Found the location coordinates of the soul

May 24, 2012 8:38

Moscow recently hosted an international symposium on neuroimaging — a technique which allows to "see" the brain. Scientists have talked about the fact that this technique makes it possible not only to guess the thoughts and "reconstruct" dreams, but finally understand how learning takes place and memory. And also find out how people make decisions.

From the middle of the last century as psychology and neuroscience have made many breakthroughs in the study of the nervous system of living beings in general and humanity in particular. However, paradoxically, the gap between these two disciplines, formed in

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Transneft equips pipeline leak detection system and control activity

In December 2012 five-thousand mark overcome equipping of main oil pipelines of JSC "AK" Transneft "leak detection system and control activity (SOUiKA)" Omega ".

According to the General Director of "Omega" Dmitry Pleshkova, the 2012 universal control-measuring complex were equipped with facilities such as a 484-kilometer main pipeline "Malgobek — Tihoretsk" plot "44 km — PNB" Tikhoretskaya "length of 483.6 km as well as areas "Samara — Rooks" and "Borodaevka — Ternivka" MH "Kuibyshev-Tihoretsk" (297 km).

"A special honor for us — the fitting of a number of important facilities for the second stage of the

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Sun lost its rhythm


Scientists Solntserazocharovalo its weak activity in the past year. As a staff member told reporters the Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS Sergey Bogachev, in the current solar cycle activity light will approach the so-called "minimum Dalton."

"Solar activity is traditionally measured by number of Wolf, which depends on the number of sunspots on the solar disk and the number of groups. This parameter is fixed to the 1750s. In the middle of the XIX century it was found that it varies with a period of 11 years, and since the start of observations

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Emissions in Kamchatka volcano ash could interfere aviation

Kamchatka volcano Kizimen eruption which lasts for a year, may next week start throwing ash to a height of more than 10 kilometers, creating, thus, the risk to air travel, the press service of Kronotsky reserve.

"The latest satellite data of Volcanic Eruption Response indicate that the outpouring of lava flow on the north-eastern slope of the volcano continues. Forecasts for next week, plumes above 10 feet above sea level is possible. Ash plume can be hazardous to flight international and local airlines "- written specialists Kamchatka reserve.

To clarify forecast volcanic activity to Kizimenu recently went complex scientific

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«Trump» of the Earth

Starting in 2011, the whole world was shocked unusual incident — everywhere heard a strange hum of unknown origin. Scientists are at a loss, because none of the codex have not seen even a mention, let alone a detailed description of this phenomenon, or at least similar in some parameters. Official science "disarmed", it does not have any information about the origins, causes and nature of the drone lands of the consequences. There is no option, as these alleged consequences avoided. The answer is no, but still, there are some assumptions …

The researchers found that the Earth, as

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