Public initiative of Belarus — the Council of Europe supported the European March

"We believe that all the supporters of the euro selection Belarus merged, and this will force us to reckon with the official authority. Good opportunity for association — European March, which are going to come and our activists, "- said one of the initiators of public campaign Igor Rinkevich.Activists public initiatives announced reprisals against supporters of the euro choice of the authorities. "10’s people recently arrested for march invented disorders such neprelichnaya abuse or insubordination. Involve the authorities to intimidate our supporters," — said Igor Borisov businessman from Glacier. He said that as part of the police and does not

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In Minsk last detention of political activists

They were taken to the police Frunzenski district of Minsk, make up administrative protocols.Paul and colleagues Nikita dubbed their detention as a preventive measure other day "Euro march." They are convinced that small children accused of disorderly conduct and arrested a few days at a time to isolate the opposition action.In the bullpen Akrestsin Street are several activists from different youth organizations. Half of them accused of distributing disk imaging "European march", others — for Tipo neprelichnuyu language.

No sound equipment scenario Euro march may change

Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the "Euro march" Ivashkevich not given sound equipment.Responsible for ideological work bureaucrat Mingorispolkom Gennady Kurbeka was recommended that he visited Minsk wireless, so there he was given a bus with sound-amplifying equipment on October 14. But there uttered that all buses will be busy at fairs. Says Victor Ivashkevich:"It is surprising that in the Minsk City Executive Committee shall be removed to ensure sound-amplifying equipment meeting that they themselves allowed. We make an effort and find their sound-amplifying equipment and pinning hopes authorities not will do subsequent provocation: disconnect power during the meeting or,

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Trials of A. Borys, and I.Bantsaram M.Lemyanovskim postponed

About the structure of the Leninsky district court of Grodno are several 10-s activists unrecognized by the authorities of the Union of Poles. The process will monitor employee Representation of Poland in Grodno Zof I» Schmidt.• Who should judge Angelica Boris, Igor Bantser, Nikolai Lemenovskii, 11.10.2007 • Polish Foreign Ministry protests against the detention of the SPB, 11.10.2007 • Angelica Boris planted, 11.10.2007 • Polish diplomats try to release detainees in Grodno, 10.10.2007

Sergei Semenov: One should read perfectly, and second — impressive act

Ulitenok: engaged in political and social life is often referred to activists. How do they differ from the ordinary?Semenov: I would not call them activists, and ordinary citizens. Citizen not only knows their rights and responsibilities, but also defends them. That, unfortunately, almost ordinary Belarusians do not.Ulitenok: Perhaps there is in principle: to intrigue public concerns of people living classical scheme — the main wage and family?Semenov: If the increase in utility prices, this also applies to family and wages. That’s necessary for them to explain what’s happening, as not enough people for an unlimited number of people with a

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Vitebsk: activist detained for patriotic sticker on car

Traffic policemen met Sergei Parsyukevich in the yard of his house on the street Chapaev and spent in the car illegal search. The activist said that the police found leaflets other printed materials on the "European march", which in the past several days Vitebsk was vserasprostraneno very many.Finding nothing, the traffic police have made the report for the label "unregistered standard", but a copy of the protocol for some reason have left. In addition, the detainee did not explain his rights and duties. Zastseragayuchysya against possible provocations, Sergei Parsyukevich demonstratively taped his mouth with tape, so that later in the

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Four arrested activists on hunger strike in Grodno

Most of all — seven days — given the head of the regional branch of the United civilian party Yury Istomin, who came out of the October 5 bullpen after five days of arrest. Both times the standard charge: "neprelichnaya abuse."Managing regional organization BSDG Viktor Sazonov, chairman of the city organization Joint civilian Dmitry Slutsky party activist unionism journalist Ivan Roman condemned every 5 days.They uttered that symbol will protest hunger strike in jail. Arrested believe their insulated to prevent participation in the "European march".

Hrodna activists delivered in narkodispansere

Victor was able to tell his own party members Vladimir Khilmanovich that it initially taken to the regional drug treatment clinic on vul.Shchorsa to check for the presence of alcohol. Whereupon He was taken to the Leninsky district police department. Sovereign Sazonov also said that he beheld in the clinic manager of the regional organization UCP Yury Istomin and his fellow party Dmitry Slutsky.• In Grodno also began detention of opposition activists, 9.10.2007

Detained in Gomel Regional Chairman Vasily Polyakov UCP

The police received complaints Tipo 2-ladies, one of whom works in the administration of the railway area that sovereign Polyakov at house number 46 on Kirov Street walked and cursed them in the address mate. Had it for about 14 hours.Home Vasily Polyakov vorachivalsya Court of railway area where too like for swearing at the traffic police officers were sentenced to seven days in jail for his deputy Vladimir Katsora UCP.• Gomel UCP activist Vladimir Katsora arrested for 7 days, 09.10.2007 • Pripiranie opposition activists marched to the European intensified, 09.10.2007

Mogilev tribunal upheld the claim of activists to protect the honor and the pros

Plaintiffs sought, that the police publicly apologized to pay two million rubles as compensation for non-pecuniary damage and announced a verdict before the staff of servants avtainspektsyi State.The reason for the court was the phrase uttered police during the trial on April 6 2007. Then they said that the activists threatened them with physical repossession. "If the government is replaced, police will hang on poles" — a phrase recorded in the court record.Court public activists said that such phrases are not could tell. Activists said they public people and know how to behave with the police. "This sentence could become

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