Jokes aside

Screenwriter — Alexander Maryam director — Vitaly Makarov operators — Yuri Malinovsky, Zhurbitskaya artist SERGEY — Sergey BOCHAROV composer — Alexander Zhurbin Lyrics — VLADIMIR Slask soundman — Nicholas Shary

Roles performed:

Dima Manohin — Gregory Popovich

Elena Ermakova — Olga Kabo

Valery — MICHAEL Svetin clown eccentric — Alexander Frisch

The film stars Yasulovich I., V. Nikolaenko V. Bukin, AN Rychagova V. spout Voytyuk A., N. Samsonov A. SKORYAKIN, A. Karapetyan N. Parfenov. 3. Cornflower, Kuznetsov, Yu Sarantsev, Vladimir Petrov. T. Nikolaishvili, Vitaly Skopenkov, DIMA OAKS, Serge rewq, Max Sidorov clowns: Sergey Elizarov, YAROSLAV PIGEL Valery Matorina acrobatic group

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SOLDIER out of turn

If you act in the interest of families and consider it a corporation, will save the world more effectively — believes Matt Damon, which met before the premiere sci-fi action-thriller «Elysium»

Text Alexander Kondukov

In Hollywood actor Matt Damon’s a great school. It is not a Harvard diploma or elegance with which he holds a cup of «Starbucks» in the press-marathon in a London hotel. There is reasonable to recall the powerful teachers’ Matt, who, as a man of iron quenching, trusting only his own experience, he collects. «Since I can handle any major DIRECTOR — says Damon, who sits

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Some people persist in doing extremely unsuitable for their business. Actor

Clint Eastwood, raising his left eyebrow, expresses a fierce threat and outright craving for violence, while also an actor Tom Hanks with a gun behalf of Hunter S. Thompson, a knife, a gun and unshaven bully nicknamed «Bubba» behind the family generates a light smile.

Meanwhile, Clint vengeance plays a good cop with a transplanted heart, and Tom at the same time lived on the roles cold-blooded killers from Chicago 30’s …

When a major Canadian visits originators and publisher of strategy games of the fantasy genre in 2002 by Brian Christmas undertakes historicized nonstoichiometric project with a bias

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Hemingway House.

Jude Law, someone is looking for. «Paolina ??? Paolina ?? !!! Paolini !!!! «His plaintive cries grow into a furious roar, when the actor is trying to drown in buckets lashing rain. Lowe yelled so loudly that his bizarre cries echoed from the nearby forests and valleys. We are on the set, which was once the estate of the designer Laura Ashley in the vicinity of Saint-Tropez, the French paradise for millionaires. It is a glamorous resort, but Lowe did not glamorous. He did not look like a hero-lover, whom we used to see in movies.

In 2005, Richard

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Barrels big and small

Acoustic Beauty Jake Bugg and mud Icelandic folk Of Monsters And Men Bushmills Live festival in Northern Ireland lyrics Boris Dal

Every year in Northern Ireland, about an hour’s drive from Belfast Bushmills distillery holds an annual music festival which gathers close but the spirit of the artists playing «needlework music.» Selection of the idea of ​​responsible actors in the past year in the local noble barn, converted into a concert hall, sweeping the show rolled band Snow Patrol. This year’s headliner was no less attractive: Icelandic folk-rock band Of Monsters And Men, whose logo is a month after

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She grew up in the city, but when ever pick cotton, worked skillfully and dexterously. Assistant director with «Turkmen-film», sought after performers. for a new tape, estimated, apparently, is the fact … And then a law student at the University of Turkmen Gorky Orazova offer combiner role in the film directed by «I have come for all.»

We can not say that until that memorable working semester she had no dreams of becoming an actress. At school she is well read verses from the stage, danced, played in amateur play Cinderella. However, I went to law school

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Leonid Rakhlenko actor was the undisputed authority

Rakhlenko said Leonid Bykov truth wordsNewcomer for Belarusian scene of the 1970s aesthetics play "Last Chance" by Vasil Bykov at the Theatre of Yanka Kupala shocked the public and official criticism irritation. And first that journalistic style play with brehtavym welcome "alienation" has permitted the actors not only to reveal images of their own heroes, and to express their personal affairs to events and characters in the play. Director Valery Raevskii states that suddenly showed in the play his position and one of the oldest actors troupe Leonid Rakhlenko:"He did the role of the German lieutenant Mayer so to speak,

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Minsk police: What to ask for forgiveness? All within the law

In Minsk police officials Comment out acts that evening on August 22 suspended play "Free Theatre", which took place in a private home in Syalgaspaselku. Recall: more than 50 actors and spectators, including five foreign people were taken to determine the personalities in Russian police department. And just let them go NIGHT MODE. Alexander Lastouski press service of Minsk police said"How was received a call from a neighbor about the noise, the police must act. But everything was done according to the law. And if someone believes that his rights have been violated, in other words, the prosecutor’s office, which

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From the police began releasing the audience Free Theatre

"All detainees are taken initially explanations later released. Started with those who have passports and minors. To all the actors had not yet reached," — said the director of "Free Theatre" Nikolay Khalezin. Recall about 50 actors and spectators, including 5 foreigners were detained personal house in Minsk during a performance-independent "Free Theatre". It came about 9 o’clock in the evening. To This time people are kept indoors Russian police department. People complain about the heat and lack of water.

Policemen detained rewrite actors and spectators Free Theatre

This was said Radio Liberty theater director Nikolai Khalezin. "Rewrite each in turn. Actors and spectators, even juvenile children. Claims have not yet put forward, apparently, have not yet been invented. Treat us properly. Hopefully released till night."At these words Nikolai Khalezin ended the conversation. After over 15 minutes later his phone is not answered. Recall, only Russian police department of Minsk delivered about 50 actors and spectators "Free Theatre" who participated in the formulation and watching the play "Eleven shirts" on the play by Edward Bond. The performance took place in a private house in which police raided and

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