Earthquake in Guatemala

The Pacific coast of Guatemala, an earthquake of 7.4 points. In the list of the dead at the moment is listed 39 people who lived in the small north-western state of border with Mexico. Most suffered a small mountain village of San Marcos, located 128 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake. It destroyed about 30 houses.

On saving lives of six people buried alive under the sand collapse, more than 300 firefighters, policemen and villagers. The depth of the epicenter was about 32 km, its distance from the coast and the nearest town Champeriko — 24 km from

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Drought in the Chita region. Video


7.07.11.Na territory Nerchinsk district on July 5 was introduced a state of emergency in agriculture. The reason — the weather.

By telephone from the Chairperson of the Committee of Agriculture Administration municipal district "Nerchinsk district" Vladimir Shahi: "The reasons are the introduction of a regime of abnormally high temperatures, dry winds and lack of atmospheric moisture. Today, there is soil drought, resulting in nearly 100 percent of the affected agricultural land, in particular, hayfields and pastures on more than 100,000 hectares.

Partially affected area sown crops. We can already say with confidence that 50 percent of the harvest,

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Heavy rains take life 26 Pakistanis

According to official figures, 23 August 2012 as a result of heavy rains and landslides killed at least 26 people and destroyed hundreds of homes in northern Pakistan. Pakistani Prime Minister Abdul Majed said that 685 houses and 125 shops were destroyed, along with surrounding roads. At the moment, expected financial aid from the government. Representative of the National Disaster Management reported that the final damage assessment was not carried out.

The cause of death of most people in the region of Kashmir was the collapse of buildings due to showers, and 9 died because of the floods in

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The number of victims of torrential rains in China has risen to 19 people

The number of victims of torrential rains in the province of Gansu (Northwest China) has increased to 19, 45 missing, reports Xinhua news agency today.

From the elements on Thursday particularly affected Minsyan county near the city of Dingxi. In the area of disaster disrupted electricity, knocked out telecommunications networks. Livni destroyed sections of highways, destroyed 3.9 thousand hectares of crops. Authorities provide assistance to the affected population, the ITAR-TASS news agency.

Weather forecasters predict north-west China new showers and strong winds.

In China, in Gansu Province, the heavy rain and hail killed 24 people. Photo:


The drought affected farmers in Angola

Drought threatens Angola, which may lead to a food crisis, because at the time of production of food provided at the secondary level. In addition, the problem lies in the fact that in many agricultural areas during the war derelict.

Dry season, which usually lasts for 3 weeks in December, stretched to three months in some parts of the country in southern Africa, where most countries are observed rainfall throughout the year. While the government has promised to help farmers that are completely self-sufficient in themselves, no help is not forthcoming. Production ended in the southern and central regions

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Drought in southern China continues

The absolute worst drought in China over the last hundred years. In the region of rivers and lakes dry up.

According to preliminary calculations, the drought plaguing the Chinese province of Yinan, Guchzhou and Sichuan, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was the cause of the plight of a million inhabitants. In Guangxi seriously affected include 200,000 Chinese people, more than 70 thousand head of cattle. In poor condition 31 000 hectares of agricultural land and the harvest in 2012 in these provinces, which drive up food prices. Especially noticeable drought in the west and south of Guangxi. There, the average

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Number of flood victims in Nepal has increased to 17

Number of victims of a landslide in northwestern Nepal has risen to 17 people are considered missing 47 people.

"Police said that by Monday, rescuers, search affected by landslide in north-western Nepal, have found 17 bodies," — said in a statement.

The landslide occurred as a result of the flood the web, which flooded villages along the coast. At least one bridge was destroyed — it is 200 km from the capital Kathmandu.

Flooding occurred on Saturday — the day when the villagers usually wash clothes, bathe in the river network and rest along the

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More than 8 million people in China suffer from drought, lack of drinking water

More than 8 million people in China because of the intense and prolonged drought are suffering from a shortage of drinking water, according to Chinese media today.

As the papers say, drought gripped Yunnan, Shanxi, Hubei, Sichuan and Gansu. According to the headquarters for flood control and drought, and crops were lost on the area 3,640,000 ha.

Sent to affected areas operative groups to calculate the damage and care. In particular, the Ministry of Finance of China has provided assistance to affected residents 500 million yuan / $ 80 million /.


Mud landslide in Malaysia

After the Malaysian city of Ipoh several days pouring showers around creating favorable conditions for the occurrence of landslides. His appearance has not kept waiting long. Massive layer of soil with the water early in the morning has blocked a lot of city streets and the highway that links Ipoh and Lumut.

Torrents of mud picked up standing on the street cars, and carried them to the diversion canals, washes street fixtures and shrubs. In Ipoh and the neighboring area of Tama-Arkid affected about 250 people, the building of a few dozen shops and stores. Eyewitnesses claim that

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In one province of Pakistan declared drought

August 19, 2012 the government of one of the four provinces of Pakistan's Sindh region declared Tharparkar area affected by drought. 161 of the 166 districts, representing 95% of the territory of the region, are in critical condition. The government plans to provide subsidies or free reserves of wheat and other food and fodder to maintain the population, but when it happens — is still unknown.

The desert zone, which has spread in almost 20,000 square kilometers, is not associated with the irrigation system. Farms and pastures of the region, providing the basic means of subsistence, are entirely

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