LMAASA Flies First AT-63 Pampa

LOCKHEED MARTIN Aircraft Argentina SA (LMAASA) performed the first flight test of the AT-63 Pampa at its facility in Cordoba, Argentina, on June 23. This demonstrator for the new Pampa configuration, converted from third prototype EX-03, was first rolled out at Cordoba on December 15 last year, and has since successfully completed all necessary ground tests, culminating in the first flight. This new-generation Pampa advanced trainer and light attack aircraft provides for easier maintenance and better airframe stability than the earlier variant, having an upgraded cockpit and digital avionics suite, plus MIL-STD-1553B data bus architecture and advanced mission computers with

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First Omani F-16 Flies

LOCKHEED MARTIN flew the first F-16 for Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO), the first two-seat F-16D Block 50, 801 (c/n TQ-1, USAF/02-2123), from Fort Worth, Texas, on July 8. Under the Peace A’sama A’safiya (Clear Skies) Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme, the RAFO is acquiring a total of 12 F-16C/D Block 50+ aircraft, comprising eight F-16Cs with c/ns TP-1 to TP-8 (USAF serials 02-2115 to 02-2122) and four F-16Ds, TQ-1 to TQ-4 (USAF/02-2123 to 02-2126). Apart from the first aircraft seen at Fort Worth, 801 (which takes up a serial previously used on a Hunter 1.66), RAFO serials for

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A Benefit of Building

One of the real advantages of building your own airplane is the opportunity to customize. Amateur builders often have a choice between several engines and propellers, a rainbow of paint schemes, and a variety of options when it comes to avionics. Typically the Glasair Sportsman is a glass-paneled airplane with panels manufactured by Oregon-based Advanced Flight Systems.

The company makes three high-resolution LCD screens ranging from 8.4 inches (diagonally) to 6.5 inches, all of which can be configured to operate as an EFIS or an engine monitor or both at the same time.

Advanced Flight Systems uses an uncertified version

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E-2D Advanced Hawkeye

  Command of the French Navy wants to acquire the U.S. aircraft far superior deck Airborne Warning and Control E-2D Advanced Hawkeye, reports Jane’s. French Navy plans to take the new aircraft into service in the 2025-2026 year. E-2D will have to change in the composition of the French Navy carrier-based aircraft obsolete aircraft AWACS E-2C Hawkeye.   According to the preparatory solution, the substitution of new Hawkeye E-2D will be executed one by one, in other words instead of 3 older aircraft will buy three new France. In general, the volume of purchases in the future may be increased.

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The unique sighting apartment complex for the Ka-52 has passed the state tests

State tests of a unique optical-electronic sighting system for the Ka-52 completed, said Tuesday the CEO of Scientific-Production Concern "Optical Systems and Technologies" Sergei Maxine.

He noted that at the moment the priority innovation projects include the establishment of the holding optoelectronic system for the newest Russian fighter.

"It creates electro-optical targeting systems for advanced armored vehicles, anti-tank thermal sight for the complexes, rangefinder sight for small arms, as well as electro-optical reconnaissance and targeting for advanced military equipment," — said General Director of the holding company.

Maxine added that the share holding company for the opto-electronic systems for

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SAVE DISC TECHNOLOGY Technology is among the top one hundred most advanced

The most advanced technology in the automotive industry called the English online edition of CNET. According to the journalists, who visited all the major special exhibitions in 2012, the technologySAVE DISC TECHNOLOGYwas in the top one hundred most advanced. The main criteria on the basis of conformity which ranks the technologies have become theirreliability, safety, comfort and environmental friendliness. 

Diskosberegayuschuyu technology SAVE DISC TECHNOLOGY developed in 2008 by specialists from Germany, Japan and the Ukraine as part of a mixture friction brake pads INTELLI.

The peculiarity of this technology is that, unlike the others, itinvolves

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In IFMO lab opens Advanced Computing Technologies

May 25 at St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, the official opening of the laboratory of Advanced Computing Technology (Advanced Computing Lab, ACL). This was reported in the press release of the National Research University ITMO. This is one of the 40 laboratories that are created in the Russian universities by leading scientists — The winners of the contest organized by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation within the RF Government Decree number 220.

Laboratory was established on the basis of scientific research institute of science-intensive computing ITMO. Her head

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Biosensors’ Center for Advanced Technologies in Skolkovo

The project is the Center for Advanced Technologies "Biosensor technologies of molecular diagnostics for personalized medicine"The provisions to be consistent with the criteria of granting the status of a project participant innovation center" Skolkovo ". The project was approved by an independent panel of experts.

One of the most important tasks of the modern instrument has been and remains the creation of a new generation of biosensors that can produce highly accurate biochemical analysis of any liquids on the level of reach to most existing techniques. Of particular importance is the direction gets applied to the practice of

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In Russia proposed to create a transport on the magnetic suspension with up to 1 thousand km / h

Talk about enhancing the competitiveness of transport are unfounded, if not enough effort is directed to innovative breakthroughs in technology and systems. But what can be the real possibilities and means of achieving the objectives?

Vectors and backlogs As one of the tools for the development of advanced commercial technologies offered by the Government Technology Platforms (TP), intended for all stakeholders — business, academia, civil society and the state. Their task — the creation of new products, improvement of the legal framework in the field of science and technology, innovation development. Technology being developed under the TA, affect a

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