Warning of activity Sukuradzimy

Warning of activity Sukuradzimy Danger Zone

Local meteorological observatory of Kagoshima city warns of possible pyroclastic flows and ash emissions from the volcano Sakurajima. One of the most active volcanoes in Japan renews its activities izvergshis 142 times in one day January 22, 2012, setting a new record. In September 2011, there have been 141 eruptions, the data for the year — 996 cases of eruption.

Pyroclastic flow is a mixture of fast-moving superheated gas temperature of about 1000 ° C, and rock fragments called tephra, moving at speeds up to 700 km / h down the slopes of the

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Scientists sensational statement — Iceland volcano calms down 60 years

The volcano calms down for a long time

The volcanic activity in Iceland is activated at intervals of about 50-80 years. And now is the new cycle.

Flights over the North Atlantic and the surrounding areas may be virtually ceased in the coming years, experts predict. And the explosions of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland and the ash cloud — to become a familiar sight. The volcano woke up quietly over the last ten years. And remind yourself of the tremors. The last earthquake that triggered Eyjafjallajökull occurred at the end of May 2008. The epicenter of the earthquake

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Volcanoes of Alaska staged an explosive duo

June 28, 2013. As Pavlov volcano and Benjamin Volcano, located in Alaska, began to show signs of seismic activity a few weeks ago. All this time, both the volcano built up its internal capacity, and volcanologists are now watching their state the gain of eruptive activity.

Both of the craters of volcanoes in small portions began to flow to the surface of the lava, ash clouds have become more intense. In the Alaska Volcano Observatory Peninsula believe that like a volcano of Pavlov and his neighbor, Benjamin volcano will continue to haunt the few residents of the northern state

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In Alaska volcano erupts Pavlova

May 17, 2013. Pavlov volcano on the Alaska Peninsula, awakened this week, stepping up activity. According to the Center for Monitoring volcanoes in Alaska, seismic activity remains elevated, earthquakes occur continuously.

The volcano continues to erupt, the lava — gush. Vulcan produces a cloud of ash, steam and gas extending from 50 to 100 kilometers. It is situated at an altitude of about 20,000 feet (6.1 thousand meters) above sea level. The morning of May 16 the clouds spread in the south-east. Satellite images show a constant, elevated temperature, the surface of the volcano. Flow down the slopes of the

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Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano no longer erupting

June 28, 2013. On the volcano Popocatepetl significantly increased seismic activity. According to data received from the satellite, it is clear that carbon dioxide emissions from the crater of the volcano continues to be at a high enough level.

In addition, in the depths of Popocatepetl constantly originate mini-earthquake. Magnitude last push with the epicenter at 2 km south-east of the main crater, up 3.6 points. Following him for three hours several more weak shocks.

From the active crater do not stop steam and volcanic gas. Approximately every two hours there are new ash emissions, raising the eruptive

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In Indonesia, the volcano awoke 25

In Indonesia, the volcano awoke 25 Danger Zone

Twenty-five volcanoes in Indonesia have received the status of anxiety or expectations. Located near the provincial capital of Padang Marapi mountain (2891 m, and Agam district Tanadatar) and Thalang (2597 m Solok district) in West Sumatra retain the status of the alarm. Mount Papandayan in the west of. Java, Mount Lokon Karangetan and in northern Sulawesi, Iyen in eastern Java, Gamalama in northern Maluku, Krakatoa Bantene and Lampung and the mountain in the Eastern Levotolo Lesser Sunda Islands, any day wake up. Projected earthquake of five points with the eruption of magma.

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Volcanic activity again led to the cancellation of flights to Mexico

July 5, 2013. Nearly 50 flights of U.S. airlines were canceled on Thursday at the initiative of the airlines at airports and Toluca Mexico because of the activity of the volcano Popocatepetl, According to local media.

The reason for cancellation of flights was ash ejected from the crater of the volcano, which supposedly flew to the air terminals. At the same time, the Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City, said through his microblog in Twitter, that the ashes of the airport there.

Some of the companies have entered the cancellation American Airlines, Alaska, Air Delta, United and others.

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Ecuadorian volcanoes do not sleep

Ecuadorian volcanoes do not sleep Danger Zone

Volcanoes Reventodor, Sangay and Tungurahua again showing seismic activity. The same data is received on volcanoes Galeras and Fuego, in the neighborhood. In northern Chile for the company wake Laskar and Cordon-Puyeue.


January 6-7, above the crater of the volcano has been a steady 300-meter gas emissions and steam, which drift in the west-north-west. This is a clear sign that the lava almost reached the top Reventadora and continues to climb. The mountain range of the Cordillera Real, which is the volcano, can be called the most seismically active area in Ecuador.

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The next burst of activity on the Sun

The next burst of activity on the Sun's interesting

On the dark side of the sun satellite STEREO-Behind (NASA) was recorded powerful flash. Despite the fact that the blast wave shut down the solar disk, it can be seen from Earth with the help of special equipment. It is established that the explosion occurred near the eastern limb of a two-day rotation of the visible part of the Sun. At the moment, the spot number 1393 is located in the western part of the limb, and it is not visible from Earth. But as the rotation of our planet, it

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Anomalies Medvedetskoy Ridge



In the summer of 2007 members of the Study Group on the Volga and the paranormal group "Volga-Kosmopoisk" under the direction of Valery Borisovich Eniology Moskalyova several times went to the anomalous zone in the north of the Volgograd region, known as the Medveditskaya ridge.

According to eyewitnesses, marked by increased activity of the UFO over the territory of the zone. Every night marked bays luminous objects in the form of stars, binary stars and occasionally triangular stars high in

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