Why can not I remove the adenoids

For most of us dart nose has long been synonymous with a full childhood. Every parent knows how difficult it is to protect your baby from the sodden feet, drafts, colds — it is easier to buy a drop "for all occasions", which will help cure a cold in seven days. We also know that, if left untreated, it will be held this week … no joke. Unfair joke. After all, if time does not keep track of it, one can run into another "childhood illness", which treatment (other than operational), modern medicine does not know — adenoids.

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Most often, parents concerned about the issue of having to carry out the operation. Fear and excitement is both the fact of surgery, and all that is associated with it — the possible complications, anesthesia during surgery, etc.

Adenotomija (adenoidectomy) is the only effective treatment for adenoids. This operation should be carried out as early as possible after diagnosis, but it should be noted, only when indicated.

Do I need surgery?

There is no medicine, "drops" and "pills" of medical procedures and the "conspiracy" that could save the child from adenoid growths. Convince the parents is often

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What are adenoids?

Does your child often and long sick with colds and ear infections? It is possible that underlying health problems is growth of nasopharyngeal tonsils, in other words — the adenoids. "Naked" eye adenoids can not be seen — see the nasopharyngeal tonsil may only Throat specialist with a special mirror.

Adenoids, or more correctly — adenoid vegetations (adenoid razrascheniya) — a widespread disease among children aged 1 year to14-15 years. It occurs most often between the ages of 3 and 7 years. Currently, there is a tendency to identify the adenoids in children at an earlier age.


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