Drug addicts cure

Portrait Belarusian addict: 20 years, unemployed, secondary education, no family. The average dose of the drug costs 25-30 bucks. Due to lack of funds strong addicts at some point to become a criminal path. At this point in the colonies over 1300 addicts.These data shared Chief Narcologist Belarus Vladimir Maximchuk and special affairs in healing from addiction Oleg Iceberg. They also told about the new product in the treatment of drug addicts — through methadone. This experience is about to begin in Gomel. Iceman: "Method assistance that customers give methadone solution for domestic consumption, which reduces their need to introduce

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Gomel drug will cure methadone

Methadone — a drug which can be used directly, without injections. Under the supervision of doctors allow him to use those instead of hard drugs addicts who was ill and AIDS through the use of shared needles can infect healthy people.The method of substitution therapy metadonavay widely used in Europe, not counting of, said Vladimir Maximchuk.According to the psychiatrist cerebral countries to finance the project, which initially shrink on 50 HIV-infected drug users from Gomel, will international organizations.According to official figures, 6,500 people in Belarus are being treated for drug addiction, even more believe 3000 persons who use drugs.In drug

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Over 10 years of drug addicts has increased 3 times

Head of Department for Supervision of consequence in the bodies Interior said: "This is the official number, the actual number of drug addicts in Belarus — 70-80 thousand.""Belarus is dominated by consumers and distributors of plant-based drugs, but soon among youth akreslilasya tendency to use synthetic drugs "- told reporters the head of combating drug trafficking and human trafficking MIA Alexander Gavrilov."For recent years cases of the organization on the ground republic clandestine laboratories producing synthetic drugs "- added A.Gavrilov. In 2007 in Belarus was found 8 of these laboratories, Interfax reported.

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Pavlik junkie watch online

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Sure, you've heard the phrase, which has already become a cruise: "It's great bratish". Maybe you just do not know where she is? Then you certainly need to look at new comic series from the studio Comedy Club Samara Style and Comedy Club Saint-Petersburg! Most likely, nothing more ridiculous and full of life you are today is not beheld!

The protagonist — Pavlik addict and his close comrades, who now and then fall into a variety of funny situations. Their lives pounding key can be from time to time and in the head,

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Reflections of a young retiree (about drugs and not only)

Reading the comments and articles website, found that there are still people (and many) who actually perceive what is happening in the country. From myself I would like to add some aspects of their own sense of the situation.

Let write and slightly confused, but maybe'll carry your thoughts to someone who agrees. Or do not agree, and constructively explain to me that I'm wrong. For sure, quite often I will jump from topic to drugs "not only", so please do not judge strictly.

I do not remember when the first time I heard the word "drugs", "addict"… After the

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