Tribunal over public activists Novapolatsk

Case Valery Shevchenko leads referee Peter Lyavchonak and Igor Sukhorukov and Anton Yasinovich — Alexander Fedyukevich referee. Igor Sukhorukov, Valery Shevchenko and Anton Yasinovich on the porch Novopolotsk court before the hearingThe morning session, which lasted for three hours listening to witnesses. Then he announced the break up to 14 hours.From June 27 to July 27 in Novapolatsk conducted Month protest against the abolition of privileges.In the midst of other shares of the Month and was collecting signatures for a review of the MPs of Novopolotsk who supported the decision.Since the organizers of the action, on the views of the

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Polotsk activists will judge

Its share of guys deliberately timed for November 7th, wanting such makarom support the anti-communist youth share in Minsk.Ales Krutkin said of their Sergei Martyniuk kept in the department for about 2-hours. Men explained that the action was carried out against the fact that the anniversary of the October Revolution hitherto marked as municipal prazdnichek. Policemen have recorded and released their explanations, saying that blame youth activists in violation of law. Court date Krutkin th Martynuk not christened, now must expect agendas. Detention of youths ran Major Ivan Miniatures — One of those police officers who recently interviewed local representatives

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Rally participants detained Ales Milintsa

Youth activists no matter what continue the action of solidarity with Junior Front activists and those organizations that serve their sentences and who were brought criminal case. Now day of birth Dmitry Dashkevich protesters solidarity visit Škloŭ and different methods congratulate Dmitry prisoner.• Young Front rally remained without cars, 19.07.2007

Flash mob in Grodno police were late

The activists were carrying placards "I wood — frame me," handing out paper and stickers "Destroy — do not build" and others.The rally was held just Russian street where half destroyed old sidewalks and trees, which will change the other. As to the scene police car arrived, the flash mob participants had time to disperse.

• Youth activists move in Grodno, 29.06.2007• To profitably destruction Grodno?, 22.06.2007• Grodno historians suggest not to destroy, but to build, 21.06.2007• picketed in Grodno in the coming weekend is not permitted, 20.06.2007• Grodno memorable symbol in place of the destroyed house stood a few

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Soligorsk students can not agitate for the Belarusian language

Activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Ivan Shyla revealed that since the beginning of the week the Young have already collected more than 350 signatures. People willingly sign up to appeal to the local administration. Shiloh: "Over the past 5 years in Saligorsk dramatically worsened the situation, as for Belarusian-language titles shops and companies. Posters about cinema as only in the Russian language. There is a certain percentage of Belarusian titles, but, unfortunately, they are written with blunders. We decided it was time to hold a series of activities aimed at popularizing be whiteRussian language . " Ivan Shyla

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Now a day of solidarity

Evening in Minsk, Soligorsk, Grodno, Mozyr, Mogilev, Lida, Polotsk and Baranavichy appeared streamers "Freedom to political prisoners", also white-red-white flags and posters: "The city is ours!"Activists of various organizations within the youth democratic movement clarify that street action the other day July 27 — days of independence — will entail detentions and arrests. Because such a format specifically elected the present action.In Poland, Estonia and Lithuania youth activists will distribute informational materials about the passers Situation in Belarus. In Poland, the opposite structure of the Belarusian Embassy students Kalinouski consolidated banner demanding the finish against the democratic public.

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Vitebsk: friends visiting graves BPF

Vitebsk activists now visit a cemetery where those who started in the region of the opposition movement — Ales Mudrychenka Sergey Terentyev, Vladimir Pleschenko Rosa Pushkarev.Another mourning rally will be held in the tract field where there were mass executions of victims of Stalinism. At the moment, in this place creates a public memorial representatives of different religious faiths, party members and concerned citizens set millet crosses in memory of the victims. Tags: action, rallies, grandfathers, procession

Detentions in Polotsk

Young people holding a banner "Freedom to political prisoners" around the monument Francis Scorina.Militiamen were taken to the police station Nikolai Demidenko, Sergei Glinski, Sergei Korolenko Ales Krutkin and Dmitry Sokolov. The action was accomplished within a marathon, which started today on the anniversary of the referendum in 1995, after which Belarusian authorities national characters changed to modern municipal.Now share "Our town" accomplished almost 20 towns of Belarus. Activists "Junior Front"Hung white-red-white flags and coat of arms "race."Nikolai Demidenko area of police explained "Freedom" his role in the action, which was accomplished in Polotsk:"May 14 day anniversary of the referendum,

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As noted in the regions of Chernobyl anniversary

1st of the applicants "Chernobyl Way-2008" in Minsk, chairman of public organization "Union Chernobyl-Belarus" Alexander Volchanin Now in the morning detained by police in Zhodino. G. Volchanin explains the reason:"In the morning the police came, checked that I’m home, and went. At that time, I had a contract with friends that get in the car and the track with them go to Minsk. Went through a little forest. On leaving I already expected three cars. Gave order: "Come, let’s go to the police."Not only Alexander Volchanin police excommunicated shares. With Slonim reports public activist Ales Masuk:

The action on the

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Belarus was released from the steel cell in Moscow

They try to detain an activist with the Belarusian Diaspora, and we are trying to protect

Just just as the Minsk riot police drove people from the building of the Central district court of Minsk, where the process of 14 in Moscow at the Embassy of Belarus in the street Maroseika solidarity activists staged just made the initiative "Solidarity with Belarus". It included activists of youth organizations, "Defence", "Change", and other democratic organizations, representatives of the Belarusian diaspora in Moscow. According to the activist "Defense" Oleg Kozlowski, took part in the action a few 10’s activists. It was a

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