Composer Parlour Acoustic Guitar

Fancy a parlour guitar with a little more oomph that could also be a holiday buddy, but don’t want to sell a kidney? Peavey takes on the challenge. Review by Martin Wheeler

Although it’s a traditional wooden acoustic instrument, the genesis of the Composer can be traced back to 2010 when Peavey bought Composite Acoustics, a company specialising in carbon fibre and graphite instrument building. The first post-CA Peavey instruments were designed with features gleaned from the feedback of original Composite Acoustics players. The resulting top-end guitars were well-received, and it seems that some of the

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PEAVEY Vypyr VIP-2 electric, acoustic & bass combo

Most guitarists cover electric and acoustic, and many play bass too: so how about an amp that can handle all three? Review by Richard Purvis.

About half a century ago the average impoverished band only had one amp between them, and would mess up their quiffs in fights over input sockets. Today, thankfully, guitarists have guitar amps, bassists have bass amps, and even acoustic players sometimes have their own backline. So why on earth would Peavey want to wind these three disparate strands back together again in one all-purpose amplifier?

Well, it could be handy for anyone who plays a

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New Acoustics Bowers & Wilkins CM 10 successfully combines the characteristics of a series of elements of the SM and the older 800 Series Diamond. Anyway, this family features speakers Bowers & Wilkins, who, like a signature sound, it is impossible not to know at a glance.

It seems that creating new flagship CMS developers Bovvers & Wilkins decided to bring together a series of SM and 800, otherwise how to explain the appearance of the new model of the external, top mounted tweeter? If you put a number of media), and former senior CN.9, in addition to the tweeter,

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«Sea Jet»-experimental vessel (AESD)

«Sea Jet» — Experimental vessel (AESD) bylo postroeno shipyard Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes, Washington. Ship (AESD) was baptized August 24, 2005. The ceremony was accomplished at the Center for acoustic research in the Bayview. Chief of Naval research Rear Admiral Jay M. Cohen spoke at the christening. Sponsor vessel Kathleen Harper, wife of Thurman Harper, vice president of engineering for the company’s Rolls-Royce, the tradition broke a bottle of champagne on fortshteven. Ships of named «Sea Jet». Elaboration and follow-on research project funded by the Office of Naval research (ONR). Essentially, this is reduced (1:4) model class destroyers «Zumbalt»

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Express MD2 tested

This is the second small satellite communications. The first was launched February 11, 2009.

The spacecraft "Express-MD2" created by Khrunichev Khrunichev has successfully passed acoustic testing at the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute named after Professor NE Zhukovsky (TsAGI, Zhukovsky).

In the reverberation chamber RK-1500 spacecraft tested the effect of high-frequency pressure fluctuations that occur during startup, transonic flight at maximum speed pressure.

Upon completion of acoustic testing, "Express-MD2" was delivered to the factory for testing in early April for electromagnetic compatibility in an anechoic chamber.

Satellite "Express-MD2" is created in the framework of the

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Developed unique methods to fight cancer with the help of silicon nanoparticles

On the role of a cancer cell killer scientists "assign" oxygen. The one without which life is impossible. But it is in the passive form. That it it exists in the atmosphere. But if the gas is made active, it becomes a potent poison that kills any fabric. Including cancer.

Amazing transformation of "good" in the poison gas scientists charged nanoparticles of silicon. And they are well equipped for this role. The question is only how it is made in the flask, and the cell body. How to get there precisely to the tumor without causing harm to healthy cells?

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The new headset for special forces

JSC "EDO" Octave "- Tula enterprise, developer and manufacturer of electro-acoustic transducers for various purposes — is getting ready to show at the exhibition" Interpolitex-2011 "promising product — TMG-49 headset, designed for special forces.

The product is designed initiative, it was a response to the Tula acousticians to numerous requests and recommendations from the various law enforcement agencies.



The new telephone-eared headset microphone on a soft headband is designed for two-way communication with any domestic and foreign handheld radios. Phone and the headset microphone mounted on a flexible boom of the "goose

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In the Tula region in Russia opened its first production of perforated acoustic panels

In Novomoskovsk, Tula Region has opened a new plant — a plant of the company "Knauf" for the production of perforated acoustic panels.

Investments in production amounted to 5,000,000 euros, and planned capacity — 800 thousand cubic meters per year.

The same capsule was laid in the foundation of another plant, "Knauf" — the production of dry plaster. Its construction will start before the end of 2011, the volume of investments will amount to 24 million euros.

Kontraperturnye Acoustic Systems

Russian know-how for the connoisseurs of sound space …

AV Vinogradov, while still an active conductor and expert acoustician, turned his attention to feature natural, realistic sound unconventional omnipolyarnyh systems.

After a series of practical experiments, their thoughts and accomplishments he shared with AS Gaidarova, who at the time was the chief designer of the industry and, in addition, was the author of technological development and mass production of the best Soviet loudspeakers

Progressive Alliance of conductor-A.V.Vinogradova expert and designer-scientist Alexander Gaidarova able to create and validate a new principle Kontraperturnyh speakers.

In the mid-90s,

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ISOVER-Acoustic now and let the plant in Chelyabinsk.

Every year more and more important, especially in big cities, the issue soundproofing. To feel comfortable and happy at any time of the day, enjoy the peace and forget about the outside noise outside the window, you need to soundproof the room.

The construction of the traditional massive structures leads to the loss of usable floor space. The most effective solution to solve the problem is noise isolation device drywall partitions with sound-absorbing material filling ISOVER acoustic. Construction, using ISOVER Acoustic reduces the time for its construction and save valuable floor space. Low

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