Capital Minsk day poetry festival Word order

Organizer "Order the words" Belarusian side Nicholas Sulima:"Very very popular poet. He universal poet, on my eyesThe poet, who is able to amaze and at the technical level, and force experience strong emotions. "One of the visitors — young poet Valery Koustova — knows what came to the meeting with Timur Kibirov:"I had heard that he was one of the best Russian contemporary poets. Incline At age … which should go. It is fundamentally different from those creators who spoke at the opening festyvlyu, and will be performing at the closing."Valeria Koustova notes in Belarus strongly enough international art festivals,

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Poetry Festival opened in Word order Pushkin Library

Festival "Word Order" opens the band’s performance "purse". Acting as the middle of the famous Belarusian poets like Adam Globus, Andrew Khadanovich Ales Kamotskii and young creators.The celebration began guest from Kaliningrad Igor Belov. After the recitation of the unusual in Russian Andrei own translation read Khadanovich:"I do not doubt for a moment that my translation is not functionally necessary, as you all figured out. But maybe art begins where it is not functional and useless."Also performed with Lviv poet Galina Crook — with the help of a translator Marika Martysevich.Belarusian poets of the first Adam was made by Globe,

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Drogichin: vertikalschik day campaigning in elections

According to the supervisor, the polling station number 5, which is in the building of social protection Drogichin executive committee, in an interview with local vertikalschik "Public television Drogichin" urged voters to come and vote for the MP Vladimir Zdanovich."What I heard, you can invest in two thesis. Allegedly, as we all very well, thanks to my efforts and the efforts of the current MP. Because vote and then for him and everything will be fine, and even better. This interview they will be showcasing local television during the Days ".

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Anxiety is an ancient practice, when each exam group leader carries the package ‘

Student: "Did you hear-hear, but it’s just a rumor. Myself I never did not give money. Teachers with great pleasure, but do not take money, and sweets and different gifts."Reporter: "You are trained in the National Technical University in Minsk. That was the last session. You collected it means? "Student: "No, the teachers did not take anything from just refused. Had to pull teeth every rank."Abiturientki: "And we are doing at the moment, we pass exams to college Yanka Kupala."Reporter: "And what you need someone to pay — you have not heard such? "Woman: "On This time — not. But

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Basowiszcza. 2nd day (online report)

17:00 Lasts competitive program that sings the seventh group — Lilith. Their impressions of the competitive programs from shared Igor Znyk, Polish producer who is responsible for promoting Belarusian groups. In his view, segodnyaschy programm — One of the most fascinating, and essential for prof recent years, "Groups such as the Unia and Sok, could become popular and Belarus", "in the midst of today’s competitive teams, maybe there NRMu substitution."This year for the first time at the festival will sound rap — group "reddish along the white." Blood frontman glad can act because "Basowiszcza" — "is a festival of young

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30% of Belarusians believe that the president should always act in Belarusian

As reported by Radio Radio Station, 34.1% believe that it should do it from time to time (speaking in certain festive occasions), and 34.3% of world population — is not necessarily.As we see, all three groups are approximately equal: one — for Belarusian-president, the other — for its symbolic bilingualism, third language head of state no worries.See also: A.Manaev: European choice of the democratic forces is more accurate

Citations a day or — May 2

"Design is not simple. As one clever person said, it" rabbit matroshtsy "… This is the position even in 1994, when we were engaged with Alexander Lukashenko struggle for power, as the opposition."Leonid Sinitsyn, former chief of staff Alexander Lukashenko — on joint V.Parfenovich "manifesto Minsk Belarusian-Russian union""In the future-independent democratic Belarus these things specifically and will be considered — as an attack on the independence of liquidation our country. Those may say, policies that are derived from Lukashenka’s environment and who act with such initiatives, quite marginalizuyutstsa. Since they are in the direction opposite to the state and state

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In Vilnius discussed small Belarusian Constitution

In the first day, participants, and their was more 40 people working in 3 sections, open a discussion where the main documents that are prepared democratic forces. It — Small Constitution, financial platform and strategy for action. Then a plenary session. Chairman of the State Committee Anatoly Lebedko so commented this work: "I think we have become stronger before the Political Council and to Congress. I mean those who have advocated and Congress» unity around positive candidates with which to go to the people. "And now in Vilnius hosted a round table discussion on the brand new Congress of Democratic

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V.Gorbachev: Is it reasonable to renounce the role in the elections?

"Acting as legitimate ways, namely via a role in campaign, only way we can show the people that the country is going lawlessness. Our power ignore the boycott, on its own will not retreat. If you do not act, then it all again in 2011, presidential elections. Or meaning at the moment renounce the role in the election? "- Explains V.Gorbachev.Victor Gorbachev — ’43. He graduated from the High School of the frontier military and law faculty of the Municipal Institute.

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Veshnjakov: Referendum on Constitutional Act may occur in 2007 — 2008

Veshnyakov explained that the possibility of making a referendum in Russia Constitutional Act Union countries provides international contract of — contract "On the development Union countries Belarus and the Russian Federation. "In this case, the initiative of holding a plebiscite should come from the chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the Russian president announces referendum. It should be noted that at the end 2006 Chairman of the Russian Central Election Commission expressed doubts that the referendum on the Constitution Act, may be conducted in 2007. "I do not see harsh prerequisites to ensure that the conditions

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