In the southern Urals drought and locusts destroyed 362,000 hectares of crops

July 16, 2013. In the southern Urals drought and locusts have caused agricultural losses of 1.4 billion rubles.

As the "New Region", the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chelyabinsk region in the southern Urals due to lack of rainfall in June, and the locusts were killed 362,000 hectares of crops. The total area affected crops was 767,000 hectares. Damage is estimated at 1.4 billion rubles.

Under these circumstances, the affected farms have accelerated the pace of hay and silage, harvested as fodder for the winter may not be enough. So, on July 15 harvested 44% hay

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Russian regions affected by drought

I think that looking at the number of regions affected by drought and where the vast majority of a regime of emergency, it's time to think about their food safe. Moreover, that cause for concern really is.

Since the heat and the drought is not over, it is possible that new areas will be lighted on this map. We will update it as new information becomes available.

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In Colombia, there was another landslide

In Colombia, there was another landslide Natural Disasters

Extensive landslides occurred in the northeast of the Colombian province of Norte de Santader. The landslide was the result of heavy rains that contributed to the descent of an avalanche near the settlement Teorama. According to preliminary data, the debris may be about 20 — 30 residents of the settlement. Another 50 people in one way or another affected by the sudden shift of the earth formation.

As visibility is reduced in the region due to the ongoing rains, ground rescue operations are temporarily unable to continue. In the area

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In France, due to the hurricane affected more than thirty people

July 29, 2013. Last Saturday France was dominated by a hurricane and torrential rains. Bad weather was expected — on the eve of the central departments of the country was declared a storm warning. Fears were not unfounded. Day off brought a strong wind, the speed of which reached one hundred and sixty-five miles per hour, reported by news agency "RIA Novosti", referring to the Sunday information from AFP.

More than thirty people were injured, having suffered serious injuries when struck by a terrible wind big top tent in the city of Joinville in the west of the country.


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Samara scientist has developed a unique implant


The invention of the Samara scientist in the field of medicine Sergey Litvinov is soon to receive widespread use. While working on his doctoral thesis he developed a material that can replace, and then rebuild the bone tissue. Experiments have shown — the implant inserted gives amazing results.

The implant is a biopolymer in which the crystals were grown gidraksil-Appatity. The author described his drug "Litar" and continues to work on it. In the most recent experiments showed that it is able to replace not only bone, but also in general — any other tissue of

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New flood recorded in Acapulco, Mexico

September 26, 2013. Heavy rains have led to new flooding in the Mexican resort of Acapulco in Guerrero, according to local media on Thursday.

The water level in some areas of the city went up to one and a half meters, and therefore the units of the army and federal police have started a new evacuation of residents. Using megaphones, the authorities alert the population to leave the dangerous areas.

Acapulco mayor Luis Aburto Walton personally inspect the areas affected by the water. According to the office of civil defense Guerrero, showers do not stop in Acapulco already

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Floods in Myanmar have made 25,000 people homeless in

August 1, 2013. Flooding occurred as a result of rising water in the critical state of rivers Karen on the Thai border. Approximately 25,000 people in the flooded areas of eastern Myanmar, were evacuated in 80 special camps for people affected by the recent floods. Only a few hundred people still do not have a fixed abode.

Rescue operations are delayed because a large number of settlements located in these parts of Myanmar, which is very hard to get to, as the roads had deteriorated, and because of the danger of landslides. But rescuers have armed helicopters to

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Slovenia again threatens flooding

Slovenia, once again threatens the flood danger zone

Environment Agency announced another warning about the danger of severe flooding for the greater part of Slovenia. Country again embraced a powerful cyclone, and the level of rainfall can greatly affect water levels in local rivers.

Particularly sensitive area will be those who have recently suffered a flood after flood of the river Drava. During the new flooding primarily affected western Slovenia, where the river Soča and its tributaries, Vipava Valley and Istria. With the advance of the cyclone to the east might happen next spill Drava, as there is

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Earthquake in Guatemala

Earthquake in Guatemala Natural Disasters

The Pacific coast of Guatemala, an earthquake of 7.4 points. In the list of the dead at the moment is listed 39 people who lived in the small north-western state of border with Mexico. Most suffered a small mountain village of San Marcos, located 128 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake. It destroyed about 30 houses.

On saving lives of six people buried alive under the sand collapse, more than 300 firefighters, policemen and villagers. The depth of the epicenter was about 32 km, its distance from the coast and the nearest

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Thousands of Filipinos affected by floods caused by rains

August 5, 2013. Hundreds of thousands of people were injured in last weekend of heavy rains in the central and southern parts of the Philippines, said on Monday internet news portal GMA News.

"According to our data (of disaster) affected 22 towns, the water level in some areas can reach the knee, hip or waist" — the official representative of the Philippines Civil Defense Maj. Ray Balide (Rey Balido).

In the southern province of Maguindanao downpours caused floods affected nearly 250,000 people, with the information from the two cities have not yet been received. The province was declared a state

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