Self-concept — The value, significance, which shall provide itself man as a whole, and certain aspects of his personality, activity, behavior. The basis of self-assessment of the value system of the individual.

Regulatory and self-esteem serves a protective function by influencing the behavior development personality and its relationship with other people. Reflecting the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with himself, self-concept provides the basis for the perception of their own success or failure, to the level of claims. Self-esteem can be a different level of awareness.

Self-esteem is characterized by the following parameters:

— By level: high,

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The sun does not affect the Earths climate




American Studies scholars have called into question the influence of the Sun on the Earth's climate. Previously it was thought that the well-known 11-year cycle of solar activity and still discussed in special circles long activity cycles can actively influence the Earth's climate.

However, the improved climate

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Belarusian diplomats prevents domestic economic model

Society Studying the heads of diplomatic missions of Belarus, who are working outside the country, was completed today in Minsk. The results of nearly two-week sessions led by Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov.

He sent diplomats to the active solution of national problems and stressed that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not in words but in deeds should be the foremost agency for external borders of the country." Minister Martynov summed up the problem that now seem most relevant. As before, the main one — the promotion of Belarusian products to foreign markets. There is even a special strategy

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Russia: on Jupiter is life?




According to scientists, life can not only be on Mars, but also on other objects in the solar system. Biogenic activity may exist, for example, on Jupiter — Europe, Russian experts.

"To fly to the farthest planet is of great scientific interest. From the point of view

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Heat on the eve of the global chill

The top of the summer. Temperature hits record. However, scientists claim — it is not a sign of the coming global warming, but a symptom of global cooling. Actual solar activity is declining. And the forecast for the next 20 years could be repeated Maunder minimum, which is also called the Small Ice Age. It has already happened in the XVII century. 70 years at the Sun was almost no sunspots. Thames in London and the Seine in Paris covered with ice: the temperature in the capitals of Europe dropped to minus 30. "Changing the number of black spots

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Solar activity in 2012 may lead to man-made disasters

At the end of 2012 we can expect technological problems due to increased solar activity: evidence from Canada in recent years after solar flares, suggests that at this time is out of order several transformers, said on Wednesday the head of the Space Research Institute (IKI RAS) Leo Green. "In 2012, the technological problems can and should expect — solar activity increases. Statistics we know. In Canada, for example, during similar solar flares really broke down a few transformers. Though I do not expect that 2012 will be a how-to RF is extreme, to conduct monitoring, "- said Green. According

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The magnetic anomaly is not re-identified




In the Kaluga region near d.Bardenevo finished 9th expedition undertaken by a group of "Obninsk-Kosmopoisk" (ruk.ekspeditsii — O.Masalatkin, ruk.gruppy — P.Usik). The objectives of the expedition: combing and localization of magnetic AZ, discovered in the course of the seventh expedition, observation of the night sky; poll about

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Japanese neuroscientists have learned to pry the dream

October 22, 2012 18:48

Japanese neuroscientists have learned to anticipate the visual content of dreams on the basis of functional imaging. Results of their work, scientists reported on neurobiological conference in New Orleans, its summary results NatureNews.

Experiments were carried out in blocks of three hours for a few weeks. Volunteers were placed in a scanner, where they were to sleep. Once in the brain, the experiment participants are beginning to have characteristic electrical activity of the onset of sleep, they woke and asked about the content of the dream. Within an hour, spends six to seven cycles of sleep

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Volcanic eruptions

August 17, 2012 12:57

According to scientists, it is volcanic activity in the past affected the climate change and completely transform our planet.

Now there are more than 60 active volcanoes, but the most dangerous — sleeping supervolcanoes — such as Yellowstone. Awakening and such a giant explosion will lead to the most disastrous consequences.

Predictor of Edgar Cayce said that in the first 20 years of the XXI century will scale geological cataclysm, causing "volcano explodes, the sun will be darkened, the ashes will dazzle your eyes." Marie Duval — a famous French astrologer and fortune teller — claims

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Astronomers have discovered a strange activity on Pluto

Professionals from the American space agency by space telescope "Hubble" was able to capture on the surface of Pluto strange activity.

According to scientists, the planet is the recent change in color.

As it turned out, the space object began to rapidly turn red, and it was brighter than the northern hemisphere. By assumption, astrophysicists, the reason for this is in the interaction of ultraviolet radiation from the sun with a methane surface of Pluto. That is why the red precipitate is formed.

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