Scientist found on Mars tectonic plates

California specialist compared satellite images of the Earth and Mars, and came to the conclusion that the giant canyons formed on them in a very similar process.

After almost forty years of research, scientists have finally proved that on Mars there are tectonic plates, and they did it without the help of the hero of the last month, the rover Curiosity.

Recently published in the journal Lithosophere An article scientist John (An Yin) from the University of California (UCLA) reveals the mystery of Valles Marineris, declaring that the system of canyons on Mars is the result of tectonic processes

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Ability and talent

Before we talk about talent, you need to understand how it differs from abilities.

So, defined as the ability of the individual psychological characteristics that determine the success of the activity, but which can not be reduced to knowledge, skills and experience. The ability to quickly and easily learn new methods and techniques work.

In other words, the capacity — is what distinguishes one from the other people. Secondly, the powers referred to only those properties that are relevant to the success of a what-or activity. For example, short temper, lethargy, sluggishness abilities will not be considered.

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Ethnic peace-pledge of national security of the Russian Federation

At least some one who looks roundups at least once a month, realizes what a time we live, and what is behind the events in Libya, Syria, etc. Weakening the West to maintain its own influence in the world destroys the base security in the Eurasian space, they began with its western part. Their task — the creation of self-replicating chaos, creeping, can "infect" the adjoining countries and regions, and thus damage the entire Eurasian body. One of the objectives of the process, is to destabilize the post-Soviet space, which is not only not allowed to return at least part

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Sun stop life on Earth

Anxiety fears of a global catastrophe in 2012 revived. Because of abnormal solar activity may fail all the electronic systems on the planet, and it completely paralyzes life of civilization, say astronomers.

Specialists estimate that peak plasma perturbations on our star can come to the opening of the Olympic Games, which in two years to be held in London. A strong emission of the solar wind will damage satellites, disrupt the electrical and computer networks. The most pessimistic prediction is that the world can not see the TV version of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2012, hit

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Scientists point increase in volcanic activity over the past 50 years

The frequency of volcanic eruptions on Earth over the past half century has increased significantly, the planet entered a period of increased seismic and volcanic activity, says chief researcher at the Institute of Earth Physics named Schmidt volcanologist Arthur Saltykov.

"… Statistics indicate that in recent years, starting with the middle of the last century and the beginning of century, volcanic activity has increased significantly," — said the scientist during an online conference hosted by the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

According to him, the increase in the number of eruptions can be "linked to the overall activity of

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Spain is waiting for eruption

In the Spanish Lorca May 11, there were two strongest earthquake in 50 years. Geophysicist, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Alexander Gorodnitsky told "Trud", why tectonic activity increased.

— DOES THE tremors in Lorca the March tectonic shift in the Pacific?

— No. Earthquake in Japan, even the power of 9 points could hardly lead to crowding-KWD Spain.

— What was the reason?

— Events in Lorca linked to the small collision Iberian and African tectonic plates(On the Iberian plate is Spain. — "Work").The fact that the Strait of Gibraltar and to the Azores (Portugal) is the

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The Ministry of Justice has warned the Party of the BPF

Society Belarusian Ministry of Justice issued a warning to the BPF and recognized her extraordinary congress illegitimate. This is the agency "Interfax-West".

"The Ministry of Justice has recognized the extraordinary illegitimate XIII Congress of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front of May 29, 2010, and its solutions — incompetent" — the ministry said.

There were informed that the Ministry of Justice "received a complaint of a member of the Audit Commission BPF with information about a number of violations of the statutes and regulations which have been approved by the governing body (the Seimas) BPF during the preparation of

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The intensity of cosmic rays

September 11, 2012 13:52

Scientists from NASA have established that the intensity of cosmic rays — streams of charged particles entering the solar system from the outside — reached a record high in the past 50 years, the. Researchers base their findings on data collected by the device ACE, which is now moving in an orbit around the Lissajous Lagrangian point L1 of the Earth-Sun, located between them. According to the researchers, the intensity of the cosmic rays in 2009 by at least 19 percent above the average. Scientists believe that such a high rate due to the low solar

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Magnetic storms and health


Of all the impacts from space to Earth is the most powerful rhythmic changing solar radiation. On our luminary are continuously processes that occur in bursts, which changes the overall impact of solar activity and solar radiation on the earth's atmosphere.

How solar activity affects the health and well — read our article.

Solar flares — a powerful explosion near a large group of sunspots. High energy bursts about 10 million times the energy of a solid volcano eruption. Thus ejected solar material, consisting of charged particles called a plasma scientists. Moving at supersonic

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In the Amur region growing record seismic activity

Everytime increasing seismic activity record in the Amur region. For several weeks, the power fluctuations to two points occur with alarming regularity locals. However, according to the scientists, this is hardly the only echoes of the Japanese earthquake. We are talking about several factors.

All new cracks in the ceiling village school staff MOE record almost every day. The consequences of earthquakes, which in Ust-Nyukzha have become accustomed. Tremors in the 1-2 points occur regularly. But lately, the magnitude is increasing. Seismologists record five on the Richter scale. Suffer the most school — the only high-rise building in

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