Surprised by Joy

By THE EvE of our fourth wedding anniversary, we had wanted to have a baby, but without success. My husband asked me what I would like for our anniversary, and I sheepishly answered, “a baby.” He gently told me he couldn’t promise me that, but that we’d have a nice celebration of four happy years.

But an anniversary wish impossible for my husband to promise was not impossible for God! The next day, we heard that after waiting four months with an adoption agency, we had been chosen to parent a baby due to be born in two weeks! Miraculously,

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Likely to adopt a baby Belarusian foreigners have little or no

Now foreigners can adopt Belarusian baby only after written permission of the Minister of Education, which must be submitted to the tribunal.To this question IAA month treated in local custody, fifteen days later at the National Centre of adoption.Increased and the number of documents for international adoption. Now necessary conclusion of the State adoption center that Belarusian citizens and relatives do not claim to adopt a baby.Must be document and the date of registration in a centralized database. This ensures that the child is more he wasof devices available to the family in our country.Even under discussion such complication caused

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Belarusian kids mostly Italians adopt

These numbers are now named Deputy Minister of Education of Belarus Tatiana Kovalev, speaking House of Representatives during the discussion of configurations in the Civil Procedure Code. According to her, the Convention on Intercountry Adoption, Belarus signed so far only with Italy. This also explains the fact that virtually all adopted kids moved to new parents in Italy — in the cases of Sweden and Russia Belarusian kids adopted relatives of people these states. During the discussion this issue Deputy Sergei Kostya said that the government, "which enables its citizens to adopt for the country’s borders — bankrupt"

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Figure a day or 30 Belarusian orphans adopted by foreigners in the past year

Number of international adoptions has been drastically reduced after last year’s scandal with failure to return from an Italian family ward Vileika orphanage Vicky Frost.Radkov Minister expects that in This year adopted by foreigners Belarusian orphans will rise to 150 — 200. For each such adoptions need a personal sovereign Radkova resolution. It states that Belarusian authorities I wish that orphans or abandoned babies largely remained own country. New permits for foreign adoption will go through tougher rules, apart from the fact, authorities will be kept under control, as adopted Belarusian citizens live in new homes, the sovereign said Radkov.Under

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French President thanked the voters of gay

AFP reports that in 2013, in France-sex couples will be able to marry and adopt children.

This was announced by French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ero, speaking to members of Parliament. The Prime Minister said that from next year all couples, without discrimination of any kind, will get the right to marry and adopt children.

The new French President, Francois Hollande, who took office in May of this year, one of the campaign promises was precisely the legalization of same-sex marriages, and the resolution of such couples to adopt children.

Since 1990 in France allowed the so-called civil unions between same-sex

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The first weapons on planes

The history of aviation weapons began with a rather nasty moment. Thus, according to the 1907 Hague Convention, all kinds of air guns are prohibited. All the activities of aviation since limited the adjustment of fire ground artillery and conduct remote reconnaissance of enemy positions and fortifications. For eight years earlier, in 1899, the Hague Convention was imposed limit on the thorough development and implementation of small-caliber automatic guns. Namely, shooting explosive shells from guns permitted only with the caliber of 37 mm or more, and the weight of warhead had to be more than 410 g. In Russia and

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Britain urges EU to impose new sanctions against Belarus

Society The UK government will press for the European Union that it has introduced a set of tough new sanctions, including a total embargo on trade in arms against Belarus in response to the violation of human rights, writes The Independent.

At a meeting in the Council of the EU for Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg British minister Foreign Affairs William Hague is also going to urge ministers to a visa ban and asset freeze closest associates Alexander Lukashenko.

Measures should also affect the interests of big business, dealing with the Belarusian regime, in particular, Vladimir Peftieva, known as the "banker

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YSU is ready to accept expelled students

Yerevan State University Society stands ready "to take on all existing educational programs at the University of Belarusian students who have been or will be excluded from higher education institutions after the violent crackdown on peaceful protests that took place after the Presidential elections 19-20 December 2010 in Belarus. "

Irena Vayshvilaiytse, Vice-rector for administration and infrastructure, said Radio Liberty:

"YSU receives support from international foundations and private donors. These tools allow us to provide education to Belarusian students to 70% cheaper than the cost of their studies, and to help students with good academic success. Successful study —

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