African National Parks

Africa — a continent with a large multinational layer of immigrants from other countries, especially those of European origin. Natural conditions, development of the territory and natural resources, technological development and the level of national consciousness in different countries have significant differences. Naturally, the national parks and reserves in Africa do not constitute a single entity. Approaches to protected areas, the history of environmental affairs, difficulties and problems that need resolution in each country to a large extent different. The history of the African national parks and nature reserves calculated for decades, renowned Kruger National Park in South Africa,

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NO 44 Squadron of the South African Air Force (SAAF) came into being on February 8, 1944, having been originally formed as 43 Sqn. On April 27 of that year the unit took delivery of its first C-47 Dakotas — a type still operated today — 52 years later! The variant currently operated, the C-47TP (Turbo Prop) is, however, a far cry from the original Dakota. Due to South Africa’s apartheid policy, the United Nations placed an embargo on the supply of military equipment to the country, therefore South Africa’s armed forces and defence industry had to look at other

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What threats expect Belarusians in war zones?

Economist Stanislav Husak recalls his life in Nigeria. Says if you associate newsletter 20 years ago and today, the big difference is not visible — the hassle of government troops and formations vaevnikov not stopped for 40 years."Our professionals (and we built Azhakutse Steel Works) worked there for almost 4.5 thousand people, — says Stanislav Husak. — In including had a lot of and people of Belarus. And you have to admit: there upmost banditry. There were cases when even killed people. Worked together with us Germans, so that’s suspended local machine with 2 German spices, robbed them and later

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South Africa has bought Russian wheat

Flour mill in South Africa has purchased 35 tonnes of Russian wheat for delivery in August and September. AGN reported. Reuters referring to the European traders. The transaction price is not yet known.

According to traders, the Russian wheat is still highly competitive in the export market is the spot on the scale of supply.

South Africa is planning for 20 years to build six reactors with a total capacity of 9.6 GW

South Africa's power development strategy involves the construction of 2030 three new nuclear power units with 6 total installed capacity of 9.6 GW. The first new nuclear power units will be put into operation in the years 2023-2024.

About 90% of energy production in South Africa provides coal generation. In March 2011, the country has approved a new long-term plan for the development of national energy, which envisages bringing to 2030 the share of nuclear energy in the energy mix to 25% of the country.

In South Africa, operated nuclear power plants "Keberg" capacity

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Hong Yong Jo: We were playing for their country — this is our reward!

Midfielder "Rostov" Hong Yong Jo, a contender for the title of best player in Asia and the captain of the most enigmatic team last World Cup, has dispelled the myths that have shrouded stay in South Africa DPRK team.

"PACK charm hong"

Talk with North Korean soccer player — not easy: Hong — the only citizen of this country, who lives in the Rostov region. And although many Koreans Don, many simply do not speak the language of their ancestors. Those who are studying Korean, do it with the help of books and audio recordings sent from Seoul. It

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Go, children, walk to Africa

At the summit of the BRICSSouth African security guardsstaged a fight with our pitching. They even wanted to knock about with Foreign Minister Lavrov, but was stopped in time. So the summit is being held fun, with a twinkle. I speak as a witness, because I am in Johannesburg. Here the envy of Moscow 25. I was sent here to take pictures of an important event — in South Africa has opened a service center for repair of Russian helicopters.

  Holding "Helicopters of Russia" is acorporation Rostekhnadzor. Your service center he opened

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Dynamics of changes in military spending of the African continent

TSAMTO September 21. The exhibition «Africa’s Defence Aerospace End-2012» TSAMTO publishes statistical data on military expenditures of the African continent for the 8-year period (from 2003 to 2010.). Despite the continuing civilian war and ethnic conflicts, African countries maintain fairly low level of military spending in the main due to lack of money. Low level of economic condition of the majority of permanent exacerbated by military conflicts, drought, low commodity market and epidemics. At least, in 13 African countries, including Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Liberia, Mali, Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, Sudan, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia

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Uganda received a batch of Russian Su-30MK2

At the air base, "Entebbe" Air Force of Uganda (East Africa) from Russia delivered the next couple of Su-30MK2.

As reported earlier TSAMTO, Sun Uganda in 2010 as part of a package deal bought six Su-30MK2 fighters and other weapons, the total cost of which amounted to 740 million dollars, including 327 million dollars for the fighters. The first two aircraft were delivered in July 2011, the second pair — in October 2011, the last two aircraft — in May 2012. 

During the exhibition "Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012" (Pretoria, South Africa) August 21,

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Uralvagonzavod runs Carriage project in Angola

UralVagonZavod to 2016-2017 years can create production cars in Angola for South Africa. The project cost is estimated at $ 100 million, about the possibility to allocate funds for the project has already said VTB.

Yesterday, the head of the Department of subsidiaries of VTB Group Michael Yakunin said the Russian-Angolan business forum in Luanda, that the SPC "Uralvagonzavod" (DC) plans to start production in Angola freight cars. Director Uralvagonzavod to work with state organizations Yuri Lyzhin explained "" that production could be launched during 2016-2017, when Angola plans to complete the modernization of its railway network.

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