Secrets of the Sun

November 4, 2012 5:06

Recently, the Sun was at the center of attention of the general public. Which only sin not blame our star, his behavior is deeply wrong, and does not fall under any of the existing scientific theories, namely the Sun, not the people — the true culprit of global warming, the global financial crisis and other disasters, falling on humanity, in 2012 , in full accordance with the Mayan Calendar, the Sun will grandiose flash, and come the end of the world …

For answers to these burning questions, we asked the director of the Institute

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Decipher your dreams

April 9, 2012 19:03

Science fiction is full of devices that can look inside the brain and read our thoughts.

Dreams — is confusing stories that are hard to beat on successive images or concepts. Moreover, for each of the human brain, a set of images will be his, because you can not find two identical brain, whose work will be organized the same way. That's why scientists are recognized: a machine that can decode our dreams, and which was a long dream of writers and filmmakers to create easy. However, the case does not stand still. Science is

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Upon daybreak! End of Darkness for Light

I learned firsthand the truth about the world of science. After school, went to study in physics in the first university of the country, knowing very well that astronomy. Spent 5.5 years trying to understand what all that is necessary, that gave me the current higher education, I knew in high school. An example of educational researchers: you may have heard that lost satellite signal "University — Tatiana" and was played in the press release that he could bring down the Americans experienced the beam weapons (energy cannon, plasma is possible). My big boss did that satellite

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About solar activity in July and August

According to the Center of the forecast space weather (IZMIRAN) most of July, solar activity was very low. Only at the end of the month, there are three rather large and active group of sunspots that generated flash average power. July 30 was recorded large X-ray flare.

Geomagnetic activity in the past month has changed, mostly from calm to slightly perturbed. 1.5 and 7 July were reported disturbed periods, and on July 30 — short small magnetic storm.

In August, is expected to mainly low solar activity. Possible period of moderate and even high activity. Geomagnetic situation in August will

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Interview Prof. EN Khalilov international news WOSCO September 14, 2010

The report of the International Committee Geochange first published shocking information about the "global energy jump" on the planet

With great concern to the UN Secretary General and Head of State asked more than 300 prominent scientists from more than 85 countries at the International Communication «Geochange». To circulation is a report of the International Committee on Global Change geological environment «Geochange», in which the results of scientific research pointing to the "abrupt" change of energy in all sectors of the world since the late 90s. We asked to comment on the details of the speaker, a famous scientist —

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Antarctica is classified as strictly confidential

This southern continent, covered kilometer layer of ice was not always so. But this is not to say. Especially, talk about the mysteries of Antarctica. They ask us to hide.

In Antarctica, there is a time portal

A team of researchers from the U.S. and the UK stumbled in Antarctica affects the mind opening. While working on a joint research project in the area of weather, the team has seen the emergence of rotating vortex of time.

Physicist at the U.S. Marianne McLean allegedly testified that she and her colleagues saw "spinning gray fog" in the sky above their

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Brain understands metaphors literally

February 6, 2012 16:58

To deal with the metaphorical expression, our brains seek additional information directly to those feelings, on which the metaphor.

Brain activity when reading Braille by touch (photo Wellcome Dept. Of Cognitive Neurology). As we understand metaphorical statements? When we hear someone say that he was a "bad day", we know that the adjective "heavy" is used in a figurative sense, "bad day" does not necessarily mean that the speaker all day lugging gravity. (In this example, we are dealing with an epithet, but resort to the term "metaphor", summing up the trail as such.) However,

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Bats are affected by the lunar phobia, researchers found

Active bats falls in bright moonlight, the article says Mexican scientists, published in the journal Mammalian Biology.

A team of scientists led by Romeo Vasquez-Saldana (Romeo A. Saldana-Vazquez) independent from the Mexican Institute of Ecology INECOL the study analyzed data from 26 species of bats that live in different parts of the world, and compared them with the phases of the moon.

"We tried to find out how these mammals afraid of moonlight. Our results show, the higher the intensity of moonlight, the lower the activity of mice" — the article says.

The scientists concluded that the most afraid of

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UFO activity — November 2012

December 2, 2012 23:52

December 1, 2012. Reports of UFO activity continued at a media worldwide. Here's some footage that recorded in the previous month.

The link between disasters MiG-31 and Yak-42

The MiG-31 crashed on September 6 near Perm in 6.41. MSK. The Yak-42 crashed near Yaroslavl on September 7 at 16.05. MSK. The fall of both aircraft were very similar — took off, tilted to the left wing, have fallen. It is unknown what conclusions come specialists who investigate these catastrophes, but from the perspective of an ordinary observer, in both cases were sudden and very severe problems with the handling of aircraft.

Where she could take this lack of control? After all, both aircraft were flying in front of quite serviceable. I think no need to convince anyone that

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