East atmospheric process increasing again

From Siberia to the next wave of distributed ETP continental cold. This promotes the formation of the Republic of Komi new core Asian anticyclone. In addition, from the North-Western Kazakhstan to the Middle Volga area extends high cyclone. In addition to cloud cover, snow and strong winds it is tropospheric cold. The combination of these factors leads to increased business frost. But until the ETP fundamentally nothing has changed. On Wednesday, in the middle lane will remain clear, calm and cold weather. Prevailing daytime temperatures in the Volga region -14 … -19, Central Russia — 11 … -16, in the

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Summer residents are poisoned dirty water



24.06.11.Problema quality drinking water recently escalated. And face it is possible not only in the city but in the country, where, at first glance, favorable environmental conditions.

The water in the country houses comes from three sources: wells, boreholes and village water supply, said "Ytru" Vladimir Maslyukov, general director of "METTEM-Technology", which manufactures filters and water purification systems "barrier." "The wells, as well as from sources on the ground, microbiologically unsafe.

They can discover all that is washed away from the surface of melted snow and rain: fertilizers from the fields, oil, waste industry. The

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In the Far East, five fires continue to burn an area 80.5 hectares

Five fires in the area of 80.5 ha continues today in the Far Eastern Federal District.

"In the Amur region, there are three fire on an area of 79 ha. One small pockets of fire recorded in Chukotka and the Khabarovsk Territory," Itar-Tass in the Department of Forestry at DFO.

Over the past day within DFO eliminated five fires a total area of 186 hectares. According to the Far East Regional Emergency Center, fire-fighting involved 167 people and 32 pieces of equipment, including ten aircraft.

Before the beginning of the fall fire season Forest

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Seismologists warn Americans about the new tremors

According to the U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Lucy Jones, the public should be prepared for a series of damped shocks — avtoshokov, which will be felt for the next two hours. She also did not rule out that the old buildings in the epicenter can be substantial damage. Residents advised to stay out until the engineering survey of buildings. In addition, experts have warned of a possible breakout of gas pipelines.

Recall, an earthquake of magnitude 5.9 occurred on the U.S. East Coast in the U.S. state of Virginia at 21:51 MSK. Previously reported that the quake had been

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In southern Italy there was a tornado

Tornado struck the southern Italian city of Taranto, where Europe's largest steel factory Ilhwa. Suffered as a result of the building of the plant and 20 workers who performed the same day duties. One person has been missing after the wind took the funnel into the sea crane where he worked. Three of his colleagues were rescued. A total of 38 people suffered Taranto.

Tornado brought serious damage to the company, since many workers demolished the design of the plant, which was recently involved in an environmental scandal. Because of this, even had to suspend production to violent means

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The first batch came out of Vladivostok aeroexpresses suburbs

OAO Demikhovsky Machine Works '(Moscow region), part of the CJSC Transmashholding', sent the first train ED9M to be used as a UFA on the route between Vladivostok and the airport. Route operator — Company 'Aeroexpress' — plans to buy for him four trains, the newspaper 'Golden Horn'.

Train consists of six cars. The most notable design features of this option are reclining sliding exterior doors with access to both the high and low on the platform. In head-electric cars are provided ramps for boarding-disembarking wheelchair users, as well as to position the wheelchair in the cabin. The

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The Georgian Rustavi hurricane brought down the wall of school

The Georgian town of Rustavi, located 10 km from the capital, Tbilisi, a hurricane this afternoon unleashed a wall of the school. According to the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, as a result of the incident no one was hurt: the teachers to notice vibrations wall and managed to pull all students out of the building.

According to members of the Department of Education Rustavi City Hall, the wall was built over 20 years ago. "As you can see, it was built poorly that nearly led to tragic results," — the town hall.


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Turn off the Internet

Yesterday at work disconnected the Internet. No, how do you like it? They shut off the internet. At work! Well, everything, of course, immediately went home — well, what else do without the Internet for? And there I was. And, as it turned out, for good reason — in the first half hour did a lot of interesting discoveries. It turns out that I have on the computer, in addition to the Internet, there are many other items can … Cool. Discovered icon labeled "C + +" and "Java". However, still not figured out how to play them. But there

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Ortho-Naharinskaya school in Yakutia opened in a new building

One of the oldest schools in Yakutia was presented to his centenary new well-appointed two-story stone building. On Friday in the village of Ortho-Nahar Lena area opening new buildings and the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the school.

In addition to educational institution in the building, which seats 120 people, will be posted on the school-garden 18 children.

The school, celebrating a double celebration, received from the Ministry of Education of equipment for chemistry, biology and physics, from the Commissioner for Human Rights on the PC (I) — a legal library in Russian and Yakut, from alumni living

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The main owner of Euroset open stores for home goods

A few days ago, Alexander Mamut, who owns the main (controlling) stake "Euroset" and Yevgeny Butman, his former co-owner — a mutual decision was made to open a chain of stores Cook House, which will sell home furnishings. By the end of 2012 are going to open about 12 of the same shops, the area of each of them will be about 400 square meters.

The first store will open to the Garden Ring in the shopping center "Light House", also talks about being a tenancy office and shopping center "Mega" in Khimki, "Metropolis" Later planned expansion and

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