Renewed seismic activity off the coast of Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake in the region, Hokkaido, Japan. In recent days, the seismic activity off the coast of Japan increases. While victims and destructions.

Outlook: Europe waiting winters

If the forecasts of solar activity are correct, then in the coming decades Europe expect snow and cold winters, not global warming. In an interview with the Financial Times, said of the British Meteorological Office Met Office Professor Brian Golding.

The latest research shows that solar activity affects the Earth's climate is much stronger than previously thought. "We now believe that about half of the differences in weather conditions between the different forms over the years is a change in the activity of the Sun" — said Golding.

The previous two winters that Europe remembers unusually frosty and snowy

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Found a newborn robot

January 27, 2012 16:53

Video uploaded to YouTube, which pulls the handle and legs Sucitu little robot, a few days looked more than half a million people. Someone with pleasure, and someone with horror. Very much like "Baby" on the living. Lies, if he threw some poor single mother. And good people picked up and now do not know what to do with the monster.

Where is it? Why? To scare people?

Enthusiasts managed to answer these questions. They even found a baby daddy. They found one, Chris Clark (Chris Clarke) — known in the UK designer

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Foreign Ministry accused USAID of trying to influence political processes in Russia

Agency U.S. internationalist Development (USAID) has tried to influence political processes in. On Wednesday, Sept. 19, said the official dealer of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich.

As explained by the representative of the Ministry, USAID was trying to influence the political process by rassredotachivaniya grants to various organizations that, namely, working in the elections at various levels.

USAID was created by the U.S. government in 1961. In RF this agency started working about 20 years ago. In the main activities USAID is focused on the development of democracy, the economy and the provision of humanitarian assistance. The other day,

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Recorded an intense flare on the Sun

Two powerful manifestations of solar activity occurred in the same area lights at intervals of a day. Both coronary mass ejection belong to classes that can cause magnetic storms on Earth. Second, the strongest indignation, registered February 14 at 23:50 U.S. Pacific Coast time, accompanied by an extremely rapid release of the hot plasma of the solar corona in the direction of the planet. The flux of protons, electrons and heavy elements reached Earth in minutes instead of the usual day or two.

Phenomena registered American scientific satellite — Solar Dynamics Observatory (GSO), said

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In Gomel Prosecutor's Office issued a warning contingency correspondent


As the site falls Bazhan, the document from the Prosecutor's Office stated that T.Bublikova engaged in journalistic work illegally because there is no employment or other relationship with the media.

The prosecutor's office of the Gomel region interested in journalistic activities Tatiana Bublikava based on the application Victor Lebyashkova. Mr. Lebyashkov, an agronomist who works on the farm "Urickogo", 30 June gave Tatiana Bublikvavay and "unknown young man" comment on the impact of heat on plant and harvest. Later agronomist learned, that it was in an interview on Polish satellite TV channel "Belsat".

In a statement, Mr

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Solar aktivnost1 to 5 September

Solar activity for the period 31 August to 4 September and flash in the sun class M.



Videos sent astronomer Alexzendr.

Solar activity for September 5


Interior noted an increase in militant activity in Dagestan

Main Department of Internal Affairs for the North Caucasus Federal District notes increase in militant activity in Dagestan, where last week left nine of the 10 crimes of a terrorist character, the ministry said.

"The operational situation in the region was characterized by increased activity of illegal armed groups on the territory of the Republic of Dagestan, where nine of the 10 recorded terrorist activity in the district," — said in the text.

According to authorities, the armed extremist attacks were the personal nature of terror against members of the security agencies, small and medium-sized businesses, with the use of

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The sun starts to run amok

Spanish scientists, astronomers have found that the sun is entering a phase of particularly strong activity — storm on the surface of the star are much more frequent and stronger. Researchers have a good look at this phenomenon. According to them, just another flash in the sun equal to the explosion of thousands and thousands of nuclear bombs. Scientists say that these outbreaks can cause interruptions in communication and power outages. Unfortunately, astronomers have not been reported as such solar activity affects our health.

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Educational games

Smart parents and educators have realized that for a child's intellectual development, with all its undoubted importance, yet not as important as the development of creative business. That it teaches to take the unusual decision to seek ways out of difficult situations. But one can whether to develop creativity?

It turns out one can! The main thing — do not put the child in a rigid framework does not give too much advice and guidance, and only open to the possibility of it, to show how one can act with familiar objects not the usual way.

Young children —

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