September 22, 2012 — Solar Storm and Stone Age on Earth!

September 22 — One of the dates that precedes the end of the world December 21, 2012. This day will be a powerful outburst of solar energy, which will plunge the Earth into darkness in the literal sense of the word. Will break down all electrical and electronic devices. I wonder how humanity will be after so many years of living in an environment in which there are still some African tribes?

The sun begins its next cycle of activity 24, it is reported special spots that appeared on the

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The prognosis is poor: Space weather worsens

The flow of high-energy particles that penetrate the outer layers of Earth's atmosphere in the next decade will increase. Gloomy forecast says that astronauts in orbit, and the passengers in airliners, will receive higher doses of radiation, but a manned mission to Mars may be completely forgotten until 2050 By space weather usually means state of the medium in the upper layers of Earth's atmosphere and near-Earth objects. This primarily concerns the flow of energetic particles — cosmic radiation coming from outer space, solar cosmic rays, etc. The sun plays a very important role, and it is important not only

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Found genetic causes of bird migration

Scientists have found some of the molecular mechanisms that cause the birds to travel from place to place at night. Research article appeared in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, a short writing on New Scientist. The scientists worked with 14 European populations blackcap Sylvia atricapilla, who spend the summer in northern Europe, and in the winter move to the southern part or in North Africa. Usually these birds are active during the day, but during migration they make flights at night.

Authors took blood samples from birds, DNA isolated and tested the activity of certain genes related

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Problems at the top: Seal

The outer layers of Earth's atmosphere, where the satellites are flying and have, in fact, begins space, experiencing something out of the ordinary. They were compressed and compacted, and then suddenly some unknown reason started to expand again.

According to new data, the outer layers of our atmosphere lose density from year to year, and this process will continue in the coming decades, changing working conditions orbiters. Perhaps this phenomenon — a consequence of the accumulation of greenhouse gases

Engaged in studies of the upper atmosphere, John Emmert (John Emmert) observes: "We have seen very strong compression

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The aliens start terror in the Urals?


Yekaterinburg ufologists believe that in 2008 the Ural swamped with unidentified flying objects.

— Abnormal activity increases around the world, — the coordinator of the group of Sverdlovsk UFO Alex COMPANIES. — A Ural — one of the most anomalous zones, so there is increased activity manifested particularly clearly.

The last large-scale wave of UFO was recorded in the Urals in 1988-1992 years. According to experts, ufologists, these phenomena are usually accompanied by negative changes in the consciousness of the masses of people, reports RIA "New Region". With regard to the Chelyabinsk this

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In the Chelyabinsk region is expected invasion of UFOs


Chelyabinsk, May 29 (New Region, Anna Vanin) — In Yekaterinburg, Urals began the first open conference on anomalous phenomena. During the event, the Urals and Russian ufology discuss the probability of a new wave of UFO sightings. The last increase in the activity of these objects were observed in the late 90s of the last century.

As the correspondent of "New Region" station officer of the Ural anomalistiki "Uranus" Dmitry Volobuev in the years to ufology predict increased activity in Russia unidentified flying objects. The peak of this activity, according to some, will

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Sun wakes up watch online

The documentary film, which tells about the latest configurations Solar Activity, the impact of the sun on the person. We consider the version of the likely development of the disasters in 2012-2013 and their consequences. Presented by world-descendant Mayan doomsday prophecy about his Protz also studied cycles Solar Activity.

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Movie turns people into zombies


American neuroscientists have come to the conclusion that the movie can brainwash viewers. The content of the film and the director's individual style can "take control" brain activity viewers, forcing them to follow the events on screen, reports Upmonitor.

"Some movies may lead many viewers through a series of similar emotional states. This retention of consciousness leads to the similarity in brain activity — and a high degree of correlation — the majority of viewers. Contrast, other films — intentionally or unintentionally — much less control the audience reaction. This If, as

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In Iceland, parted the gates of hell — the volcano Hekla

According, Iceland recorded increased activity of the volcano Hekla (Hekla), known in medieval times as "the gates of hell." It is reported by Agence France-Presse, with reference to the Icelandic geophysicists. Measuring instruments indicate the likely movement of magma in the depths of the volcano.

Hekla volcano, located in the southern part of Iceland, shows unusual activity in three days. Scientists from the University of Iceland said that he is ready to wake up, even though the eruption is not necessarily begin in the coming days.

Scientists note that Hekla different short phase between the onset of the eruption,

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Tungurahua volcano again increased activity

Tungurahua volcano, located in the mountains of Ecuador, is once again increased its activity after a series of explosions in the bowels of the mountain for the last two days decreased slightly, according to the experts of the Geophysical Institute (IG) of the National Polytechnic School.

Another surge of the Colossus, which is located 135 km south of Quito, was recorded on Sunday, which is why local authorities announced the introduction of a number of settlements in the immediate vicinity of the volcano, the 2nd level of vigilance (orange). On Wednesday and Thursday, the volcano Tungurahua has toned down his

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