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Patriarch Kirill: I ask everyone to fulfill Christian duty!

Patriarch Kirill urges Russians to respond to the distress of the Far East, where from an unprecedented flood affected tens of thousands of residents.

"Dear brothers and sisters! Far Eastern region of our country is in distress. The flood, the likes of which has not happened in the history of the region, have suffered tens of thousands of residents of Khabarovsk, Amur and Jewish Autonomous Region, the element will also affect the South Urals (Chelyabinsk region). As a result, many people have lost their homes and possessions, and now are in the most difficult of

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North India is suffering from flood

September 2, 2013. That's how these Indian children now have to travel to school — on a boat. As a result of the torrential rains that almost do not stop in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh for a few months, flooded homes and farmland, a local river burst its banks.

Someone goes out of flooded homes, while others remain, especially since there is no place to go, besides, the children have to learn.

In the village of Qala manjhi flooded about 300 households. Family Sangeeta remained.

Schoolgirl: "Our home and flooded sugar cane field. Have to swim

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Tropical storms and floods in Mexico has claimed more than 40 lives

September 17, 2013. Two tropical storm hit Mexico. "Manuel" dealt a blow to the popular resort of Acapulco in the hotels of the city are stuck 40 thousand tourists. Weakening Hurricane "Ingrid" influenced the work of oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico. Torrential rains caused flooding in the inland areas, victims of floods have killed at least 42 people.

The resorts of Acapulco tropical storm "Manuel" not only banished from the beaches of American tourists, but also caused a gathering of several landslides that actually destroyed several neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city.

"Unfortunately, most of

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Flooding in the Far East and Kamchatka suddenly seized

September 20, 2013. Abundant rainfall, which came a few days ago to Kamchatka, have led to floods. In one of the districts of the province on Friday imposed an emergency — nearly flooded hundreds of homes, closed the only road leading into the area, damaged bridges. The prosecutor's office felt that the regional authorities were late in warning the population of impending water and prepared documents for the decision to institute criminal proceedings.

At the same time the major disaster area from the collapsed to the Far East two months ago, flooding continues to Khabarovsk — there, in

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Their customs-24. (July 21-28)

June 29. Australian resident received 11 years for the rape of a girl sleeping in a train station. Victim offender was absolutely helpless, as she spent the previous few days could not sleep due to a bout of insomnia and drank alcohol. As a result, she fell asleep dead sleep, and this took a rapist. Man, not only raped her, but his actions and filmed with a video camera smartphone. Do not hesitate presence of passengers on the platform, a rapist cried foul, but the public has chosen not to intervene in the situation.

July 21. Japanese Ministry of

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Due to the floods affected more than three million people in China

May 16, 2013. Showers in conjunction with the spring floods have caused massive floods in China. Currently elements covered 14 provinces and autonomous regions, the number of victims exceeds 3.41 million people, the local agency "Xinhua".

According to the Chinese headquarters of flood control and drought, rainfall that has fallen since the beginning of the year, is significantly elevated in a number of areas that are located south of the Yangtze River, although in most parts of China did not exceed the norm.

According to the available data to date, the floods in China have killed 12 people, emergency

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In Somalia, floods, there are victims

May 14, 2013. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the floods in Somalia have caused the deaths of seven children. Thousands of people were left homeless.

The biggest damage is done settlements in the southern and central regions of the country. Worse things are in the cities of Baidoa, Dzhovhar, Miido in southern Somalia, reports Press TV.

Experts warn about the danger of cholera, diarrhea and malaria in people who come in contact with standing water in the areas most affected by the floods. UN hopes to develop a long term strategy that will

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Ubinas volcano scare the residents of Peru

September 5, 2013. Waking up the other day volcano Ubinas Peru continues to throw ash and gas. On Wednesday, he visited the crater by helicopter President Ollanta Humala.

Ubinas intensified on Monday after a four-year lull. Awakening accompanied by five explosions. A column of ash and gas rose by 2 kilometers.

The next day, in the depths of the volcano rumbled another explosion, scaring residents of the surrounding towns.

Local resident: "This has affected the animals as well as people — children, adults. We want to help protect us, the elderly, children, our animals are seriously affected by

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The victims of bad weather in southern China were 55 people

May 17, 2013. Continuing with the environment in 10 southern provinces of China torrential rains accompanied by thunderstorms in some areas, high winds and hail, but also caused floods in some places, floods and landslides have killed 55 people, another 14 were missing, the ministry said on Friday Civil Affairs of the PRC.

As of 20.00 (16.00 MSK) Friday, from elements in the most affected province of Guangdong, where 36 people were killed and 10 remain missing.

In Jiangxi Province victims of disaster are six people, four were missing. Three people were killed in the provinces of Fujian, Hunan and

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32 million people were displaced due to natural disasters in 2012

May 20, 2013. Various natural disasters have led to the fact that 32.4 million people have lost their place of residence and have been listed as refugees. About 98% of the total number of people evacuated from the usual places of residence in 2012, were made homeless due to weather or climate natural disasters.

The highest percentage of evacuees refers to the Indian and Nigerian floods (41% of the world). Monsoon rains in India affected the well-being of 6.9 million people, Nigeria's 6.1 million forced from their homes. If it were not for Hurricane Sandy, one could say

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