In that play child

What child would not play, he does not cry … And after all of that, in what children are playing, it depends on what they grow in the future. Stuffed animals

We would have been British, talking about soft toys would rotate around a teddy bear. Because in England bear — the same attribute childhood, like nipple or stroller. No substitute for a teddy bunny or a dog can not be — English tradition! Well, we have no such uniformity is not, so we will focus on soft toys at all.

These toys are needed, and the children

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Demonstrative child

Demonstrativnost — personality trait associated with an increased need for success and attention to his associates. Baby, with this property, behaves affectedly. His exaggerated emotions are a means to achieve the main goal — to draw attention to themselves attention, get encouragement. If a child with high anxiety main problem — the constant disapproval of adults, for demonstrative child — lack of praise. Thus demonstrative child often manifests negativistic emotions. Negativism extends not only to the rules of the school curriculum, but also to the training requirements of teachers. Not taking training objectives, periodically "dropping out" of the learning

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Foreign bodies, trauma

Eye Injuries dangerous for its unpredictability: they can happen anywhere, with anyone, anywhere, under any circumstances.

Kids fight, some shooting pellets from an air gun or simply fail to play snowballs? Result — whom some of them delivered to an ophthalmologist withinjury (contusion) of the eye. Adults have discovered champagne cork and hit theeye One of them — the same sad consequences.

In the hands of a child or adult firecracker exploded poor quality? The result — burn eyes, and, possibly, a penetrating wound of the eyeball. In the eyes flew midge got metal shavings, a piece of glass

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As children become alcoholics because of drinking parents

Alcoholism parents kill their children

Drunkenness parents never goes in vain for the younger generation. Naive assumption that the children, seeing the behavior of parents who do not repeat their mistakes, it is unlikely. In 87% of children and adolescents repeat the fate of dependent adults.

In general, the causes of child alcoholism formally there are four. They are:

1. The desire to express themselves and assert themselves in the eyes of the public, as well as direct dependence on the society in which the child turns.

2. The need to hide from the problems.

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The village Karakulino opened one of the best clinics in Udmurtia

The main event in January of this year for the residents of the village and the area was the opening of a new clinic building Karakulinsky central hospital — this year‘s first socially significant facility constructed in the Republic in accordance with the Program "The development of Udmurtia".


The new two-story clinic a total area of 5000 730 square meters consists of adult and child counseling offices with separate entrance group. It is designed for 200 visits per shift — 140 visits and 60 visits to adult children.

The clinic will employ 112 health care

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All Crimea at a glance: a miniature park opened Bahchisarae

The other day at the opening of the park Bakhchisaray "Crimea in miniature on the palm"

57 Here is a historical, cultural and architectural attractions, made in 1:25 scale. 

Among the exhibits — the International airport "Simferopol", the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky, giving Stamboli in Feodosia, the Obelisk of Glory immortal heroes on Mount Mithridates in Kerch, Massandra, Vorontsov, Livadia palace, as well as the world famous monument "Motherland" (Kiev), "Motherland Calling" (Volgograd) and the Statue of Liberty (New York).

This park is unique in that guests can see here the

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In Moscow, opened a new children’s and adult clinic

A new children’s and adult clinic for 750 visits per shift opened in North-East, in the 9th district of the Northern region, the Dmitrov highway.

In Belgorod, opened a sports complex Ray

27.01.2011 In the regional center has opened a sports complex "Ray", which includes two swimming pools and fitness centers. The total area of the construction — 3801 square meter. The complex is designed for the simultaneous participation in sports 420 people.


JUICE "Ray" includes two swimming pools: an adult size of 25 by 11 m and for the children — 12.5 6 m and a depth of 30 to 70 cm In addition, there are placed two saunas and a gym. The adult pool is equipped with a viewing platform with 120 seats.


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And if the Russians are poor? Or as we say lies ratings

If we believe the data of any foreign indices and ratings, which are almost the daily publish our media, the hapless Russians already have a mass start envying Zimbabweans Bangladeshis burkinafasostsam especially gvadeluptsam! So all of us, judging by these writings, catastrophically bad! And the investment attractiveness, then Russia is lower than that of Africa, and of freedom and democracy, then we have hardly any less than in North Korea, and in general they say, very soon we will catch up on all parameters and may even surpass the Papua New Guinea! .. It is true that people are more

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In Tyukalinskaya Omsk region after the cap. Repair opened


March 1, at the opening ceremony of Tyukalinskaya radically updated adult clinics district hospital complex.

For half a year here made major maintenance with replacement of all utilities and networks, window and door frames, interior finishing and facade of the building. Clinic is also equipped with new furniture and medical equipment.

In the reconstruction of the building and equipping of the adult clinic invested about 40 million rubles, and in general in the modernization of health Tyukalinskaya area including the cost of acquisition of equipment — 130 million rubles.


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