In Kiev, expressed solidarity with Belarus

During the action above a thousand people of Belarus opportunity to get acquainted with different views on the situation in Republic of Belarus. Activists of the "Solidarity" gave them printed materials and CDs with the movie Yuri Khaschevatsky "Area".The action planned role of activists from Belarus and Vital Stazharau Alyaeksandra Syarheenka, but they were detained Belarusian customs and released after half an hour after the rally

Youth activists held a rally near the Bernardine monastery

They lit candles in a symbol of solidarity with the faithful Catholics who pray every day, that they returned the building where is currently the archive, and soon plan to make the casino here.The action lasted for a couple of minutes. Youth activists lighted candle left near the monastery. Soon there were commandos. Youth stepped aside Cathedral. The commandos were for activists, but did not detain anyone.Policemen in civilian arrived at the scene of the action and uttered Radio Liberty, that extinguishes candles will not. Revisions responded positively passers-by who gathered at the monastery and photographed share for mobile phones.

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On October Square action of solidarity

They immediately came police in civil and Special Forces soldiers, who warned activists that if they did not disperse, the square will cause paddy and all will be taken to the police central district of the capital. In stock participated representatives of the unregistered movement "Young Belarus" and civilian campaign "European Belarus". Activists were in the midst of students.

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The rally of solidarity on October Square

Until Minsk shares favorite "Young Belarus" Artur Finkevich detained. Artur Finkevich said "Radio Liberty" that the police took him for Uruchcha and dropped off at the border of the city of Minsk, near the fishing base. Earlier activists "Junior Front"Held shares in Soligorsk, Zhodino, Borisov, Mozyr, Polotsk: hung portraits of the missing, and portraits executed in the" case of 14 ". Youth activists believe convicted of "Case of 14" which are currently under virtual house arrest, political prisoners., Tags:, action, Finkevich, solidarity

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In the Deep allowed to hold a rally of solidarity with political prisoners

Society Activist Yaroslav Bernikovich received permission from Gluboksky executive committee for holding a rally on March 19. The Vitebsk region is only in the last three months, a positive response of the local authorities, to which the opposition with such proposals have been accessed at least a dozen times.

According to a written reply from Gluboksky executive committee, Mr. Bernikovich allowed to hold a rally of solidarity with political prisoners, prisoners after Minsk December 19 events, the square at the Regional House of Culture — a place officially defined by the authorities for public events. The action will take

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