Emergency mode introduced in 8 districts of the Chelyabinsk region due to drought

Mode due to the drought emergency declared in eight districts of the Chelyabinsk region, told the Chelyabinsk Region Governor Mikhail Yurevich in his microblog on Twitter.

"To charge the Ministry of Agriculture to organize help farmers affected by the drought. Emergency mode already in eight districts, two more are preparing to announce. Help assume deferred loan and leasing, in obtaining federal funds. Verify the effectiveness of crop insurance," — wrote Yurevich.

There was severe drought in Chelyabinsk region in 2010. Since the beginning of June 2010 stood in the hot weather — plus 30-35 degrees, mostly without rain, little wind

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After the tsunami, the island of Honshu were under water

Many populated areas on the eastern coast of the Japanese island of Honshu on March 11 that hit the giant tsunami waves are still flooded. According to National Geographic Agency, the water does not leave nearly 10 coastal cities, including Isinomaki where subsidence after the impact of the earthquake magnitude 9 over one meter. In Miyagi Prefecture, the total area of the flooded areas has reached 326 square meters. km, which is five times more central Tokyo within a ring railway "Yamatonosen." Besides artificial "lakes" in the regions affected by the disaster are periodically expanded by tides, which creates

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In Italy, due to the earthquake emergency declared

The Italian Government has declared a state of emergency in two regions of the country — Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy, the victims of the incident on Sunday, a devastating earthquake, said channel Sky TG24.

The decision was taken at a regular meeting of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday.

According to the report the government, the state of emergency, which is introduced for 60 days, announced in the three provinces of Emilia-Romagna, Bologna, Modena, Ferrara — and in the province of Mantua, located in the region of Lombardy.

The Italian Government has also decided to allocate € 50 million to the

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Earthquake in Azerbaijan 5.5 points

The earthquake, which occurred on Monday, May 7, at Zagatala region of Azerbaijan (in the north of the country), 15 people injured. Trend of the agency said the head patient department of the central district hospital Mamedrasul Teyubov.

According to him, most of the people who applied to the clinic, suffered a fall, when in panic from their homes. They were given first aid.

As the Seismological Service of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, the first tremors of magnitude 5.5 were recorded in Zakatala district at 09:40 am local time. The epicenter was located at a distance of

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Area affected by the fire in the Kurgan region was 4.5 thousand hectares

The total area covered by a forest fire in force a few kilometers from the village of Old Clearance Kurgan region of 4.5 thousand hectares, according to the regional administration.

Natural fire was four kilometers from the village of Old Clearance on Friday, on Saturday it was localized. According GUMCHS region from Friday to Sunday, the total area affected by fires in the area Ketovskom area was 1.2 hectares.

"The total area affected by fire in the village of Old clearance is (as of Monday) 4.5 thousand hectares," — are reported words of the deputy director of the Department of

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In Taishet district in the village collapsed fireball

On the eve of the villagers Melt Taishet district enjoys a unique natural phenomenon — a ball of lightning. Unfortunately, the extraordinary spectacle was accompanied by very destructive, affecting many homes.

The most severe damage fireball struck home the Ivanov family. As told hostess Ekaterina Ivanova, the lightning and thunder with a great incredible force struck the house, knocked the glass in the double frames, all appliances damaged, destroyed furniture, smashed crockery, and then a huge fireball disappeared, leaving only a deep smell of ozone. At the time of the accident in the room was only the head of the

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Uganda flooded

In Uganda, the continuous torrential rains caused widespread flooding that has already led to the flooding of many villages. In total, about 3 thousand Ugandan families were forced to leave their homes. This writes the local newspaper "New Vision."

The increase in water level in the rural areas has led to the destruction of most of the inhabitants of Uganda thatched houses. Moreover, the disaster threatens to develop into a national epidemiological catastrophe because of the growing sanitation in many villages. Most agricultural gardens also flooded and some roads unpaved blurred.

Many people turn to government agencies for help with

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The area of forest fires in the Altai Mountains in 2012 decreased by 20%

Area affected by the 2012 wildfires in the Altai Republic, was little more than 4 hectares, it is 21.2% less than in 2011, which burned more than 5,000 acres of forest, told the chief of the region Igor GUMCHS Bukin .

Earlier it was reported that the fire in 2012 affected more than 6,000 hectares of forest.

In 2012, because of the fire hazard during the winter with little snow in the Altai Republic came much earlier than usual, and was quite busy. According to experts, in terms of forest fires Republic experienced one of the most difficult seasons. Throughout

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Effects of Hurricane Irene in Vermont

U.S. President Barack Obama announced on Thursday a disaster a few areas of Vermont affected by hurricane "Irene".

Ministry of National Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate efforts to help the people. As ITAR-TASS news agency, it means that the local authorities of the federal budget will be allocated to assist in the aftermath of the disaster. Assistance will be provided to residents of the counties affected by the storm — Chittenden, Rutland, Washington and Windsor.

The allocated funds will be used primarily for the repair of damaged private homes and rental of

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Philippine storm hit Thailand

Remnants of Hurricane Nokten, has caused a severe blow to the Philippines reached northern Thailand. At least seven people were killed and half a million homeless.

Nokten began its destructive march of the Philippines at the end of July. There as a result of heavy rains and storms have killed at least 66 people. Another 17 are still missing. The roads were flooded. In total, the hurricane Nokten the Philippines affected about 15 million people. Nokten then moved west. In Vietnam, he also brought heavy rain and storms. According to official figures, one person died. And in recent days,

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