Katla Volcano in Iceland showed signs of an imminent eruption, which may be the largest in a century

In hundreds of meters beneath the surface of one of the largest glacier in Iceland — Katla — there are signs of imminent eruption, which may be the most powerful in the country over the last century.

BBC reports that the Katla volcano, the crater of which has a diameter of 10 km, can cause catastrophic flooding, as under the influence of high temperature melts ice covering it, and hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of water into the Atlantic Ocean stekut, washing away everything in its path.

"Seismic activity

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Stavropol will shake


30.01.12.V this year on the planet begins a period of seismic activity. The kingdom of Pluto will remind myself more often than usual. In 2012, the planet will begin the extreme value of volcanic and seismic activity, and this period will last until about 2015.

This statement was made Professor Elchin Khalilov (Azerbaijan) at a scientific conference. According to him, during periods of high solar activity, seismic and volcanic activity of the Earth reaches the maximum value. Previous sweep was in 2001, when worldwide wave of earthquakes of varying strength.

These cycles of solar activity are numbered — said

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Seismic activity in Washington silenced scientists

Strange thing. If you look at the seismic data, we can see that Washington is still shaking and shaking. Moreover, the activity of concussions and their number is steadily increasing. But — the data on seismic stations, immediately erased or edited, by understating shocks to a minimum. Posts in the official media, because it is not.

Source: ecocollaps.ru.

A direct correlation between solar activity and winter weather

Scientists have shown for the first time a direct link between the 11-year solar cycle and winter weather of the northern hemisphere.

They found that low solar activity leads to the cold winters in the UK, northern Europe and parts of America. High solar activity gives, respectively, the opposite result.

This study helps to explain the reason for the cold winters of the last few years: the sun was just beginning to leave the so-called solar minimum, when its activity is at its lowest point.

"Our study shows that

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Global cooling — the cause of the global crisis?

Scientists predict global cooling. So there will be instability in the world? Scientists have found a link between climate change and political-economic events

Climate change, in particular cooling are responsible for the wars, economic crises and epidemics. Such a seemingly paradoxical conclusion (and here the weather!) Came after years of research, scientists from the University of Hong Kong under the geographer David Zhang.

Paleoclimatology — experts on the history of climate change — could get unusual results after they are downloaded into a powerful analytical system statistics on changes in temperature, population, economic indicators in the period from

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Awakened volcano threatens Canary Islands

Canary Islands authorities warned the public about the activation of the volcano on the island of El Hierro. It was declared a second yellow, the danger level. All because of the volcanic activity in the past three months on the island there were 10 thousand aftershocks, according to Associated Press.

Scientists believe that the eruption of a volcano on the island of El Hierro could happen at any moment. Civil defense of the island have developed a plan of emergency evacuation in case of a sudden eruption. To avoid casualties among the locals, it is supposed to remove them from

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Turned into a ball of ice at Earth in 2020

Global warming no one is scary. But global cooling …

Astronomers predict: 10 years on the planet can start an ice age. But whether the case comes to the extremes?

Worrying signs

Solar activity seems to be decreasing. This may result in catastrophic changes on our planet. Such fears scare several research groups. Like, the sun came very late in the next 11 years, the cycle of its activity. In — 24th. Next — the 25th, which is expected in 2020, may be late for a year or two. Or does not start.

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Increase in seismic activity in the area of the volcano Katla

October 8. Part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which rises above the surface of the ocean, to the south-west of Iceland, has undergone a series of earthquakes in the past 48 hours. Earthquake coincided with a surge of seismic activity around the volcano Katla in the south of Iceland. The European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) records that at least eight undersea earthquake occurred about 850 km south-west of Iceland. The strongest earthquake, magnitude 5.7, was located at 892 km south-west of Iceland. Meanwhile, the Icelandic Meteorological Office noted that the earthquake happened under a glacier in southern Iceland Myrdalsjokull on Wednesday

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Volcano, Child of Krakatau has intensified in Indonesia

Authorities fear that could be affected by tourists.

October 4, the Indonesian government asked tourists and fishermen not to approach closer than two kilometers to smokers volcano known as "Child of Krakatoa."

The volcano in the Sunda Strait, located 130 kilometers west of Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, came after the terrible eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, which killed tens of thousands.

"Child of Krakatoa" is growing by leaps and bounds — up to five meters a year. At the moment, the height of the volcano is 400 meters and it is very popular with tourists.

But at the Center

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Spain is waiting for eruption


13.05.11.V Spanish Lorca May 11, there were two strongest earthquake in 50 years. Geophysicist, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Alexander Gorodnitsky told "Trud", why tectonic activity increased.

— DOES THE tremors in Lorca the March tectonic shift in the Pacific?

— No. Earthquake in Japan, even the power of 9 points could hardly lead to crowding-ku in Spain.

— What was the reason?

— Events in Lorca linked to the small collision Iberian and African tectonic plates (the plate is located on the Iberian Spain. — "Work"). The fact that the Strait of Gibraltar and to

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