Diagnosis and treatment of acne

Acne rashmay arise from many different causes. That's why when it occurs is to consult a dermatologist — a doctor find out what led to the appearance of acne and prescribe appropriate treatment.If you find that acne is caused by hormonal disorders, you will also need to consult an endocrinologist. Go toosmetolog in turn,help get rid of the external manifestations of the disease.


TreatmentAcne is prescribed depending on the severity of the disease. There are three degrees of severity of acne:

Easy — in the presence of closed or open acne virtually no signs of inflammation. On

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Getting rid of acne

Acne, pimples, comedones, acne all it spoils the mood and life is not only the younger generation in the period of puberty, but the adult half of humanity. Each of us wants to have a beautiful and clear skin. Let's try to understand the causes and treatment of acne.

Acne — the defeat of the sebaceous glands and their ducts inflammatory process, involving the hair follicles.

Varieties of Acne ordinary (usually occur in young people at puberty); red (for diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, or a violation of the sexual glands); medications (result from prolonged use of

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Nine year old prodigy from Ukraine lectures to third-



Fourth grader, who has something to say third year! Unique lecturer appeared in Cherkassy University. He is 9 years old. Vitaly Nechayev known throughout Ukraine. For incredible ability prodigy even received a national award. A curious fact: up to three years Vitaly did not speak. And then one day, suddenly picked up a newspaper and began to read aloud. Acne Nechayev dream became president, but the policy quickly disappointed. Is now preparing for a career in science. Before the first

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Disease — a reflection of the stress and anxiety

November 27, 2011 12:56

Any of our experience — resentment, anger, distress, joy — is displayed in the form of changes in the body. Stooped posture, muscle clamps, habitual inclination of the head, shoulders or hips sag — traces of trauma and experiences. Attention to the body, to his posture, helps in many situations.

Here's an example: you have to make an important call. If you sit on the edge of a chair with minimal support and strained legs, and his voice will be shaky notes, you'll sound awkward, slipping into the begging tone.

If you call before that

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Stresses lead to skin problems and hair loss in women

Frequent stress lead to hair loss in women, as well as acne, according to British researchers.

The scientists conducted a survey, which was voluntary participation two thousand members of the fairer sex. It was found that 20% of women suffer from hair loss, and 30% — from permanent scars and acne. About 50% of respondents attributed their problems with malnutrition, and 27% — with constant stress.

Experts in the field of cosmetology explain that most problems with hair and skin care for women associated with inability to properly care for them. But in any case, the state of mind is

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Acne (acne)

Acne (acne, acne) — a chronic inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands, resulting from their blockage and increased production of sebum.

The sebaceous glands are only in the skin of mammals to which we are with you and treat. These glands produce a special secret (sebum) — a mixture of fats that prevent overdrying of the skin, making it supple and protect the body against various bacteria and infections, as well as participate in a complex system of thermoregulation of the skin.

Sebaceous secretion may be increased by raising the level of male sex hormones (androgens) and fall

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Acne: Common Misconceptions

According to psychological survey 80% of young people believe that the most unattractive in a man — it's acne (acne, acne). Those who in his youth was suffering from acne can remain for a lifetime scars that mar the appearance. So people tend to all means available to clean the skin, guided by it, for the most part, a wide variety of "theories", most of which are trite misconceptions.

Most of the errors are related to the revaluation of nutritional factors, hygiene, age, sexual life, exposure to sunlight.

It is now known that acne is not associated withpoor hygiene

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Beauty goes ahead

The principle of meeting people on appearance dates back to the early days of prehistoric people. They, too, in his own way tried to look attractive. In our time in this endeavor not only to women, girls and men. Barrier is not even age. After all, we are not perfect, everyone has their flaws. And we're all trying not to fix them, cover up. For example, spending a cool bride scenario, we have to be at the center of attention, and therefore, it is necessary to look good.

Young people are often concerned about the problem of acne, acne that

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