Hurricane Sandy inspired artists to create unique items

Inspired by well-known legend of the phoenix bird, rising from the ashes, the people affected by Hurricane Sandy New York offer to turn left after the disaster debris into pieces of furniture and art, and then deliver them as a lot for charity auctions.

A team of three designers on this merged into the organization Reclaim NYC (Restore New York), and invites all interested and have the appropriate skills to work on the cultural transformation of the famous city on the east coast. Their main goal is to transform the debris and fragments of ruins so that they

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In Crimea, locust attacks on tourists

After the test, the rain and the cold sea for summer visitors came over new attack — locusts, which occupied Sevastopol and Bakhchisarai, Saki, Lenin, Soviet, Pervomaysky areas, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the website "Krym.Kommentarii."

"My husband and children were swimming in the sea at the weekend in Balaklava — come here the first time, so the invasion of locusts very surprised. Insects are everywhere: along the promenade and on the beach, especially a lot of them in the evening. Youngest daughter was bitten by one even though we thought that the locust does not bite. The bite was red,

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About 2.5 million Mexicans could be affected by the worst drought in

Approximately 2.5 million people in Mexico could be affected by the strongest in the last 70 years of drought, which has fallen into a number of states in the country, said in a statement on Thursday, researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

According to scientists, the main negative effects of the drought could become famine in almost 20 states of the country, especially in Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas. In some states, there was no rain for almost 17 months.

The drought has affected 1.4 million hectares of agricultural land, and in some states up

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The Aegean Sea sweeps snow

Poor weather conditions, including heavy snow, torrential rain and gale force winds and temperatures below nulyae third day continue to rage in the Greek Aegean coast and on the islands. Absolutely unfriendly conditions affect the performance of land and sea transport of the country, violating the usual schedule.

In some places in the mountains, especially in the northern and central provinces of Greece, in the suburbs of Athens, as well as on. Crete blocked many roads. There, as in the most affected regions, a decision to terminate employment in schools. Weather Service reports that, in the northern city

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Abnormal cold in South America have killed 22 people, thousands of people were affected

BUENOS AIRES, July 9. / ITAR-TASS /. Abnormal cold, which affected many countries in South America, has already caused the death of 22 people and caused a chain of unusual events: snow in the Chilean Atacama Desert, at the Argentine black ice stadium, which is currently underway in South America Cup soccer — "Copa America".

Ten people were frozen in Paraguay — the country most affected by the frost, six died in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil from abnormal cold dead of three. Most of the victims lived in the street or suffocated from carbon monoxide for heating homes.


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On the river, in the Voronezh region Bityug mass death of fish

On the river near the village Bityug Mosolovka Anninskii Voronezh region was a mass death of fish.

Local people do not remember anything like this in these parts.

Alarmed rural fishermen began in mid-January. Ice-the-crybaby just swarmed suffocating fish. I did not believe in what this could happen due to the fault of nature.

In place of the Upper Don inspectors left the department of Fisheries and regional management of RPN. The first analyzes, taken up the river, did not reveal anything suspicious in the water: no change in color or smell. "Proof" surfaced later.

— Presumably, at facilities located

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In South Africa there was a storm

Central province of Free State in South Africa in the grip of the storm. He was so strong, that left about 15 families from the neighborhood Blemhofa homeless. In KwaZulu-Natal, the storm caused flooding that killed eight people. Another elderly woman was killed in Sasolburg, unable to cope with the elements. The circumstances of her death are specified.

Natural disaster has caused injury of 105 people Free State, may be more victims. In general, injury had low or moderate severity and were obtained during a heavy downpour, which began late in the evening. Torrents of rain hurt a thousand

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In the Urals nursery outbreak of intestinal infections

Five preschool Nizhny Tagil quarantined because of food poisoning.

To prevent the spread of infectious disease, the CPS has forbidden in all the gardens give kids juices and salads.

Health officers of the Urals city state the disappointing fact — in kindergarten to 18% increase in the number of affected children.

Five Tagil preschool group closed for quarantine.

— In kindergartens really is growing acute intestinal infection, — say the staff department of Nizhny Tagil Rospotrebnadzor. — To prevent the increased morbidity, all directed DOW instructions — close to the quarantine group, where there are sick children. In addition, the

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More than 600 thousand Filipinos affected by floods

JAKARTA, June 17, more than 611 thousand inhabitants of the Philippines affected by the floods in the northern and central parts of the southern island of Mindanao due to last for three weeks last torrential rains, reported Friday on the website of the newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Floods caused losses of over $ 400 million Philippine pesos (about 9.2 million), and resulted in the deaths of five people, according to a recent report of the National Council on disaster risk reduction (NSSRSB) Philippines.

Particularly difficult situation at that time there was one of the largest in the

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Weather is crazy

In recent weeks, the weather in Lithuania to mind frightening predictions of scientists on global warming and the horrors that followed him. Worldwide weather forecasters fix anomalies. On the Canadian border in an American town temperatures broke all records by jumping under 50 degrees. In Russia, which has never happened before tornado, a hurricane blew Blagoveshchensk, still raging forest fires. In Lithuania, the tornado brought down trees and power lines, and sometimes hail the size of a quail's egg.

Storm force spared

Last week, many Lithuanians were frozen in a daze and found the strength, only to turn on the

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