MAX 2013 kicked off


Today in Zhukovsky near Moscow opened the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013. The event began with a demonstration flight. According to the organizers, the demonstration flights during the air show only attend about 40 airplanes and helicopters.


In particular, offers a performance of "Helicopters of Russia" lasting more than 20 minutes — the aerobatic team "Golden Eagles",

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Serdyukov cuts Putin wings?

By order of the Secretary of Defense disbanded unique aerobatic team "Swifts" and "Russian Knights". Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that "bend the loop on combat aircraft — it is very expensive."

Perhaps, as they say the pilots, "extreme" performance "Swifts" and "Knights" will be the MAKS air show, which will take place this summer. After him unique aerobatic team will be disbanded. At this point in the bowels of the Ministry of Defense and Head of the Air Staff in the atmosphere of deepest secrecy is preparing the "Regulations on the state aerobatic group".

"Fly brand new

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Above 20 appearances Swifts and Knights is planned for 2013

More than 20 performances Russian aerobatic air groups "Swifts" and "Russian Knights" is scheduled for 2013, including 7 — outside of Russia, told reporters on Tuesday, Defense Ministry spokesman for the Air Force (Air Force), Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Deryabin.

"In 2013, more than 20 performances scheduled aerobatic team" Russian Knights "and" Swifts "in different aviation prazdnichkom, exhibitions and shows. Seven of them planned outside the Russian Federation", — he said.

According Deryabina, this year the Russian pilotazhniki show their skills at the exhibition "LIMA2013"Malaysia," Paris Airshow —2013"French Le Bourget," Airshow China — 2013"Beijing and the" Dubai Airshow -2013 "in

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TsAGI modernized helicopter aerobatic stand VPS-4

The experts of the dynamics and aerodynamics of helicopters, together with the specialists of "Transas Aviation" (St. Petersburg) upgraded the hardware-software complex aerobatic helicopter stendaVPS-4. Upgrade qualitatively transformed the imaging system and changed the piloting medium. The upgrade will significantly expand the range of tasks to improve the safety of helicopter operations. It is now extremely important for current and future high-speed domestic vertoletovmarok Ka, Mi. In the future, the stand will be included in the modeling complex of two stand-flight AMS-4i being created at present novogoVPS-5.

Helicopter piloting stand was created by experts helicopter TSAGI department at the beginning

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How landed head Strizh. The fight against corruption, or newcomer witch hunt?

Last week, the media reported that the commander of the aerobatic team "Swifts" Valery Morozov, was arrested on suspicion of taking bribes to them. With all this variety of sources were given different information. According to one source Morozov extortion of money from his own colleagues in the same group, which passed through the function of dismissal and to do their own thing and do not appear in the service of paying Morozov on 5 thousand rubles. On the other disk imaging Morozov Colonel pulled some money from the businessman, who used the logo "Swifts" on T-shirts sold (the sum

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In the Russian Air Force aerobatic team will be new

By 2015, the Air Force will be new Russian aerobatic team, said the Russian Air Force Commander Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin said.

"I think by 2015, new pilotazhniki may appear, and they will fly on the new combat training aircraft Yak-130", — said Zelin, reports "Interfax".

In Russia there are several aerobatic team.

Aerobatic group "Rus" was created on the basis of Viazemsky aviakluba in 1987. It consists of 10 carriages: Nine group aerobatics and a "soloist". The pilots have a total flight time of 1 300 thousand to 4 thousand 400.

Aerobatic team "Russian Knights" was formed April

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Birth day celebrated aerobatic team Swifts pilots celebrate demo flight

May 11, in the skies above the airfield Center show aircraft (Pgt. Kubinka) will demonstrate the joint programm flying aerobatic teams "Russian Knights" and "Swifts".

Given show dedicated to the 21 th day or birthday godovshine with aviation aerobatics team aerobatics "Swifts".

The public debut of the group took place in May 1991 at the airport of the 237th Guards Red Banner Order of Kutuzov Proskurovsky and Alexander Nevsky Center show aircraft name three times Hero of the Russian Union of Air Marshal I. Kozheduba where crews have shown for the first time piloting skill group on the MiG-29.

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Aerobatic team of the Air Forces of Russia, Russian Knights Today marks 20 years

Aerobatic team of the Air Forces of Russia, "Russian Knights" now 20 years old. The uniqueness of the group is that it is the only aerobatic team in the world, performing group aerobatics airplanes class "heavy fighter", and that the fighters are serial samples. The Group is a permanent participant of all Russian and many foreign air.

and more photos here

Aerobatic team Russian Knights was 22 years old

TSAMTO, April 5. Aerobatic team (AGVP) "Russian Knights" Aircraft Demonstration Centre named after I. Kozheduba today celebrates the 22 th anniversary of its creation.


The group is led by Colonel Andrei Alexeev Guard returns from the International exhibition of aerospace and naval engineering LIMA-2013 (the island of Langkawi, Malaysia).

Russian Knights (LIMA 2013). Photo: Marina Lystseva,

As reported by the Department of Press and Information Ministry of Defense, in 2013, the group will also participate in a number of demonstration flights at international exhibitions

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Russian Knights showed Rotor aerobatics

"Russian Knights" showed Rotor aerobatics

Today, on the Volga in the region of the central waterfront aerobatic team "Russian Knights" has arranged for Volgograd airshow.

Air show dedicated to the centennial of the Air Force. All the pilots of the legendary aerobatic team — graduates of the famous Kaczynski School, now closed.

Look at the performance of the pilots received several hundred thousand people.

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