Floods in Central America have killed 90 people, injured more than 600,000 — UN

Victims of floods caused by tropical rains in the seven countries of Central America, were 90 people, injured more than 600 thousand. This was reported here today at the briefing reporters spokeswoman of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs / OCHA / Elizabeth Beers. She called the situation "quite serious", adding that the figures are estimates and are likely to increase in the coming days, given that "the rains are expected to continue." The most difficult situation, according to Beers, noted in El Salvador, where 250 thousand people were affected by the disaster. 50 thousand of

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Philippine city of Davao hit by floods

Following the Jakarta flood covered another Filipino city of Davao del Norte. During a disaster killed an elderly man from the village Sonlon, lost over the floods, which he tried to pass. More than 8,000 residents were forced to leave their flooded homes. Some rescue workers had to be evacuated from the roofs of the huts right, almost completely gone under.

From floods affected more than 5,000 families living in 12 villages that make up the city of Asuncion, and closest to the swollen river Davao. Perhaps flooded and towns, along with Davao del Norte came under the

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Thailand is hidden under the water

Unprecedented in its intensity during the rainy season continues flooding the countries of South-East Asia. Dead from floods in Thailand and Cambodia, there were already 221 people.

The victims of the torrential rains that began in Thailand in mid-July, were already 160 people, three missing. Hit 57 of 77 provinces in the country, is currently under water 23 provinces. All of the elements from the end of July in Thailand affected about two million people. The most common diagnoses were pneumonia, colds, severe fatigue, and muscle pain.

During the floods destroyed thousands of buildings, including 1.7 thousand schools and 230

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In India, more than two million people were affected by floods

In India, the floods caused by strong monsoon rains in the last week killed at least 20 people.

According to IANS, the most affected by the disaster eastern state of Orissa.

In the area of disaster was more than two million people, more than 3.5 thousand flooded villages, about 24.5 thousand houses destroyed.

In the evacuation of residents from the affected areas involved about a thousand boats.

At present, the intensity of monsoon rains reduced, so officials hope to improve the situation.

Recall that in August as a result of floods in eastern India killed 47 people. Tens of

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The number of flood victims in Pakistan has reached 5 million

NEW DELHI, Sept. 12 — RIA Novosti, Evgeny Pakhomov. Pakistani government announced emergency measures to help the southern province of Sindh, where severe flooding affected nearly 5 million people, said on Monday a Pakistani TV channel "TV Aadzh" referring to official sources.

In the disaster zone thrown army, military erect temporary camps for refugees, distributing humanitarian aid.

According to the National Disaster Management (National Disaster Management Authority, NDMA) from the flood affected 22 districts of southern Pakistan's Sindh province, situated along the Indus River. Because of the disaster — destroyed houses, flooded fields — affected 4.9 million people, the

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Floods in Pakistan reaches epic proportions

Perhaps the biggest story for the world monsoon floods occur in the west of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. The greatest damage and the number of affected accounts to Pakistan.

About 435 deaths and 5 million victims seem endless rains. The situation is so serious that the President of Pakistan Assefa Zidar appealed to the Ban Ki-moon and the UN asked to provide humanitarian assistance to the flood affected areas, said undispatch.com

What happened in the south of Pakistan flooding could keep a roof over his head most of the population of this country.

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Floods in Thailand have killed 69 people

The death toll in floods in northern Thailand has reached 69 people. This was reported today by the Office disaster-preparedness of the kingdom. In total, according to the organization, from the disaster affected about 1.2 million people.

Prolonged heavy rains last month have caused floods in 27 provinces of the country. From the elements most affected northern areas, including the city of Chiang Mai, one of the largest tourist centers in Thailand. Currently flooded 12 northern provinces. 460 thousand people in the area continue to suffer from floods, according to Euronews.

Dmitry Shevlyakov, ReporterUA

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Pakistan floods affected more than 2 million people

At least 2.4 million people in Pakistan affected by the floods caused by monsoon rains, said in an interview with EFE representative of the National Service for Disaster Management Imtiaz Mohiudin.

According to him, the number of victims grows, until a few weeks ago, the number was more than 1 million people. The total death toll from the disaster of a few hundred people.

Strong torrential rains hit the agricultural province of Sindh, in the south. For the last three days of flood victims in dozens of residents of the province.

I.Mohiudin also said that from the

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Thailand: The water has not gone in 11 provinces

August 31, 2011. The death toll from floods in various parts of Thailand has reached 54 people. Most affected by the tropical storm Nock-Ten.

The water level is still high in the 11 provinces. Several thousand square kilometers of farmland damaged. At a cabinet meeting, it was decided to pay the farmers affected by the floods, the payment of $ 74 per 0.016 square meters. km area, reports irishweatheronline.com

More than a million people were affected by floods in Pakistan

Pakistan had not yet recovered from the heavy rains last summer, as the country has fallen another of the elements. As a result of the continuing series of seasonal rainfall areas of Pakistan were flooded. Ministry of Emergency Management reports more than a million victims in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab.

Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Gilani has visited flood-affected areas, giving the order to provide urgent assistance to people, according to ITAR-TASS.

Recall the summer of 2010 showers in the South Asian country have caused an unprecedented disaster. Then completely submerged several provinces were killed and missing more

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