The drought affected farmers in Angola

Drought threatens Angola, which may lead to a food crisis, because at the time of production of food provided at the secondary level. In addition, the problem lies in the fact that in many agricultural areas during the war derelict.

Dry season, which usually lasts for 3 weeks in December, stretched to three months in some parts of the country in southern Africa, where most countries are observed rainfall throughout the year. While the government has promised to help farmers that are completely self-sufficient in themselves, no help is not forthcoming. Production ended in the southern and central regions

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Floods in Colombia, killing 452 people

On Wednesday, May 18, representatives of the National Civil Defence of Colombia said that the death toll from floods and mudflows in the country since the beginning of April has reached 452 people, and the number of Colombians somehow affected due to prolonged rainfall exceeded 3 4 million.

Rain fell on most of the South American country, to varying degrees, affected by the floods in 1030 out of 1120 Colombian municipalities. Under the water were more than 1.2 billion hectares of agricultural land. Destroyed dozens of roads and bridges, and killed thousands of head of cattle and

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In Canada, the largest flood in 150 years

Quebec, Canada suffered the disaster. The region is the biggest in 150 years flood. To help those affected people of the province have already arrived military units. Meanwhile, forecasters did not predict improvement. In the region in the coming days will go heavy dozhdi.Epitsentr disaster is in the town of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, which is located south of Montreal. The flood is the flood affected about 3 million homes.

The authorities called for help from the military. The nearest base Valkarte already arrived 500 troops. Besides from Montreal to help local people gathered together 100 reservists. Of the flood-affected

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Nearly 200 houses were flooded due to heavy rains in Australia

Prolonged heavy rains caused flooding of about 180 homes in the town of Roma in Queensland in northeast Australia, previously severely affected by the devastating floods and tropical cyclone "Yasi", the website of the Australian Broadcasting ABC. The water in the local river Bundzhil Creek (Bungil Creek) a few hours rose from a level of 7.3 meters to 7.6 meters. According to meteorologists, the evening of the water in the river can rise up to 8.1 meters, reaching a record set in March 2010, when the flood has affected about 400 households. Authorities evacuated residents of 60 houses, 32

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Mudslide buried alive in Thailand hundred people

This morning, a powerful mudslide wiped out a village in the province of Krabi — destroyed more than 100 houses, about 100 people are still missing.

Evacuation of people in southern Thailand because of the devastating floods and mudslides continue. Today, March 31, the airline Bangkok Airways has made 19 flights to areas affected by the disaster, and removed more than three thousand people.

Thailand sent a naval force to evacuate tourists from the islands in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, which can not get to the mainland because of the strong storms and

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Slovenia again threatens flooding

Environment Agency announced another warning about the danger of severe flooding for the greater part of Slovenia. Country again embraced a powerful cyclone, and the level of rainfall can greatly affect water levels in local rivers.

Particularly sensitive area will be those who have recently suffered a flood after flood of the river Drava. During the new flooding primarily affected western Slovenia, where the river Soča and its tributaries, Vipava Valley and Istria. With the advance of the cyclone to the east might happen next spill Drava, as there is expected to be 100 mm. In the north-west will

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Flooding in north-west Cambodia

As a result of the flooding that occurred in Cambodia on the border with Thailand, the water coming from the affected about three thousand families from the province of Banteay Menchu. 700 families in Cambodia, most of flood victims evacuated in full force on the hill. Fortunately, no mention of deaths due to flooding of the north-western lands.

Local leaders announced just in case the highest code of danger and mobilize existing rescue groups. If the water level continues to rise, a division of the Red Cross volunteers will be ready to provide immediate assistance. Flood was caused by

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In one province of Pakistan declared drought

August 19, 2012 the government of one of the four provinces of Pakistan's Sindh region declared Tharparkar area affected by drought. 161 of the 166 districts, representing 95% of the territory of the region, are in critical condition. The government plans to provide subsidies or free reserves of wheat and other food and fodder to maintain the population, but when it happens — is still unknown.

The desert zone, which has spread in almost 20,000 square kilometers, is not associated with the irrigation system. Farms and pastures of the region, providing the basic means of subsistence, are entirely dependent

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Specialists in Krymsk cleared over 70% of storm water

Specialists in Krymsk cleared, the worst affected by the devastating floods in the Krasnodar region, over 70% of stormwater runoff, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday by calling a representative of the operational staff in the emergency area.

"In the Crimean cleared 72% of stormwater runoff, debris analysis conducted a total of 2.315 thousand cubic meters (for the last day — 760 cubic meters)," — said the source.

According to him, in the areas affected by the disaster has been cleared 135 kilometers of roadway (91%), including 75 — and 60 in Gelendzhik — in Crimea (one day — 45 kilometers).

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More than five hundred Cubans evacuated because of heavy rainfall

More than five hundred people were evacuated and more than 120 homes were affected by the floods caused by intense rainfall in the west of the country, said local authorities.

Heavy rains, which led to the rise of the level of rivers and reservoirs as well as to flooding of houses in the provinces of Pinar del Rio, Artemisa, Havana and Matanzas Mayabeke, began two days ago. Flooded residential areas were located in the lowlands — in particular, in the village of La Paz province Mayabeke water level in the areas of flooding exceed 1.4 meters.

On Saturday, the affected

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