Baranavichy last trials of youth activists

The Tribunal was in absentia. Referee Oksana Kushava recognized both guilty of disorderly conduct and a small part in an unsanctioned rally.Since Ivan Shyla minor, his case was transferred to the administrative commission at Soligorski executive committee. Sovereign Ustsinovich fined 124 thousand rubles.Human rights activist Sergei Housha commented Vladimir Vstsinovichu sentence:"This man is unemployed, has 3 children. He wrote in the report that does not agree with the prosecution. Justifies that court structure proved the case. But he did not come to the court. Though lawyer asked:" Why did you not believe him ? "The arbitrator issued its own verdict."Passed

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Tribunal over public activists Novapolatsk

Case Valery Shevchenko leads referee Peter Lyavchonak and Igor Sukhorukov and Anton Yasinovich — Alexander Fedyukevich referee. Igor Sukhorukov, Valery Shevchenko and Anton Yasinovich on the porch Novopolotsk court before the hearingThe morning session, which lasted for three hours listening to witnesses. Then he announced the break up to 14 hours.From June 27 to July 27 in Novapolatsk conducted Month protest against the abolition of privileges.In the midst of other shares of the Month and was collecting signatures for a review of the MPs of Novopolotsk who supported the decision.Since the organizers of the action, on the views of the

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Baranovichi: again judged in absentia public activists

Human rights activist Sergei Housha said in court again revealed errors in police reports:"For example, it is recorded that" Arsene Pakhomov yelled. "What yelling? Just not reported."Protocol charges Arsene Pakhomov violating Article 23:31 of the Administrative Code Tribunal returns Baranavičy police department for revision. In another protocol, Arsene Pakhomov is charged that "very swish." Arbitrator determines that a violation and impose a fine of 62 thousand rubles.Charges for his role in an unauthorized rally and put forward the Tribunal against Catherine Solovevoj. But in preparing protocols police made several legal errors. The Tribunal will return them to the police station

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News of certain events September 21

In Zhlobin KGB department cause student Euro Humanities Institute Cyril Atamanchyk. He said that previously he had seized white-red-white flags, literature and a block of computer memory:"The main motivation that Tipo Zhlobin group acts" Junior Front . "In the court of the Central *** district of Minsk now held the administrative process of a young activist Tatyana Tsishkevich. Damu blame for disobeying police. Clarifies member of the movement "For Freedom" Ales Lahvinets:"If detained her friends, she asked the police department complaints book. She denied this and even detained. And when released, it was released to the court summons." · ***

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Baranovichi: Tribunal fined another 2-opposition activists

Under Article 17.1 of the Administrative Code and Dmitri Bulanov Jean Szymanski accused of hooliganism and small each fined 62 thousand rubles.In accordance Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code (part in an unauthorized rally) Dmitriy Fedoruk fined 620 thousand rubles. The same charges against the tribunal singled and Jeanne Bulanovoj, but in a case police found an error in the protocol of detention. Protocol returned Baranavičy police department. Baranavičy said human rights activist Sergei Housha Radio Liberty, that is 9 public activists convicted in Baranovichi. They all were detained September 10 during trial member "Junior Front"Yaroslav Hryshchenya. • Baranovichi: courts

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In the Young Nyasvizh trial for graffiti

Referee Nesvizh Court sovereign gvozd saw administrative reports on regional activist "Junior Front"Asipovichy of Artsyom Dubski, also nyasvistsav Anastasia Azarko and Olesya Zhukov.We recall that on the night of August 25, police detained four activists of "Young Front", among whom was a minor Anastasia Palazhanka. They were taken to the police station and kept there overnight.Policemen confiscated cell phones and the Young lawyers and refused to call the parents of the detainees. Protocols were only a 10-minute morning, accusing all the small hooliganism.Anastasia Palazhanka told "Radio Liberty", the first time that such an interpretation of the administrative beheld article:"Inscription" Belarus

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Mogilev for the destruction of the monument of architecture — fine

The case against businesswoman appeals instituted after the prosecutor activists Mogilev Branch Belarusian society Preservation of Monuments. Activists accused of violating the law businesswoman "Preservation of historical and cultural heritage." In late July, the city Department of Culture sent a corresponding claim to the administrative commission of Leninsky district of the town.In Mogilev branch of the Society for Protection of Monuments refrain administrative commission to comment sentence — link to employment.On the ground destroyed the monument, from which there were two walls, construction works at the moment are not. Area enclosed by wood fence. Approximately 20 meters from the destroyed

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1/10 of the gross domestic product of Belarus sformirovyvaetsya entrepreneurs

Belarus has recorded nearly 180 thousand individual entrepreneurs. According to the International Finance Corporation adviser on legal matters Valery Fadeev, in the gross domestic product of their contribution is estimated at 8.5%:"But in some regions, the highest percentage more. Well, just at the moment the government has set the puzzle to bring in some places up to 25% of their contribution to the gross proceeds. So, we can definitely state that a lot. If it read on so called the small business. And if you read about entrepreneurship in general, the highest number over there. ""Nitty fleas" and their prospectsAttitude

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Mogilev tribunal upheld complaints activist Tatyana Bulanovoj

Tribunal through activist tried to cancel the decision of the administrative committee of the same district, which fined her June 11 at 155 thousand rubles. Arbitrator Ira Soroka not found a reason to cancel this penalty.June 11 Leninsky district administrative committee decided to punish Mogilev Tatyana Bulanov for what it is, allegedly violated a presidential decree "On the rules of ordering and content of urban areas."In the night from 16 to 17 April Tatyana Bulanov and 3 of her friends held ensign of militia Andrey Savitsky. He accused Tatyana Bulanov in putting up posters on poles "Freedom to Dashkevich." His

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Candidate requests compensation for the stolen banner

Typing leaflets candidates Parliament spreading them on houses and apartments, on pickets and distribute propaganda meetings. But opposition candidates indicate that their rivals — the pro-government candidates — use other means to spread their own campaign materials.For example, a candidate for Glubokoe constituency number 22, a member of the BPF Jaroslav Bernikovich told that his rival, Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Vladimir Andreychenko uses and what is called "administrative resource", and indirect means of agitation — such as for example the publication in the local press. Meanwhile oppositionist Bernikovich municipal bureaucrats refused even what he has a legitimate

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