Foreign Ministry: Belarus will be obliged to make an adequate response

"Comments is superfluous. We once declared hopelessness and kontrapraduktyvnasts such decisions. Such a policy has completely exhausted — this past century. Consistent limiting contact the American side in the era of globalization is not and can not be a measure that promotes mutual understanding and the development of bilateral relations. Our country as before, and is open to mutually equal dialogue with the United States. But the criteria of one-sided, unmotivated actions by the United States of Belarus, of course, will be required to make an adequate response. " • Lidia Yermoshina: "It generally resembles Stalin’s laws", 07.08.2007 • New

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June Vasil Bykov: In the fight against totalitarianism, democracy has no adequate means

"You can not defeat the dictatorship, totalitarianism during any elections there, in the course of a purely democratic actions. I have long argued that the struggle against totalitarianism, democracy does not have adequate funds. Here require other means by which democracy does not, without that no lose their own democratic style. "From Mon on Friday in our air — little quote for reflection and memory. Every Saturday and Sunday — aimed at certain subjects avdyeantalegii.

Putin: Our homeland is not nobody wants to include in its own composition

Vladimir Putin talked to him, it is only an additional financial burden, "we can only speak about economic integration." Russian president added that "nakidanne any new municipalities is quite silly, unless there is the will of the people one way or another the country. "

If we help someone, we look forward to adequate compensation.

Speaking about relations within the CIS, Putin singled out, Our homeland that must build the case with the republics of the former Russian Union on an equal basis.Asked about the controversy over the price energoelementy with CIS countries, Putin said: "What controversy? There are world

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U.S. presidential advisor: sanctions — a response to the horrific massacre

Society Michael McFaul, U.S. presidential advisor on national security and senior director for Russia and Eurasia, U.S. National Security Council, in an interview with "Voice of America" stressed that the U.S. sanctions against Belarus were "adequate response" to the repression after the presidential election.

"These sanctions — American. I want to be clear: we do not follow the Europeans. They introduced their sanctions, we — his own. We are deeply convinced that this was an adequate response to the horrific violence that occurred during the presidential Belarus election"- Said Michael McFaul.

Minister threatens EU with adequate measures

Society Foreign Ministry issued a statement in connection with the decision of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU in response to the post-election crackdown and arrests in Belarus.Tonight journalists were summoned to an urgent press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belarus.

Journalists had to wait for the briefing of the hour. Perhaps this was due to the fact that the decision was made a little later, perhaps in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have modified something else. But there was widespread "Statement of Foreign Ministry of Belarus in connection with the adoption of the European Council

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Proposals for appropriate measures, or Why not beat the enemy in its area

By analyzing the response of the Russian authorities to act biased and often provocative accusations of the West, unwittingly come to the conclusion that our homeland has signed the typical "do not attack pact" with the West and its allies, with the apparently unequal criteria. One of the pact Fri stand conditions in which our opponents allowed to conduct subversive activities in the area of the Russian Federation and the countries covered by the geopolitical impact of the Russian Federation, and in response to our homeland only "righteous indignation", but nothing to do … Well, if we assume that the

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Lukashenko: The reaction must be adequate and rigid

Society The Belarusian set the task of Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov during the election campaign.

"The response of law enforcement and military personnel as well must be adequate and rigid. Go in peace (the protesters) to where you can go, where specified location. Go, please, hold a meeting, talk. But if it is — a violation of the law, and the reaction must be adequate, "- said Alexander Lukashenko Dec. 15 at a meeting on security during the campaign.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, "People do not need no size", and those of the leaders of the opposition, which

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