Day of solidarity in Minsk No arrests

On October Square protesters Solidarity met SWAT police cordons. People began to push in civil protesters toward the side of GUM and Freedom Square. Then came the second step, "cleansing", and people were removed from the October Square descent toward Freedom Square.Please share were detained Several activists "Junior Front" among them — Anastasia Palazhanka, but it all ended so that the police checked their documents, kept them a couple of minutes and then released.And 8th evening people gathered on the classic common prayer around the Bernardine Monastery — riot police watching this action from afar. Detention was not.On October Square:About

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Solidarity action in Minsk riot police drove people from the area

"Sweep" began even before the action started before the 6th hour. In the underpass Anastasia Palazhanka detained when she left the subway. Were detained several Young people, but since they were minors, the police released them soon.When the protesters came to October Square, police formed a chain and began to squeeze them aside GUM. If the action joined Anatoly Lebedko, riot police formed a chain and another began to besiege protesters toward Freedom Square. The policemen did not explain anything, and had read only: "We politely ask you, go to the street. International".In stock participated members of the unregistered youth

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We remember dispersed share

Together Belarusians? Discussion on the loose.REPORT FROM SHARES Luneva PHOTO WITH SHARESEXHIBITORS 19:10Participants of the rally dispersed. The police did not detain anyone. 18:50

18:35 When the demonstrators under pressure SWAT reached Kupala street, commandos Split an array 2 groups and pounced on them. On one side of the street beaten women

Misha Pashkevich Anatoly Lebedko distracts from the ranks of Special Forces Commandos snatched demonstrators white-red-white flags, broke the rod on which they are kept. They continue to squeezepeople in the street Bogdanovich. 18:15

Immediately the first reaction commandos and police officers who came

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Protest rally on Independence Square is not accomplished

At noon on Independence Square were seen police civil police patrols.After, as Mengravykankam rebuked share Bangalore Square, appeared on the web calls come May 20 at noon at the Independence Square.Members of youth organizations supported this idea. She believes that unauthorized protest detentions completed.Recently the bureaucrats Mingorispolkom summoned for an interview applicants shares in the Park of Friendship of peoples to Bangalore Square Boris Goretskogo, Nikita Krasnov and Ales Kalita.Initiators protests warned that they will be held accountable if public order is broken.Haretski officials referred to such acts of terror before the manifestation of the performances of students, the liquidators

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The Young D.Fedoruk: Action will be held February 14 in all conditions

Activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front"Want to spend the action despite the fact that the city authorities have not given her authorization. Malady prepared candles, Bengali fire as" valentines ", which will be handed out.Procession must go first from Freedom Square to the French Embassy, and later to the embassies of Poland, Germany and the USA. One of the organizers said Haretski "Freedom":Gorki: "Promotion February 14 will look like a theatrical show. EU countries activists will symbolize "Young Front", dressed in suits these states. They will create a burning ring will light sparklers, and at a certain time in

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Action for a day of solidarity was held without detentions

A 6 pm at Casstrychnitskay area were about fifty youth activists of the democratic movement. Among them UCP has been a favorite Anatoly Lebedko, representatives of the business traffic. Theycame with portraits of Andrei Kim D.Liseenke, Sergei Parsyukevich. Action intended to cause that dubbed the "case of 14". More 3-activists will be judged by this case May 23. They also came to the area and expressed gratitude to all.

Militiamen From the very beginning of the action announced that unauthorized action and urged its members to disperse. Deputy Governor of the Central police station rather nervously and roughly reacted to

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Our area and solidarity — ahead

By the decree number 760, which prohibits personal businessmen to hire non-relatives, added the decree number 533, in accordance with which must pay more for rent retail space.Favourite entrepreneurial organization "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka believes that third share in the business is not accomplished by the organizers of the planned scale due to lack of preparation:

Shares are not made statements on the Web.

"Think about that the wave of protests left or entrepreneurial businessmen are satisfied, wrong. According to the latest action can not believe. What happened yesterday, suggests that people need to work, they must be informed. Promotions makes

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In Vitebsk on Victory Square left about 200 people were detained 7

Society Seven were in the area for having photographed the local "revolution in social networks." Among the detainees — the editor of the independent website "Popular news of Vitebsk" Serebro, who was taken to the police station October before the start of the action.

On the central square of Victory brought together people of all ages — young people and even retirees.

People gather on the square

Among those present were local activists of the democratic movement: the coordinator of the youth association "Free Way" Alexander Kuznetsov, enterprise trade union activist "Together" Irina Yaskevich and others.

Irina told that

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In Mogilev action Revolution via social network took no arrests

Society In Mogilev completed action, which initiated the unification of "Revolution through a social network" site "Vkontakte". It was attended by about two hundred people. It lasted half an hour. Began a19 minutes.

Held action on the opposite side of the square of Lenin, which was originally defined as a place crowded. It was surrounded by SWAT officers one hour before the start of the action. Those who tried to pass her on to explain that it has to happen some alleged security measures. The police explained that the square supposed to drive up foreign delegation.

All the time Lenin

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The action of mourning in Brest



The action of mourning in connection with the terrorist attack in Minsk subway was held in Brest. In the central square in Brest, about a hundred people gathered to express their solidarity with the victims and the victims of the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro.

For information about the campaign spread Internet users. The intention to hold the event no one sent the application to the local admnistratsyyu. As noted by Andrew and Inna Kucharczyk, some of the boys agreed with the rector of the church, which is the central square to a 18-hour bell sounded,

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