South American radar — in other words a threat or not?

Accommodation on the ground Czech and Polish parts of the U.S. missile defense not only does not reduce the danger of terrorism, and create political and military tensions — said in an interview with Interfax commander of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of Belarus Major General Igor Azaronak. He explained that at least some accommodation of new types of weapons at the border of any country is a certain tension and building up its military threat.But with all this Azaronak General stated that the combat capability of the Belarusian armed forces from the placement in Poland and the

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Ukraine adopted a new sound-intelligence complex

Ukrainian military adopted a new set of sound-automated reconnaissance (Razka) "Regulation 2".

The corresponding order of Defense Minister Pavel Lebedev signed at the end of February.

"Position 2". Photo SKB "Lightning"


The complex is designed in Odessa SKB 'Lightning'. It is planned that mass production of this technology will be engaged in Odessa, too. However, when the first "Regulation 2" will go to the army, is still unknown.

"Unfortunately, in the defense budget for this year funds for the purchase of our systems there — complained in an interview

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Ground forces have adopted a multiple rocket launchers Tornado-G


Russian Ground Forces adopted new multiple rocket launchers "Tornado-G", which are designed to replace the system "Grad", said Tuesday the Defense Ministry spokesman Lt. Col. Sergei Vlasov.

According to him, the weapons the Army has also received a 120-mm self-propelled guns combined "Hosta" and self-propelled anti-tank missile complexes "Chrysanthemum-S", "Interfax".


"In the interest of missile troops and artillery Army is now actively under investigation and operational-tactical missile" Iskander-M ", — said Vlasov.

He noted that there have been in the forces and means of artillery, radar and electronic intelligence, missiles and ammunition,

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American democracy: that behind the facade?

At the time, the events September 11, 2001 have been used by the U.S. government as a pretext cutting rights and liberties of American citizens. Immediately after the attacks has been adopted by the "Patriot Act» (Uniting and Strengthening America byProviding Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001), authorizing the National Security Agency to listen to all phone calls and secretly search private homes of U.S. citizens without court authorization. The administration of George W. Bush called the document "a key step in the fight against terrorism." This legislation was adopted October 26, 2001, that

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NATO countries have adopted Russian carbine Wild Boar

The product is already available in Germany, France and Italy!

Russian carbine "Boar-12", developed at the "Hammer", which is part of the corporation "Russian Technologies", will be adopted for the 17 NATO countries.   Carbine is based on the Kalashnikov machine gun in 2003. "Hog-12" has a high degree of reliability and dependability while working in different operating conditions. According to acting General Director of "Hammer" Alexander Spirin, the implementation of this project allows the plant to get a "big league of world arms business."

Currently, a number of modifications designed

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Raising children in the United States: sadism in the law

More than bizarre methods of "training" (more like torture), which became known during the trials of adoptive parents in the United States, is not the fruit of a sick mind mentally inadequate people. This "therapy" in the United States recommend to suppress the will of foster children. And her followers already actively advocate, and teachers in Russia.

Jessica Bigley at one point became famous not only in the state of Alaska, but also far beyond. And all thanks to home video, which she posted in a popular TV show. On frames makes a woman's adopted son from Russia to

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Adoption in Russia

In 2009, the trend of reducing the number of children without parental care identified during the year.

The structure of adoption in 2009

In 2004, it looked like this:

In 2004, foreign citizens adopted in 1.3 more children than the Russians. In 2009, the Russians adopted 2.3 times more children than foreign citizens!

As citizens of Russia are considered first for adoption, then bolshinsvo infants remain in the country. (Newborn Russians give 24 times more often than foreigners)

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Lesbian couple from California feeds the 11-year-old adopted son hormones, preparing for a sex change

The elderly lesbian couple from the U.S. claims that their 11-year-old adopted son Tommy wants to change sex and become a girl named Tammy. Therefore, they have ensured that the child began to take hormones that block the onset of puberty. According to the "mothers", it will give him more time to finally decide on the future of their sex. Supporters of couples argue that hormonal drugs will not have serious side effects and is the most sensible option for these children, according to Foxnews.

American mother vospityvet adopted child from Russia

Social Services of Alaska did not find signs of abuse American Jessica Bigley, with the adopted son of Russian Daniil Bukharov.

Eugene and Svetlana Isaev raise seven children with HIV

* When the family Isaev, winning in the category of "People's Hero" took the stage, the hall greeted them with a standing ovation. "We did not expect," — admitted later his wife (Photo by Sergei Tushino, "FACTS")

— Returning home with an award, I am cautiously awaited April 13 — the day the ceremony "Gordist Kraina" aired on television — admitted Svetlana. — We wondered: how would react now to our foster children to learn about their diagnosis? But the news of our victory blew up a local forum site! Warm reviews, and congratulations were dozens.

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