What is the risk of not employing a building designer or an architect on your project? Andrew Winter gives some sound advice on working with professionals

You have decided a brand-new home is what you want — the great Aussie dream. This is your chance to live in a home that is not only shiny and new, but with exactly the right number of rooms for you, the right balance of space, the storage you need, enough power outlets, the outdoor area ready to welcome your (hopefully) slightly envious friends and family, and a home that suits the block and

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Five safety tips for small businesses

Cybercriminals do not leave any of his attention, even the smaller companies. By the week of the National Small and Medium Business Administration, we have prepared a few tips to help small businesses protect their data from intruders, and its customers — from malicious programs.

Guided by a common false beliefs, many small business owners are hiding their heads in the sand like ostriches. «With me it will not happen» — they convince themselves, when they hear about the targeted attacks, phishing and sophisticated malware. «My business is too small to be of interest to criminals» — they argue in

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Mum’s advice

New taste

In the summer a lot of berries and fruits. Many parents try at this time to give them to your child that it «reserves» vitamins, and not think about the adverse reactions.

Remember, all new products, including fruit and vegetables, should be administered in the child’s diet gradually, in small portions, so as not to trigger allergies. Since the body can more easily «tune out» a new taste, a new substance. At the same time in any case can not deprive the child’s usual food. Offer him a small piece of something new, not focusing. Even if

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Women’s Council


Unfortunately, men are mostly arranged so that their interest must be constantly heated. I want to advise the young how to maintain freshness for a long time in the relationship.

Much of our lives depends on the details. Delicate glance, a quick kiss — and you again as a couple. Returning late from guests or a movie, take home, spend 10 minutes trying to work together to admire the stars, trees, fog or simply the city lights. Often talking to her husband, a good father he is. And argues his words. Call his parents and always be

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A.Milinkevich: European Integration Council will expand

"European Integration — a transition to European values"According to Alexander Milinkevich Council created and there were no critical comments from the participants. Politicians and experts will work 4 directions. This information is also analytical — development programs of the European integration of Belarus; educational for the public favorites that will be able to rule in a free Belarus. And fourth direction — support another culture. In the midst of those who entered the council Vyacheslav Pozniak, Lyudmila Hraznova Tatiana Protko, Pavel Morozov, Ivan Nikitchanka Mike Zaleski, Peter Martsau — only about 30 people.Alexander Milinkevich explained:"This is not business, it’s advice.

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Us, repressed kids, of course, insulted

As evident from the speech the chairman of the Constitutional Court Grigory Vasilevich, there is a discrepancy between the current pension legislation and decree of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus, 1994.According to her victims of political repression as well recognized and children, left without parental care, which unjustifiably repressed on political grounds. Disclosed the decision of the Constitutional Court"The Constitutional Tribunal draws attention, that the preparation and adoption of draft resolutions referred to the Supreme Council, which had a regulatory nature, conducted in gross violation of applicable laws. First time limits for the Supreme Council. From the transcript of the

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Reporters Without Borders: UN Council does not own work

According to "Reporters", "after, as the UN Council annulled the mandates of the Special Rapporteur on Belarus and Cuba — the worst violators of media freedom, the same tried to reach Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia and Burundi. "But the statement says, in all six countries, media rights are violated every day and without observing the situation-independent professionals work of the UN looks stupid. "Reporters" turning their attention, that a year earlier Rada issues Human Rights befitting replaced the UN Commission — the body that are very compromising himself. International journalism organization is also concerned with the

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The most bad thing in Belarus — an atmosphere of terror

Two months later he fiftieth anniversary. Has two higher education — technical and legal. As a result, Russian era was the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, as part of the Interregional Deputy Group — the first democratic parliamentary opposition Russian Union — worked together with Andrei Sakharov, Boris Yeltsin, Vasil Bykov, Ales Adamovich … In the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation elected chairman of the subcommittee on media info and PR public associations. Member of the Political Council of the United civilian party, director of East European School of Political research.Now Alexander Dobrovolsky discusses the atmosphere

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U.S. refusal to fund the UN Council on Human Rights will have no effect?

In June, a proposal to blockade funding made House of Representatives U.S. Congress. Congressmen sharply criticized the decision of the Council of the UN cease-constant monitoring of compliance Human Rights Belarus and Cuba and the exclusion these states from the list of countries where there is a problem in the field of human rights.Since This year The U.S. has already had spent 3 million bucks to support this law enforcement agency of the UN, Congress voted for an amendment to the budget befitting 2008 concerning the prohibition of funding Rada.By Kristen Silveberg, the State Department shared criticism in Congress the

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Announcement: If you need help or advice — please …

How to live and students from the first set on programmke Kalinowski and what they are doing at the moment? What conditions in the dorms, what lacks scholarship?As trained students who wssd» ithout want to get an education, and how they spend their leisure time?Students Kalinouski willing to share experiences and you can access them for help, for advice. In the new program "Belarusian abroad" about themselves and own life Belarusian students say Kalinouski who are trained from last year in Poland. "Belarusian abroad" over "Freedom" on June 26.

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