property," — he said. Putin added that business taxes on production,

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