Isomerization pseudoephedrine ephedrine

Over the last decade Ephedrine is widely used in medical practice, particularly in the treatment of asthma and as an agent for stimulating the blood circulation; diastereoisomer of this alkaloid — pseudoephedrine — for action similar to ephedrine, but much weaker, and therefore not applicable in medicine.

Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are usually accompany each other in plants. These alkaloids are quite common; ephedra they occur in other plant species. Of these, only a few have commercial significance. Currently, a large number of harvested two types: equisetina Ephedra and Ephedra intermedia, which contain up to 3% of alkaloids (ephedrine and

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10 anti-inflammatory plants to grow

Nature has a number of anti inflammatory plants in its natural pharmacy While traditionally the veterinary industry has looked on alternative therapies, in particular herbal products, with a degree of scepticism, they still have put in place sophisticated tests to determine whether a horse in particular has been fed herbal remedies during competition.

Herbs and crude extracts cannot be patented, making them cheaper than mainstream drugs since they have not undergone expensive double-blind studies. The financial returns on non-patented drugs do not justify the enormous outlays required for patented drugs.

The last century lias based much of its modern medicine

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Car Milinkevich poured acid

Press office Milinkevich recalls that on April 23 offenders struck the wheel and the car body painted Inna Cooley, wife Milinkevich. On March 25, unknown acid damaged the roof and hatch car Milinkevich. In November 2006 during a meeting with activists of Lida unknown Milinkevich car painted red and green paint.

5 year old problem: how to maintain beauty

Dreaming of summer vacation, we see ourselves as beautiful and tanned by the azure sea — just like in the picture of the fashion glossy magazine. And very upset when confronted with the harsh reality: flushed from sunburn and the dried salted winds of skin that appeared from nowhere spots and "crow's feet" around the eyes.

How to bring the dream to reality and guard against summer skin problems? Can I get a beauty, ruffled summer sun? These and other questions are answered Mariyat Mukhina, physician acupuncturist, MD and author of over 40 scientific papers on the

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Types of peeling

Peeling — way to remove the stratum corneum of the skin cells and protect the young growing cells. Most often used for exfoliating scrubs, creams and gels for the body, containing small particles of dense vegetation and artificial origin. In addition to exfoliating effect, scrubs have astringent and refreshing effect.

Oily skin with a scrub brush once a week, dry — once every 2 weeks. It is much more likely to use scrubs, elbows, knees, soles and other places subject to keratinization. All of these tools are mild exfoliation, which can be done at home. However, in the

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Excess vitamin causes mutations

Somehow a long time ago, in the XVI century, the famous Swiss physician Aureolus Philip Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim, aka Paracelsus, said: "All there is poison, and there is a cure all. It is only important measure. " This is one of the fundamental principles of medicine that applies to all medicines and to apply physicians.

Unfortunately, many people, including some doctors do not believe drugs vitamins. And, in practice, in vain. I'm sure many women will remember that love gynecologists prescribe folic acid. "Rides" to cycle, whether the woman is preparing for pregnancy or are already pregnant —

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British scientists have "artificial volcano"

British scientists have "artificial volcano" save the planet

It is known that volcanic eruptions, similar to what happened in the Philippines in 1991, have the ability to cool. In Britain since the end of 2011 an experiment to pump water at a distance of one kilometer from the ground into the air to test a new model of climate cooling, with which to launch into the stratosphere, sulfuric acid particles, capable of reflecting the sun.

A new experimental model of an artificial volcano is necessary for possible protection from damaging effects of climate change. The experiment is the first of

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In Macau, the number of days from the acid rain

May 25, 2013. After analyzing statistics on the incidence of acid rain, meteorologists and ecologists from Macau came to the conclusion that in 2012 the number of days increased to 73 per year. The pH level of water in the precipitation of less than 5.6, which is classified as a higher level of acidity, which has dangerous consequences.

In 2012, the average air temperature in Macau was +22,3 ° C, which is 0.4 degrees higher than the previous year. The total rainfall amounted to 1 556 mm, which is 14.1% higher than a year ago. As can be seen from

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Yangtze received another batch of chemicals

Yangtze received another batch of chemicals Facts

In the eastern part of China on a cargo ship spilled carbolic acid, which fell into the waters of the country's longest river, the Yangtze. In January, a similar incident recorded in the southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China, where one of the plants in the river was dumped a large amount of toxic cadmium, has spread to 300 km downstream.

The ship, allegedly South Korean, last week, moored in Zhenjiang, located on the Yangtze River. According to preliminary data, the leakage of phenol, which is used in detergents, occurred due to

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Can bacteria help break down harmful pollutants?

Can bacteria help break down harmful pollutants? It is interesting

For 50 years, scientists finally understand the mechanism of how bacteria can break down hazardous phosphorous acid decomposes slowly in the environment. It is estimated that each year more than 20,000 tons of phosphoric acid is released into the environment in the Western Hemisphere. Most of the discharged acid pollutes ground water, endangering human life, aquatic flora and fauna. This substance can be found in medical preparations, detergents and herbicides.

The study was conducted postgraduate chemical separation Canadian university Queens Mc Sorley Fernie and several assistants. The study identified the

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