The broad scope of polymer products

Unlike Russia growers from Europe has for many years used in the household plastic products, such as plastic mesh. But recently, the market garden and building materials began to appear like the product, and gardeners have become more familiar with such products.

Those who prefer to design their vertical gardening can be appreciated, such a grid, as they do an excellent job with the support of plants with a twisted structure. These supports have a huge number of benefits. They absolutely do not rot, corrosion in contrast to the same string bags.

No heating, like metal, but unlike wood they

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In China, near the terracotta army discovered an ancient palace



A group of Chinese archaeologists made a unique discovery near the world famous Terracotta Army in Xian — the ancient capital of the country. Experts have unearthed the palace of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, which was built in the III century BC. Found building is the largest building on the site of the tomb Shi Huang, which is located in an area of 56 square kilometers. Built size is 90 by 250 feet. Although the palace has more than two

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LADA Largus TAXI: the first 20 cars ordered Perm

Car LADA Largus a version of "Taxi", presented by the Company Togliatti "Super Car" at the Moscow Motor Show, is equipped with all the requirements of state standards. On the "Largus-Taxi" has already received applications — the first 20 cars will go to the city taxi fleet Perm. On the agency "AUTOSTAT" said Natalia Minnikova, marketing director of "Super Car".

Car LADA Largus «Taxi" is in its maximum configuration — 7-seater "luxury". In addition to air conditioning and other systems of comfort and safety, the car is equipped with a whole range of special equipment: portable radio

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Chelyabinsk meteorite — UFO or defense?

Chelyabinsk meteorite: new versions for every taste. Here and UFOs, crept up to the back of the meteorite, and the gallant defense, and the tail of a comet, hlestnuvshy Earth …

Chelyabinsk meteorite exploded at an altitude of 20 kilometers over the Urals in the morning on February 15, continues to haunt the inquisitive minds of not only scientists, but the Russians are very far from astronomical studies.

In addition, according to the latest data, meteors were seen not only in Russia but also in other countries — in the UK, the UAE, the U.S. and Cuba.

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Silk Road was launched on Moscow’s Red Square

Eduard Nikolaev for a few minutes before the start of the "Silk Road". © Daniel Hoptenko

Just five trucks fielded a team of "KAMAZ-Master" at the now traditional rally "Silk Road." Unchangeable from Vasilevsky descent Red Square on July 5 raid went crews Ayrat Mardeeva (navigator Aydar Belyaev and mechanic Anton peace) and Andrew Karginova(Navigator Andrew Mokeev, mechanic Igor Devjatkin). And here is the current winner of the crew of "Dakar"Eduard Nikolaevplace eight times winner of the "Golden Bedouin" navigator Sergey Savostina take young Evgeny Yakovlev, well-proven in the recent races, "Kagan's Gold" and "Africa

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